The Future Unfolds

It was a nice sunny afternoon, the wind blew slightly and the birds chirped happily in the trees. Luna walked slowly down the steps in the castle. Her two little boys followed her as best they could while trying not to fall. Iceberg was four and his brother Skymint was three. Skymint looked just like his father, he was ice blue with ice blue and white hair, on his head was a horn but he had no wings.
Luna had her mane up with her wavy hair hanging over her wings in strains. Her tail was also in waves. On her head was a her crown and around her neck was her collar. When she reached the bottom step, she stopped and waited for her little boys. They slowly climbed down the steps while keeping their mother with in their sights . When they had reached the bottom steps they hurried towards her and stood at her feet. Luna faced the two soldiers at the door next to her, "Is Blizzard in the throne room?"
"Yes, your majesty," one of the soldiers answered.

Luna and her boys went into the throne room and saw Blizzard sitting on his throne, talking to a group of ponies. Behind him was a long red silk cloth stretching to the sides of the platform. In Blizzard's arms was his baby girl sound asleep wrapped in a red blanket. She was an ice blue pony with white hair and wings on her back. Luna approached Blizzard feeling bad about interrupting him.
"Luna I see you finally got up. Are you feeling better?" Blizzard asked.
"Yes much better," Luna replied smiling at him, "I see you're busy. There's something I have to talk to you about. Can you meet me in the garden?"
"Ok, I'll be there as soon as I'm done here," Blizzard replied smiling at her.
Luna smiled, "Ok, don't take long," She looked at her boys next to her and smiled, "Come you two. Lets go see the flowers."
Iceberg and Skymint smiled greatly and rushed to the tall doors. As soon as Luna and the boys left the throne room, Blizzard continued his discussions with the group of ponies.

Luna led the boys down the hall and out into the garden which was covered in bright colored flowers that grew in square patches. Archways sat at every pathway. It was quiet, not a single pony could be seen in the garden. Luna smiled she liked having the garden to herself where no one would be watching her. She walked through the paths to the tree where a white bench sat. She sat down on the bench and smiled at her two boys as they played with each other and attacked one another.
Luna took a deep breath and rubbed her stomach, "I wonder if it's going to be a boy or girl. I already have two boys, it'll be nice to have another girl. I can't wait to tell Blizzard that we'll have another baby." Luna looked up at the sky and smiled, "I think four children should be enough."
Just then she felt her two boys climbing on her hind legs.
"Mommy," Iceberg exclaimed.
"Momma," Skymint exclaimed.
Luna smiled and picked her two boys then sat them on the bench with beside her, "what is it?"
"Play," Iceberg exclaimed excitedly.
"Well what would you two like to play?" Luna asked.
Her two boys remained silent. He wanted to play but wasn't sure what to play.
"Well how about clouds?" Luna asked pointing up but her two boys didn't smile, "Oh I take that as a no. Well how about....walking around?" her two boys refused to smiled, "Ok, how about rope toss? On second thought...I think you're far to young for that. Well...ummm. What do you want to play?"
"Hide!" Iceberg cried excitedly.
"Hide?" Luna asked not sure what he was talking about.
Iceberg stood on his hind leg and hugged his mother's shoulder, "Hide mommy."
Luna smiled, "Oh, Hide and seek. Well how about you two hide?"
"Hide!" Iceberg exclaimed happily.
Luna sat her two boys on the ground, "Remember, do not touch the flowers."
Iceberg and Skymint ran from their mother happily while Luna closed her eyes and counted to four slowly. When she finished counting she stood up and walked around the square patches of flowers. She looked around while hearing the little hoofs of her two boys.
"I hear you," Luna said softly, "I wonder where they are?" She turned the corner of the path and saw her two boys running. Luna smiled and ran after them, it didn't take long till she caught up to them. She grabbed them and hugged them, giving them kisses. The boys laughed and wigged out of her arms.
"Go hide again," Luna told them. She closed her eye and heard her boys running. She counted to four and opened her eyes. She scanned the garden and began walking around, "Now where did those two run off to?" Luna scanned the area till she saw her boys running from her sight. She ran after them and caught them, kissing them again. The boys laughed and wiggled out of her arms.
"Want to play again?" Luna asked them.
Her boys smiled greatly at her.
Luna laughed, "Ok, hurry and hide."
Luna closed her eyes listening to her boys running. When she finished counting she opened her eyes and looked around. She took her time and walked around the garden listening to the tinny hoofs. She walked under the gate and stopped at the cross paths. She looked both ways and still didn't see them but she could hear them.
While Luna was busy looking around, two male ponies walked through the Gate quietly. They paused and gasped at Luna. One was a dark purple pony with pink hair and the other was a brown pony with yellow hair. They looked at each other then ran toward Luna.
Luna turned quickly, the running hoofs were far too loud to sound like her boys.
"Who are..." Luna began to say but before she could finish the purple pony grabbed her. Luna screamed but it was a short scream for the brown pony muzzled her with a rope. During her struggle and kicking, her crown fell off and landed in the flowers. Her collar had fallen to the stony path as the purple pony tried to hold onto her.
"We'll have to finish the job through the gate. Her scream will bring soldiers here," the brown pony told him.
They picked up Luna as she tried to wiggle from their grip. Just then two soldiers ran out of the castle just in time to see Luna being carried through the Gate. The two soldiers ran to the Gate but it was to late by the time they reached it. The Gate had closed and all that was left of her was her crown and collar.
"Quick, we have to tell the King!" one of the soldiers exclaimed. They turned and ran into the castle not knowing that the two baby boys are hiding fearfully in the garden.

Blizzard heard what had happened and ran to the garden worriedly. He looked around and didn't see Luna or his boys.
"Are you sure?" Blizzard asked.
"Yes your majesty. We saw it happen. We're very sorry that we couldn't get to her in time," the other soldier replied.
"What about my two sons?" Blizzard asked.
"We didn't see them," the other soldier answered.
Blizzard handed his baby girl to the soldier and walked from the doors, standing in front of the soldiers, "Iceburg, Skymint!" After a few minutes he heard tinny hoofs running. He looked to his left and saw his boys running to him. Blizzard sat down and hugged them as they cried fearfully.
"Oh you two are alright. I'm so glad," Blizzard muttered feeling a little relieved that nothing happened to his sons.

