Lunarstar has ended Star Cluster's reign and she knows who she is. After she had found her real parents she must returned to the tales world and live with her adopted parents to finish school. Living a normal life with two sets of parents does not last long, in her dreams someone calls for her but she don't know who. Perhaps not all her forgotten memoreis has returned. Star Cluster has escaped and it's time for him to do his end of the deal that he made with Fallon but they will need Lunarstar.


 Chapter 1
Getting ready for school
 Chapter 2
Lost of inspiration
 Chapter 3
The Ghost Painting
 Chapter 4
Beginning of Dreams
 Chapter 5
Raspberry's Cousin
 Chapter 6
The Trouble Maker
 Chapter 7
No dance party for me.
 Chapter 8
Midnight Chat
 Chapter 9
Going home again
 Chapter 10
Meet your Grandparents
 Chapter 11
Learning how things works
 Chapter 12
Party Plans
 Chapter 13
The Royal Party
 Chapter 14
Parents meet Parents
 Chapter 15
The giant ice block
 Chapter 16
Skyview's Shadow
 Chapter 17
Danger at Paradise Estate.
 Chapter 18
A Stranger within
 Chapter 19
The other World
 Chapter 20
Star Cluster in town
 Chapter 21
Where to search?
 Chapter 22
Raspberry's crush
 Chapter 23
Seeing Purple
 Chapter 24
Island dreams
 Chapter 25
A day for kites
 Chapter 26
Taken from Ponyland
 Chapter 27
The night for bad news
 Chapter 28
Look to friends for help
 Chapter 29
Off to Drakon Island
 Chapter 30
Feeling sea sick
 Chapter 31
On the run and feeling lost
 Chapter 32
Making a friend in a dangerous time
 Chapter 33
Landing on the island
 Chapter 34
Caught with a familar statue
 Chapter 35
More statues along the way
 Chapter 36
The Stranger behind them
 Chapter 37
Luna awakens
 Chapter 38
Prisoner in the village.
 Chapter 39
Star Cluster's watchful eye
 Chapter 40
The Village Tale
 Chapter 41
Walking around
 Chapter 42
Lets talk
 Chapter 43
Star Cluster's untold past
 Chapter 44
Forgotten birthday - part 1
 Chapter 45
Forgotten birthday - part 2
 Chapter 46
Dreaming of Statues
 Chapter 47
Kesia's great treasure
 Chapter 48
Keisa's memmories
 Chapter 49
Dragon Sightings
 Chapter 50
The Missing Pearl
 Chapter 51
Fallon's last stand - part 1
 Chapter 52
Fallon's last stand - part 2
 Chapter 53
Fallon's last stand - part 2
 Chapter 54
A walk through town
 Chapter 55
Returning home


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