Lunarstar returns to Ponyland thinking about the lost of her uncle and trying to deal with a pony trying to kill her. Star Cluster wakes up with amnesia. As he trys to regain his lost memories, he starts to fall in love with the pony helping him. Will she love him enough to follow him anywhere, even to another world.


 Chapter 1
Time for questions
 Chapter 2
Walking together
 Chapter 3
Night time surprise
 Chapter 4
Stormy night by the fire
 Chapter 5
The truth behind the picture
 Chapter 6
Star Cluster and the small town
 Chapter 7
Up in a tree
 Chapter 8
Real or fairy tale?
 Chapter 9 
Reasearch at the Library
 Chapter 10
Fairy tale book
 Chapter 11
A morning spent alone
 Chapter 12
The falling of the leaves
 Chapter 13
A castle by the lake
 Chapter 14
Their True feelings
 Chapter 15
The Christmas Tree (Special Story)
 Chapter 16
Snow storm
 Chapter 17
Seeing what isn't there
 Chapter 18
Butterfly chase
 Chapter 19
Dreams of a great battle
 Chapter 20
Amaryllis worries
 Chapter 21
Remembering that one important pony
 Chapter 22
Looking Distracted
 Chapter 23
Star Cluster feeling troubled
 Chapter 24
Familar Island
 Chapter 25
Leaving town for a vacation.
 Chapter 26
Natives watchful eye
 Chapter 27
Familar Memories
 Chapter 28
Flood of memmories
 Chapter 29
Star Cluster's world
 Chapter 30
A ship for home


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