Skyview ran through the Gate wearing his golden key and collar.
"Skyview, something happened to Luna," Blizzard quickly told him.
"I felt something was wrong. I felt Luna and two other ponies go through the Gate but...It didn't feel normal. What happened?" Skyview asked.
"Well, Luna was in the garden with Iceberg and Skymint when two ponies kidnaped her and carried her through the Gate. My two soldiers heard her scream and saw the two ponies but couldn't stop them in time." Blizzard stood up still holding his two boys, "Skyview help me find her."
"I'll do all I can to find her no mater how long it takes. We'll have to tell Stardust about this," Skyview told him. He looked at the soldiers seriously, "Was their feet hair or smooth like a girl?"
"Hairy like ours," one of the soldiers answered.
"Well at lest they're from this world," Skyview muttered.
"Umm, Prince Skyview," the soldier called to him, "I don't know if it will help you any but I remember they were wearing golden necklaces."
"Like mine?" Skyview asked pointing to his golden collar.
"No, like your round golden necklace."
"Oh, my..key?" Skyview asked, "Are you certain?"
"Now that he mentioned it," the other soldier muttered, "I think I saw them wearing it too."
"Them?" Blizzard asked, "Both of them had one?"
"yes," the soldiers replied.
"How is that possible?" Blizzard asked Skyview, "I got one, you got one and so does Stardust."
"We must tell Stardust quickly," Skyview told him.
Blizzard looked at his two soldiers, "take care of my baby girl till I get back and let no one else into the castle. I don't know how long I'm going to be gone."
The soldiers nodded their heads, "Yes your majesty." Blizzard turned and followed Skyview through the gate.

Luna was carried through the Gate as she struggled with her kidnappers.
"Now we're safe," the brown pony told him.
"She's alive?" a voice exclaimed.
Luna looked towards the forest and saw a mint green pony with rainbow hair approach her. Luna was muzzled with a rope so she wasn't able to scream or yell for help.
"Sorry sir, Soldiers were coming. We had to bring her here," the purple pony explained.
The mint green pony took out his sword from his side and held it above Luna.
He smiled greatly at her, "I never imagine I'd face the great Queen, the first Winged Unicorn. It was truly an honor to see you but I'm sorry to must die now."
Luna gasped fearfully at what was about to happen. She was kidnaped just to be killed. Luna closed her eyes, tears trickled down her face. She couldn't let this happen. She couldn't leave her two loving boys and baby girl behind. She thought about her unborn baby that she might not see if she was killed. Luna opened her eyes, turning green with slits. Her horn glowed and then the three ponies were blown away from her, out of her sight.
Luna landed in the grass on her back with a thud. She untied the rope from her muzzle and quickly stood up facing the Gate hoping to return home but the Gate had closed. Luna looked around wondering where she was and how she was going to get home. Just then the three ponies ran out of the forest towards her.
"Don't let her escape!" The mint green pony yelled.
Luna gasped. She couldn't run up hill, the two ponies blocked her path. She had no choice but go down hill. She quickly and carefully climbed down the steep hill with the two ponies chasing her. Luna looked back and saw they were having trouble keeping their foot from slipping. Even she was having some trouble as well.
"We can't chase her like this," the brown pony told the other pony, "Lets take the road half way down." They turned and left the forest.
Luna hurried as quickly as she could and not being careful. Her foot slipped and she slid down the hill. Her hair came undone and her wavy hair looked like it got tangled. Luna eventually slowed down and when she had reached the bottom before the two ponies had. Luna stood up and ran from the hill. She soon came to the edge of the forest and stopped in her tracks. In front of her was a large city. Buildings towering high, cars going from one street to another. At first Luna though she had went to the other world but something was different about this one. The city was full of unicorns, pegasus and flutter ponies...ponies of all kinds. The only kind she didn't see were Winged Unicorns. Luna heard a noise and turned to see the two ponies still chasing her. Luna ran from the forest and into an alley. The two male ponies ran into the alley after her, but when they got there she was gone. They walked to the sidewalk and looked up and down the busy street but she was no where to be seen.
"He's going to be angry about this," the purple pony muttered.
"The great Queen this time. We really have made a mess of things. Lets go back and report to him," the brown pony replied. They turned and ran into the forest.

Luna had turned herself into an earth pony with purple hair and she even used her horn to hide her scratches and grass stains on her body. Her hair was a mess which took her several minuted to quickly straighten it out.
She quickly looked around the corner and saw the two ponies had given up and left. Luna soon felt relieved, she took a deep breath and let it out trying to calm down. Then she looked around staring at the tall buildings and ponies carrying shopping bags around their necks. Stores had glass doors, some opened by themselves. That was something Luna had never seen before, not even in the other world. A white and blue bus stopped at the corner letting ponies off. Unicorns, Pegasus and earth ponies left the bus, a few of them were male unicorns and male Pegasus. Luna couldn't help but stare at them. One of the male unicorns glared at her, "What?"
Luna blinked, "Sorry, I didn't mean to stare." Then she quickly walked across the street. She felt lost, scared and in a world she didn't know.

She continued walking staring at every store window. She even walked into one, the bell above the door rang as she opened it. Luna saw many things, she looked at the hats, books and other household items that she recognized. She eventually left and walked around the busy streets.
"I wonder what world I'm in?" Luna thought.
She noticed what looked like newspaper stands. She stopped and looked at the glass door since she could open it. She paused to read the headline at the very top.
"Woodlock newspaper," Luna muttered, "This is Woodlock? The same name as the one in my world."
She continued walking and looking around at the city she had never seen before. She came to another corner and looked left. She saw the mountain she had fell down on. The mountain that had the Gate. She could never go back fearing the three ponies would be there waiting to kill her. She thought about her two little baby boys that she was just playing with. She wondered if they were alright. Did Blizzard find out she was kidnaped? Did her parents find out yet? Were they looking for her now? She thought about her unborn baby, was it alright? She had fallen quite far from the Gate. She thought about what she had planed for today. She wanted to spend time with Blizzard telling him the great news and having fun with her boys. Luna sighed sadly looking away from the mountain. How was she going to get home if she didn't know where she was? The mountain looked familiar but the city didn't.

