Blizzard is now living at Dream Castle being taught by Stardust. Blizzard hardly has time to see Lunarstar. As he follows Stardust around learning to be the next King, he begans to wonder where he really came from. No one as heard of a pony with abilities outside the royal family. When Teriney forces him to hand over the key Blizzard followss him across the kingdoms to get his key back but what he finds will shock the royals of Ponyland. Luna and the Black ponies set out to find him before Teriney learns he's being followed. The finale battle is about to begin.


 Chapter 1
Nightly visit
 Chapter 2
A Plan for trust
 Chapter 3
Final Plans for a school
 Chapter 4
A glimps of Blizzard
 Chapter 5
Wishes the Booshwoolie
 Chapter 6
Fussy daddy
 Chapter 7
Wanting time with Blizzard
 Chapter 8
The kings meeting.
 Chapter 9
School Foundation
 Chapter 10
Troubled by thoughts
 Chapter 11
Departing of a dear friend
 Chapter 12
School almost ready
 Chapter 13
A cold night
 Chapter 14
Royal Heart's determination
 Chapter 15
Rule while we're gone
 Chapter 16
Land of hills
 Chapter 17
An Empty School
 Chapter 18
The School meeting
 Chapter 19
Watcher from the woods
 Chapter 20
Trouble in the clearing
 Chapter 21
A restful day
 Chapter 22
The Ball
 Chapter 23
Lost little Peaches
 Chapter 24
The Royal Family returns
 Chapter 25
First snow of winter
 Chapter 26
Thoughts and planning
 Chapter 27
Plans only you know
 Chapter 28
No Stairs for you
 Chapter 29
Flying with Blizzard
 Chapter 30
A new born baby has arrived
 Chapter 31
Baby visit
 Chapter 32
Great news to tell.
 Chapter 33
Wedding announcement
 Chapter 34
Day of the wedding
 Chapter 35
 Chapter 36
Star Cluster in flames
 Chapter 37
Megan's Secret
 Chapter 38
Father and Daughter
 Chapter 39
The Second Key
 Chapter 40
Going on a journey
 Chapter 41
Muddy ponies
 Chapter 42
Sleepless night
 Chapter 43
Don't want any more berries
 Chapter 44
No sence of dirrections
 Chapter 45
Strange noises
 Chapter 46
The little Thieves
 Chapter 47
The hole
 Chapter 48
River Crossing
 Chapter 49
Fast way to travel
 Chapter 50
Time spent with Jam
 Chapter 51
The last map
 Chapter 52
Blizzard reunion
 Chapter 53
Too cold
 Chapter 54
The last town
 Chapter 55
A Glimpse of Teriney
 Chapter 56
Blizzard's icy shell
 Chapter 57
Turning Back
 Chapter 58
Lost in the snow
 Chapter 59
 Chapter 60
Meet Raindrop
 Chapter 61
A wake at last
 Chapter 62
Knowing new friends and the valley
 Chapter 63
Winterfall Castle
 Chapter 64
A walk on the road
 Chapter 65
Curious ponies
 Chapter 66
Nervous Birdie
 Chapter 67
Animal Whisper
 Chapter 68
To old to play
 Chapter 69
A day with Birdie
 Chapter 70
The nightmare
 Chapter 71
Forbidden castle
 Chapter 72
Watching the castle
 Chapter 73
The crest
 Chapter 74
Whisper and the Princes
 Chapter 75
Mystious Picture
 Chapter 76
A Prince in love
 Chapter 77
The night for nightmares
 Chapter 78
Walking the halls
 Chapter 79
A day for headaches
 Chapter 80
The truth from Birdie
 Chapter 81
Whisper's secret
 Chapter 82
Stardust wants to know now
 Chapter 83
The secret of the Past
 Chapter 84
The villagers at the castle
 Chapter 85
Teriney visit
 Chapter 86
Battle in the valley part 1
 Chapter 87
Battle in the valley part 2
 Chapter 88
Battle in the valley part 3
 Chapter 89
Battle in the valley part 4
 Chapter 90
Prince's Crowning
 Chapter 91
King and Queen at last
 Chapter 92
Luna's surprise
 Chapter 93
Friends for the night
 Chapter 94
Seashells at the beach
 Chapter 95
Silverstar's ability
 Chapter 96
Baby surprise


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