She continued walking, crossing the street with a group of ponies. She glanced at a few stores as she past by till she saw something that caught her interests. It was a book store but it was as fancy as a library. She walked into the story and saw many books on shelves. Then she noticed another shelf with calendars and even smaller calenders. She knew the best place for information was a book store. She walked around going from one aisle to another till she came to a rack that turned in circles. On it were maps in all sizes. Luna picked up a strange looking map. It was plastic and hard to bend. She opened it and was surprised, there were many cities, towns, houses and parks all over. She looked for a place called Woodlock and soon found it, right next to a set of bold words saying 'Moonlight Castle'
Luna blinked a few times, she couldn't believe there was a castle with the same name as the one in her world. She looked for another bold word and continued reading familiar castle names till she came to one that almost made her faint.
"Dream Castle?" Luna thought, "That's not possible. A world that's just like mine?"
"Excuse me miss," a voice said to her. Luna looked up and was a white pony with bright red and yellow hair. It was a female earth pony with a name tag hanging around her neck, "Is there something I can help you with?"
"Well, Ummm...this place. Is it Woodlock?" Luna asked.
"Yes it is."
"That mountain it wouldn't be...Moony mountain?" Luna asked.
"Yes it is," the pony answered, "Are you lost or something?"
"Well, I guess so. Ummm, can you tell me about Ponyland?" Luna asked.
"Ponyland?" the white pony asked, "That's where the famous city is, Dream Valley city. It's very large. The royal Family of Dream castle rules it."
"Royal Family?" Luna asked, "Like King Stardust?"
"King Stardust?" the white pony asked, "No, the black ponies are long gone, their decedents rules Ponyland now."
"Decedents?" Luna asked. She felt even more confused. Was she in another world? or a parallel dimension or worse...another time?
"Yes. You must have heard of King Stardust, Prince Skyview and Prince Starfire and Prince Star Cluster in the history books. Even Stardust's daughter, the first winged unicorn," The pony paused seeing the shocked look on Luna's face, "Miss are you alright?"
"I ummm..." Luna tired to get over the shock. What it possible that she had gone through time? "umm...where's Ponyland?"
"You can take the 01 bus, it's a day travel by the bus," the white pony replied, "you'll need money to get there."
"I don't have the money," Luna told her.
"I'm sorry miss," the white pony replied.
"What direction is Ponyland?" Luna asked.
The white pony took Luna to the window and pointed, "That direction."
Luna handed the pony the map, "Thank you." Then Luna left the store.

Luna figured she'd walk to Ponyland till dark and fly the rest of the way. Walking wasn't as easy as Luna had thought. She continued walking from street to street passing many stores and large shopping stores. She crossed the parking lots and walked through allies trying to go in the right direction. When the afternoon had past and the sun was setting fast Luna felt her stomach growling. With all the excitement she forgot how hungry she was. She had slept through the morning and didn't eat breakfast, now she wished she had eaten. She walked past restaurants and fast foods smelling the food they were cooking. She felt her stomach turning in several knots at the thought of food but she didn't have the money to buy anything. Luna hurried past the smell of food and walked into a community of houses with large fenced in yards. She continued to roam through the streets till sunset. When the street was clear of ponies she turned into a winged unicorn, flapped her wings and flew high as she could towards the clouds. The city and houses below her got smaller till all she saw were lights covering the land. The sun was barley showing and the sky became dark. Tears trickled down her cheek as she thought about the awful day she had, her stomach was making her feel worse. She had no money and no way of getting some. She only knew she had to get to Ponyland in hope that the royal family would help her.

She flew all night and even had to stop to rest in parks at times. When she finally reached Ponyland her wings was ready to fall off. She was tired and achy. Ahead of her was a large city full of lights. Dream Valley looked at if it had doubled in size many times over. It was a city her father had only dreamed of. Luna landed in a park in a community of houses. It looked similar to where she grew up at. Houses and small businesses surrounded the park. Luna turned into an earth pony with long purple hair and left the park. She walked towards the city keeping it within her sight at all times. As the sun rose higher and the lights in the city dimmed, she began to see a strange building unlike the ones in the city. It took her several minutes to recognize it.
"Dream Castle," Luna thought smiling.
It had taken all night for her to realize she was in the future. It was the only explanation she had to explain why there were cities in places she knew was only a small town. Buses and cars for ponies to travel in when she knew ponies only walked to places.
"I hope they can help me," Luna thought. She didn't see why they couldn't. She was family and she was sure they'd believe her if she explained everything.

The afternoon had came and Dream Castle was looking bigger every minute. She could now see the tall brick walls that surrounded the castle. Soon she came to the last house and walked past a small forest. When she came to the corner, she stopped. There was a black iron fence that surround the large yard and the brick walls. She had not expected to see an iron fence but everything else looked the same. The brick walls the castle the large yard, nothing had changed. Luna was determined to get in so she followed the fence to the front of the castle where there was only forest sitting covering one side of the street she walked on. She eventually came upon a guard post, it was a tinny building that sat in front of an iron gate with two armored soldiers. Luna approached the guard post just as the pony inside noticed her. He was white with rainbow hair and wore a thick padded vest on his chest, side and back. On his side was a sword and in his hooves was a long silver staff with blue lights on it.
"Umm, Can I talk to the King?" Luna nervously asked.
"Name, please," the pony replied.
"Why?" Luna asked curiously. She didn't see the need to tell him her name.
"To see if you're on the list," the pony replied.
"What list?" Luna asked.
The pony held up to her a tablet with papers on it. It had a long list of names, "If your name is on the list I can let you through, if not I'll have to ask you to leave."
Luna had a feeling her name would not be found on the list, "Luna."
"Luna?" the pony asked her, then he scanned through the list of names, from one page to another, then he looked at her, "Sorry, you're not on the list."
"How about Queen Luna?" Luna asked.
The pony gave her a serious look, "This is not joking mater. What is your real name?"
"Luna...Queen Luna?" The pony glared at her.
"That is my name," Luna told him.
"Let me tell you miss. You are not a Queen of any Kind, a Queen don't walk up to me from the streets. You don't look anything like Queen Luna now leave or I'll force you to," the pony told her.
The pony pointed the silver staff at her.
"W-what's that?" Luna asked curiously.
"A Stinger. You don't leave now I'll have to paralyze you with this!" the pony exclaimed.
Luna took a few steps back. The pony looked down the road and saw a white limousine with dark windows and three royal flags on it. The pony hurried to the gate, "Quickly open the gates. He's coming!"
Luna stood and watched the long white care drive slowly past her. She could see dark figures inside, one of them looked at her and not once did the pony look away. Once the car had past the pony turned towards Luna, "Leave or else!"
"How do I get on the list?" Luna asked.
"Get a layer. It could take you a year to even get on the list," the pony replied pointing the staff at her.
"Who just went by?" Luna asked taking a few more steps back.
"Silverstar," the pony replied.
Luna gasped and took a step close.
"Soldiers!" the pony shouted, "Get her!"
Soldiers left the iron gate and ran after Luna down the street. Luna eventually lost sight of them and stopped to watch the white car still driving up to the brick wall.

Silverstar sat in the car by a window glancing back. His black strip of hair blended in with the dark window. His dark blue strip was barley seen in his reflection, only his light blue strip was easily seen. His silvery coat had a few gray hairs but it was hard to see since it blended in with his coat. The white pony with long purple hair was stuck in his mind, he found himself wanting to get another look at her.
"Prince Silverstar, is something wrong?" A female pegasus pony asked sitting a cross from him.
"That pony at the gate. Have you seen her before?" Silverstar asked.
"I'm sorry I haven't," the pony answered.
Silverstar looked out his window again, "She looks like someone I used to know." Silverstar looked at the female pony, "When is Vas returning?"
"Tomorrow afternoon," the pony answered.

The soldiers finally caught up to her and approached her at a running pase, Luna began running, the soldiers got close and grabbed her tail. Luna was forced to stop, she turned and looked at them feeling scared. She didn't know what they would do to her if they caught her but she didn't want to find out.
"I'm really sorry about this," Luna closed her eyes, her horn and wings faintly appeared catching the soldiers by surprise. Then suddenly, they were blown back several feet away. Luna turned and ran into the small forest across the street.

The soldiers stood up after hitting the ground hard.
"Did you see that?" the other soldier asked.
"A winged unicorn. We got to report this," the soldier replied.
They turned around and ran back to the guard.
"She got away?" The pony asked.
"Yes but...She was a winged unicorn," The soldier replied.
"She used her horn to throw us back," the other soldier replied.
"A winged unicorn this close to the castle?" The pony asked, "I didn't think they'd use a girl though. I got to report this to the king," the pony rushed into his post and began dialing numbers.
"'s not about the kids this time....yes well there is a problem here or sire....There was a winged unicorn here trying to get in. sire....She looked like a normal earth pony....yes sire." then the pony hung up and looked at the soldiers, "Watch my post till I return." Then he walked through the iron gates and hurried to the castle.

Luna had left the forest and wondered towards the city trying to think of a way to get to Silverstar. She wondered what he looked like as an older pony. Would he recognize her? What was he like now? Would he be able to help her?
Luna walked till she was in the city. Unicorns, Pegasus, earth ponies and flutter ponies walked in crowds on the sidewalk. Some were Male Pegasus and male Unicorns. Luna couldn't believe what she was seeing.
"They'd have to be related to Skyview and Starfire," Luna thought.
She continued walking till she got tired then she eventually found herself walking through a park. Luna sat down on a black iron bench next to a dark red pony with white and light blue hair. He was reading the newspaper not paying attention to who sat next to him.
Luna looked around the park and watched the baby ponies playing in a sandbox. It reminded her of her unborn baby. She had completely forgotten it and felt bad that she did. As she rested she began to feel the hunger pains in her stomach again, she had gone a day and a half without eating. She knew it wasn't good for her baby but she didn't know what she could do about it.
As she sat there her stomach began to rumble getting louder by the minute and soon it began to annoy the pony next to her.
The red pony lowered his newspaper and looked at her annoyingly, "Please go eat something."
"You don't know how much I'd love to," Luna replied, "But I have no money."
"Then you could go home and eat," The red pony suggested.
"I'd love to but...I can't. I don't have one really," Luna replied sadly rubbing her empty stomach.
The red pony blinked a few times and sat his paper on the bench, "You're homeless?"
"Yes, you could say that," Luna replied.
Her stomach continued to growled annoying him even more.
"Miss, how about I buy you something?" the red pony offered.
Luna smiled greatly, "You would? Really?"
The red pony smiled at her, "Of course." Then he stood up, "Lets go over to that vender, I'm sure he's got something you want to eat."
Luna stood up and followed the pony to the vender, it looked more like a box on wheels with an umbrella over him.
"Well?" the red pony asked.
"So much to choose," Luna replied, "How about those?" Luna pointed.
"Hotdogs?" the red pony asked.
"Yes, hotdogs, and lemonade please," Luna replied.
The blue pony gave her a hotdog in a bun and a large cup of lemonade. The red pony paid him and followed Luna to a tree where she sat and ate.
"So how did you become homeless?" the red pony asked.
"I was kidnaped..." Luna paused and noticed the surprised look on the pony, "I got away and I can't get home so at the moment I'm homeless."
"Kidnaped? who?" the pony asked.
"I don't know. Please I rather not talk about it," Luna replied sadly as she ate.
"Oh, I'm sorry," the pony replied, "Oh by the way my name is Raven."
"I'm Lu..." Luna paused she remembered the trouble she had with the guard at the iron gate giving him her name, "It's Lunarstar."
Raven smiled, "Well it's nice to meet you. Have you been to this city before?"
"No but I've been to Ponyland before," Luna replied.
Raven looked at her with a confused face not sure what to make of her answer.
"Do you live here?" Luna asked.
"No. I live quite far," Raven replied, "How about you? Where's your home?"
"Far, to far to ride a bus, fly or walk there," Luna replied, "I don't know how I'm going to get home."
Raven sat quietly he could tell how worried and scared she was, "So you never been in the city?"
"No, I never seen a city this big," Luna replied enjoying her hotdog.
Raven studied her carefully.
"So what are you doing in this city?" Luna asked looking at him and catching him off guard as if he was thinking about something.
"I'm visiting. I take it you haven't looked around the city yet?" Raven guessed.
"No I haven't. It's so big I'm afraid I'd get lost in it," Luna replied smiling.
Raven smiled at her, "well I'd be happy to show you around then."
"You would?" Luna asked finishing off her hotdog, "You don't have something else to do?"
"Oh no. I have nothing to do today," Raven replied smiling. He stood up and waited till Luna finished her drink then he walked her out of the park.

Raven took her to many stores, past tall buildings and even showed her Dream Valley newspaper building. It was a tall tan building and the main lobby was just as large. On the wall was a large painting of Star Cluster still wearing his golden collar and silver key.
"Prince Star Cluster," Raven muttered, "He was the founder of Ponyland's newspaper. His family still owns it."
Luna left and followed Raven through town till she noticed a theater with a name rushing across the front 'The Great Queen'
Luna remembered what the mint green pony had called her. She had forgotten all about it till now. She hurried to the theater and looked at the posters that hung on the glass windows.
"The Great Queen, I heard they made up a few things in the movie," Raven told her.
"It's about Queen Luna?" Luna asked.
"Yes, It just came out too," Raven replied, "I haven't seen it yet."
They continued walking till the tall buildings seemed to be getting shorter and the sidewalk looked less crowded. Luna glanced at the windows as she past and pause when something caught her eye.
"What is it?" Raven asked curiously looking back at her.
"That book," Luna pointed to a white book with a picture of herself as a Queen. Luna hurried inside the store and picked up the book from the display shelf. She opened it and looked at the pictures of Ponyland as it once was and her as a baby.
"They say a lot of things about her, where she grew up and stuff but no one really knows for sure. The royal family knows and they're not telling anyone," Raven explained.
"I don't blame them," Luna muttered as she turned the pages.
"The wedding or what they think it looked like," Raven explained looking at a picture of a painting.
"Well it's not quite right," Luna replied.
"It's not?" Raven asked curiously.
Luna looked up at him, "I mean...It..umm doesn't look right to me." Then she continued turning the pages till she saw painting of three dragons. She knew who the dragons were suppose to be but they didn't look right. The only thing they got right were the colors.
"She's suppose to be a feathered dragon with pearly horns," Luna muttered.
Raven looked at her suspiously. Luna closed the book not wanting to see anything more, she couldn't believe some of the things they had gotten wrong. She put the book back and left the store with Raven at her side. They walked in silence for sometime with Luna deep in thought.
"So you like the city?" Raven asked.
"It's great," Luna replied smiling at him, then her smile faded, "Raven. Have you ever seen the Gates?"
"The gates?" Raven asked, "Sure, there's a guard standing in front of them. It's almost impossible to pass him without giving him your name."
"No, not that kind of gate. I mean the Gates, the kind you walk through to get to another place," Luna told him.
Raven looked at her feeling rather confused, "Like a wooden gate or iron gate?"
"No, I mean...well..." Luna paused she couldn't explain it so she had no choice but to just tell him, "I mean archways. There's three stone archways called the Gates. Have you heard of them?"
"No I'm sorry," Raven replied staring at her with a suspicious look.
"How about the keys?" Luna asked.
"Keys?" Raven asked, "You lost a set of keys?"
"No, there's three keys for each Gate," Luna explained.
"This isn't in a book you read is it?" Raven asked.
Luna sighed sadly, "Forget it. I'm sorry I brought it up." She decided to give up asking him. She just wasn't getting anywhere with him. This time obviously was keeping the Gate a closely guarded secret.

They eventually wondered to the school in a large open field almost in the middle of the city. They followed the sidewalk to the large yard. The sidewalk split going to a large one story building and the other split to a very familiar school.
"They say King Stardust built the old school," Raven explained, "After time had past the school was getting crowded so they built a bigger school but kept this school. It's just a history building, something of the old times to look at now."
Luna approached a large white sign in front of the old school house and read it. It said pretty much what Raven had told her. It even told who was the first teacher to teach in the old school house.
"Just imagine little ponies in side. It must have been great back then," Raven muttered.
Luna smiled, "It was."
Raven stopped smiling and looked at her suspiciously. When Luna looked at him he quickly smiled.
"Sun is going down," Luna told him.
"I guess it is. Where are you going to sleep tonight?" Raven asked her.
"Here. Inside," Luna replied.
"In..side?" Raven asked surprisingly, "No one is aloud inside."
"It's as close to home as I'll get. Besides like you said, no one goes inside so I'll be safe there...if you don't tell anyone."
Raven smiled, "Alright, I'll see you tomorrow then." He turned and left.
Luna winked inside when he wasn't looking. Everything inside looked the same, it felt as if she never left home. She wished all she had to do is look out the window and see Ponyland as it used to be. Time is nothing but a distant memory now. Luna felt as if she'll never get home. She was beginning to think she was stuck in the future. As she laid curled in a ball in the dark corner, she thought of her home, Blizzard, her baby girl and two baby boys. Tears flooded her cheeks as memories of everyone she knew in her time came to her mind.

Night had came and the sky was pitch black. The city lights glowed brightly lighting up the sky. The street light lit the dark streets. Everyone was sounds asleep except for the ponies in the city.
Raven returned to the school grounds and stopped to look around making sure no one was around, then he approached the new school building and saw two dark hooded figures.
"Did you find out anything?" the hooded pony asked.
"No. Dream Castle is well guarded," Raven answered.
"It didn't look like it to me," the other hooded figure replied.
"It doesn't on the outside of the brick wall but there's soldiers all over the place once you past the brick wall," Raven replied.
The hooded figure took out a rolled up newspaper and handed it to Raven showing his golden collar for a few seconds.
"I saw that newspaper this morning," Raven told him.
"This is the newest edition that just came out this evening," The hooded figure told him.
Raven unrolled the paper and saw a drawing of a familiar pony.
"Find her. My brother thinks she could be very useful to us. The King of Ponyland wants her badly and my brother wants her before the King gets her first," the hooded figure told him.
Raven turned towards the light that hung on the school roof and gasped at the picture, "I know her."
"You do?" the hooded figure asked sounding surprised, "Where is she?"
Raven handed the newspaper back and pointed to the old school building across from him, "She's asleep in that school."
"Well we have to go get her," the hooded figure told him.
"Wait there's more about her you need to know," Raven exclaimed standing in front of them.
"Go on, I'm listening."
"She knows about the Gates and the three keys. She knows you can travel through them," raven told him.
"Are you sure of this?" The hooded figure asked curiously.
"Yes, she even knows about the guardian dragon and that it's a she dragon and a feathered one with pearly horns," Raven told him.
"She knows far to much," The hooded figure replied, "What do you know about her?"
"Nothing much. Only that she was kidnaped and now she's homeless," Raven replied.
The two hooded figures took a step closer towards the old school building.
"Wait, let me talk to her tomorrow and see what else I can get out of her first," Raven begged.
The hooded figure stared at the old school building for a minute then looked at Raven, "Alright but you meet us in the woods," the hooded pony pointed next to him, "As sunset."
"Ok," Raven replied.
"Watch her closely. Every pony in Ponyland will be looking for her tomorrow. We don't want the King of Ponyland getting her before we do."
"I know. I'll stay close to her," Raven replied then he nodded and left them.

The next morning Luna woke up yawning and stretching. She stood up, turned herself into an earth pony and winked outside behind the building. She sat in the cool grass staring at the woods and remembering what her time was like. The last few days felt like a dream but today she began to realize it was no dream, it was real. She was really seeing the future. She knew the Gates could be used for time travel but she never dreams she would actually travel through time. She knew it was dangerous and the longer she stay the larger the risk the future would be. She could unknowingly change time and not know it.
"Lunarstar?" Raven called to her standing at the corner of the building.
Luna looked up at him and smiled. She was glad to have made a friend in the future one she hoped would help return her to her own time...if only she could get him to believe her.
Luna stood up, "I was just sitting here thinking. So what are you going to show me today?"
"What ever you like," Raven replied.
"I'm not sure. How about ummm....seeing Paradise Estate?" Luna asked.
"Paradise Estate is guarded like Dream Castle. You will only see it from a distance though," Raven told her.
"That's fine. It's better than not seeing it at all," Luna replied smiling.

They left the school grounds and walked far, going down many streets avoiding the larger part of the cities.
"Wouldn't it be best to just cut through that busy part of the city?" Luna asked curiously.
"It's crowded and...well, it's better going around it. Besides we don't have to push our way through the crowds this way," Raven replied smiling at her.
"Yes, I guess your right. I'm not to crazy about crowds anyways," Luna replied.
They walked far till they came to a corner with a tall brick wall around it. On the cliff side was Paradise Estate. It too looked as if it never changed. Luna felt relieved that the old estate building will always stay the same.
"The oldest building in Ponyland," Raven explained to her, "Only the relatives from the Royal family live there."
Just then he heard her stomach growling. Raven laughed, "I take it you're hungry?"
Luna smiled a him, "Yes I am. I'm starving actually."
"What would you like to eat then?" Raven asked.
"Anything I feel like I can eat a lot," Luna told him.
"Humm...a place with lots of food and...quiet...hidden," Raven mumbled to himself, "I know. How about Pizza?"
Luna smiled greatly, "I haven't had pizza in ages."
Raven smiled and took her down the street to a pizza place they had past earlier. They walked in and sat down in dark blue booths. They quickly ordered drinks and a large pizza. Luna could feel her stomach aching for food. She was thrilled when the pizza was finally placed on their table. Luna quickly took a slice and began eating.
"So umm do you have a family?" Raven asked hoping it wouldn't upset her to talk about it.
"Yes, I'm married. I have 2 boys, a baby girl and another one on the way," Luna replied taking a bit out of her pizza.
Raven looked at her surprisingly, "On the way? You mean you're pregnant?"
"Yes," Luna answered as she continued to eat. She was to hungry to notice the surprise look on his face. After a few minutes of silence Luna looked up at him smiling, "how about you?"
"" Raven asked.
"Yes, do you have a family?" Luna asked him.
"Yes, I'm married too and I have a little girl who is dying to see me when I get home," Raven replied smiling.
Luna smiled and giggled, "I can imagine she would be." Luna continued to eat till she had finished a large pizza, then Raven paid the bill and left with Luna at his side.
As they walked down the street he continued to glance at her till she caught him.
"What?" Luna asked.
"Nothing," Raven replied looking away.
"You keep looking at me. Please what is it?" Luna asked again.
"You don't look pregnant," Raven replied.
"Well I just found out shortly before I was kidnaped. I was in the garden playing with my two boys and waiting husband. I was going to tell him the good news but I was kidnaped," Luna explained.
"You obviously got here from home. Can't you get home from here too?" Raven asked.
Luna stopped at the corner of the sidewalk looking down sadly, "No." She looked up at him, "Raven, I'm...from the past. The old times as you would call it. I was taken through the Gates, the ones I told you about earlier. I was taken through time and landed in this time to be killed. I escaped and I came to Ponyland to ask the Royal Family for help but.." Luna paused and looked down sadly, "I was chased off. Now I'm just stuck here in this time."
"Are you serious?" Raven asked surprisingly.
"I don't care if you don't believe me. I'm tired of this time. I miss my home, my family. Please I just want to go home. Help me...please," Luna looked up at him sadly.
Raven stood silently looking at her. It was hard to believe but he knew it was possible to travel through time with the Gates.
"I'll do what I can," Raven replied.
Luna smiled, "Really?"
"Yes," Raven answered.
Luna was thrilled, maybe there was a small chance of getting home after all. They walked for hours heading back to the school. Luna wasn't used to the big city and nosy streets, crowded sidewalks so she just wanted to head back to the old school house where it was quiet.
"Are you sure you don't want to walk around the stores or something?" Raven asked.
"No please. I'm tired and I just want to sit where it's quiet," Luna replied, "Thank you anyways."
"Well, I'll see you later then," Raven replied.
"Thank you for everything. You've been a great help to me," Luna told him, "Well, goodnight." She walked to the back of the school and sat down. Raven smiled at her then he too walked away.

Luna sat in the grass thinking of home, it's all she had thought about since she was kidnaped. She had no idea how much she loved home, her time and the ponies in the kingdoms till now. She looked at the sky and saw the sun setting, she would soon be heading inside the school house to sleep for another day in the future. As she sat in the grass she suddenly noticed two hooded strangers next to her. Luna quickly stood up being so startled to see them. Was she too deep in thought to hear them approach?
"W-what do you want?" Luna nervously asked.
The pony nodded and the other pony grabbed her. The other pony muzzled her with a rope. Luna closed her eyes in fear, it was happening all over again just like on the mountain. She was sure they would kill her this time.
"You heard what he said, be careful with her," the pony said.
"I'm trying," the other pony replied struggling with Luna's wiggling.
They carried Luna into the woods and winked out. They appeared far from the city in the forest. There was no city noise only pony voices and hooves rustling the grass.
"We're not going to hurt you so please, relax," the pony told Luna.
Luna looked at the hooded pony, it didn't sound like the same pony who had kidnaped her before.

The hooded pony took his hood off revealing his face to her. He smiled gently at her. He was a light pink pony with white hair and a horn on his head.
"Lets go," the pink pony said.
They picked her up and carried her out of the forest and into a large clearing. Many tents sat in rows near a lake. Ponies in armor walked from tent to tent or sat in the grass talking. Luna gasped when she noticed They were all Winged Unicorns, there were a few Pegasus as well.
Ponies in camp stop and watched silently as she was carried to a light blue tent. They carefully sat her down and took off the rope from her mouth.
"Wait here," Then he walked into the tent and quickly came out, "he's not there. Watch her while I find him." The pony left leaving Luna siting on the grass with a pony behind her. She nervously looked around and saw male winged unicorns staring at her some just smiled at her.
"Lunarstar," A familiar voice called to her.
Luna looked around and saw a dark red winged unicorn.
"It's me, Raven."
Luna stood up staring at his horn and wings, "Raven?"
"Yes, I took you out for pizza." Raven reminded her.
"But you're a or was an earth pony," Luna pointed out.
"I'm really a winged unicorn. Very few of us can change to an earth pony," Raven explained.
Luna approached him looking at his horn and wings, "You do look...ummm quite different."
"Is something wrong with that?" Raven asked.
"No, not at all," Luna smiled then her smile faded, "What's the idea of kidnaping me and scaring me to death?"
"Sorry about that. You're wanted all over Ponyland and we had to get you before The king of Ponyland did," Raven explained.
"What?" Luna exclaimed.
Raven took a newspaper from a nearby tent and showed her the front cover, "Why do they want you?"
Luna stared at the drawing of her on the cover, "I don't know. I don't know why anyone want me. Why I was kidnaped in the first place, why Ponyland want me. Why someone dried to kill me. I have done nothing wrong to anyone. I was minding my own business!" Luna exclaimed getting upset at the thought of it.
"The King of Ponyland just doesn't post a wanted poster on the cover of the newspapers unless you did something to them," a deep voice replied.
Luna noticed how everyone was suddenly quiet and stared behind her. Luna turned and gasped at the white winged unicorn that stood before her. His eyes were ice blue, his tail was white and ice blue. His mane was white except for a strip of ice blue. Next to him was a pony who looked just like Blizzard only he was a unicorn. Both of them wore a golden collar from Winterfall castle.
"I am Iceberg and this is my brother, Skymint. Who are you?" Iceberg asked.
Luna froze she couldn't believe she was facing her sons in this time. They were adults now and quite handsome to look at.
Raven tapped her on the shoulder after there was no answer, "Say something to him."
Luna couldn't utter a word she was so shocked to see them. She felt tired suddenly, her legs felt to weak to hold her much longer. Her vision began to spin and she felt hot.
"Are you alright?" Skymint asked looking at her curiously.
Luna collapsed suddenly as her eyes closed leaving her in a deep comfortable darkness. The voices around her faded and soon she could no longer hear anyone.

Iceberg, SkyMint and Raven approached Luna and looked at her worriedly.
"She fainted," SkyMint muttered.
As they watched, her hair began to fade rapidly to white, her horn appeared, then her wings. Scratches and grass stains appeared on her body. It surprised everyone who saw it.
"I never seen a pony who can change their hair and body too," Raven muttered.
"I have," Iceberg told him.
"You know she does look similar," Skymint muttered to him.
"I've seen a lot of ponies who looks like her but this pony...she's not even pure white," Iceberg replied. Luna was so dirty that her white coat looked light gray.
"I thinks she's just very dirty," Skymint guessed looking closely at her coat.
"I had no idea she was a winged unicorn or that she...was such a mess," Raven said.
"Well, take her in my tent and try to wake her up," Iceberg told him.
Raven called to another winged unicorn and the two carried her into the tent, then they laid her on the piles of colored pillows.
"Alright you saw it now get back to what you were doing!" Iceberg yelled.
Everyone turned and continued talking or walking around.

Iceberg walked into the tent and saw Raven fanning her with his wing. Luna began to ster, she moved a leg slightly and then she took a few deep breaths.
"Lunarstar," Raven called to her.
Luna slowly opened her eyes and saw Raven's large wings cooling her off much like Starfire had did to her once. When he saw Luna had woken up he stopped fanning her and stood back for Iceberg and Skymint to see her.
"Who are you and how did you get so dirty?" Iceberg asked.
Luna was still tired and didn't feel like sitting up so she laid still, "My real name is Luna. I'm...from the past. I was kidnaped, taken through the Gate and I fell down a mountain which is why I'm so dirty. Then I flew all the way here to find help. I need to get back home."
"You..came through time?" Skymint asked curiously. Luna could see he looked and acted a lot like Blizzard, it almost made her want to cry.
"Yes," Luna answered.

Iceberg looked at her suspiously, "How did you know about the Gates?"
"I made those Gates so I know all about them!"
"Mother made those Gate!" Iceberg exclaimed.
"I'm Queen Luna from the past," Luna exclaimed getting mad.
"You can not be her. Show me some proof. Shapeshift then," Iceberg told her.
"I can't. I'm pregnant. I wouldn't dare shapeshift now," Luna replied.
"You're pregnant?" Iceberg asked looking at her stomach.
"You can't tell at the moment. Not for a few months," Luna told him.
"Time travel isn't impossible but I still need proof that you are my mother," Iceberg replied her.
"What kind of proof?" Luna asked curiously.
"I have several questions that only my mother knows," Iceberg replied, "Who named me?"
"Blizzard did," Luna answered.
"What are your names?" Iceberg asked.
"Luna, Lunarstar and Kesia."
"What did your parents named you after?" Iceberg asked.
"The moon because I was so white like the full moon," Luna answered.
"What happened to you between three and twelve?" Iceberg asked.
"I was raised by two ponies in another world. They adopted me and then Buster and Charades found me and told me everything," Luna answered.
"Well you got all the answers right. There is one questions that I ask dad once. He told me and no one else except, only mom, grandpa and my uncles knows. Who raised dad and where did he live before he was crowned King?" Iceberg asked.
"Teriney found Blizzard and raised him in isolation at the Volcano of Gloom. There's a stone house in the volcano," Luna answered.
Iceberg studied her for several minutes.
"Honestly Iceberg, it really is me. Do I really have to tell my whole life story to you?" Luna asked.
Iceberg smiled, "Well it is hard to believe that you...our mother is sitting right here."
Skymint looked at Iceberg and whispered, "Look at her horn. It's got to be mom."
Iceberg stood closer to Luna and looked at her horn then he smiled, "Only mom had a pearly horn. I'm sorry for not believing you. it's good to see you."
Luna smiled greatly and nodded.
Raven lowered his head and looked at her curiously, "So you're really the great Queen...Queen Luna? The first winged unicorn ever born?"
Luna smiled, "Yes I am."
"You live in another world at the time that Prince Star Cluster took over as King?" Raven asked.
"Yes I did. I had many friends. My adopted parents even had a girl and named her Flurry," Luna replied, "Iceberg, where did all these Winged Unicorns come from?"
"You of course and mostly me and a few from Skymint and some from our sisters. Some are great great great grandsons and cousins like Raven here and some are nephews from many generations," Iceberg replied.
"All of them?" Luna asked surpassingly.
Iceberg smiled, "Mom, We're very old despite our looks. We've lived along time. There's not many of us left from the old days. There's just me, Skymint, our two sisters and Silverstar."
"Two sisters?" Luna asked curiously, "You mean I'm going to have a girl?"
Iceberg smiled, "Yes, you're carrying a girl but don't ask us about your future children."
Luna rubbed her stomach, "I was hoping it would be a girl. I can't wait to tell Blizzard," Luna paused and looked up at Iceberg, "You'll get me home to my time, won't you?"
"Yes, we'll do everything we can to get you home. One way or another you'll get home. I promise," Iceberg replied.
"What do you mean one way or another?" Luna asked curiously.
"I guess I better tell you," Iceberg replied, "For a very long time we had dad's key. Every king who sat on his throne wore his key and soon it became a symbol of royalty. The royal Family of Dream Castle had two keys and always kept them safe around their necks. Then several years ago dad's key was stolen and a note from Silverstar was left in it's place. He claims the key belongs in his family and that we no longer have the right to keep it. We got mad and the king sent us here to get it back. We came with an army of ponies who could fly. We've demanded the key to be returned but they lied and told us they don't have it. We've been at war with Ponyland for sometime now."
"Silverstar?" Luna asked surprisingly, "But I don't believe he would do such a thing."
"He did and we have his note to prove it," Skymint replied.
Luna was surprised at what she heard about her baby brother, she never thought he'd steal from family, especially someone close as Iceberg.
"I...I can't imagine that Silverstar would send someone through time. Grandpa forbid anyone to time travel. Silverstar should know better," Iceberg exclaimed.
"I still can't believe Silverstar would do such a thing," Luna told them.
"He most certainly did," Skymint replied.
Luna stood up, "My baby brother...Try to kill me, brake a forbidden rule and steal the key, I won't believe it."
"It's true," Skymint told her again.
Luna sighed sadly, she hoped it wasn't true. She loved her baby brother and couldn't imagine him doing anything to hurt the family.
"Is there a place I can take a bath?" Luna asked.
"Yes, at the lake," Iceberg pointed out of the tent, "But it'll be getting dark very soon."
"Where do I sleep?" Luna asked.
"Oh bed. I'll find a place else where to sleep," Iceberg answered.
Luna was still sad at the news she heard about Silverstar. She had learned so much, meet her sons and now she was worried about the Keys. It weighed her down making her feel tired. She laid on the pillows and yawned, "I'll see you all in the morning then."
"Are you sure you're alright?" Iceberg asked worriedly.
"I'm fine. Just tired and have so much to think about," Luna answered. She laid her head on the pillows and closed her eyes thinking about what her sons had told her.
Iceberg, Skymint and Raven left the tent and walked to a distance.
"Raven, I want you to deliver a note for me to Dream Castle," Iceberg told him.
"Ok," Raven replied.

The next morning Iceberg was the first to go check on Luna but when he looked in the tent she wasn't there.
"She's not there," a voice told him.
Iceberg took a few steps back and saw Skymint standing next to him, "I noticed when I looked in. Where is she?"
"At the lake," Skymint told him pointing towards the open meadow.
Iceberg left camp and walked to the lake. Luna was rubbing dirt off her fur and washed dir and grass out of her hair, then she left the water. Iceberg stood and stared at her. She was clean, pure white with long white hair and even her horn seem to shin brightly in the morning sunlight. It was clear that her horn was pearly, one didn't have to get close to notice it now.
Luna smiled, her fur dripped with water, her wings hung low heavy with water. Even her hair dragged the ground. The scratches, dirt and grass stains were gone.
"Do I look better?" Luna asked.
Iceberg smiled, "You look...pretty as ever. Mom"
"Good, now I just got to dry off," Luna replied smiling.
She grabbed her mane and rung the water out and then she did the same to her tail. She flapped her wings to shake out the water in them. Only thing left was her coat. She stood and shook her body till she was no longer wet but felt damp instead.
Just then Raven winked next to them with a folded tan letter. He handed the letter to Iceberg, "He wrote back."
Iceberg took the letter and opened it. Luna could see on his face that he wasn't pleased with the letter.
"Who wrote back?" Luna asked curiously.
Iceberg folded the letter and looked at his mother, "It's from Silverstar and he still claims that we took his keys. This was my final warning. We have no choice but to attack Dream castle and get the keys back."
"What?!" Luna exclaimed surprisingly.
"I'm sorry but we're going to war...again. Skymint tell the rest of ponies. Raven take care of her in the mean time. I'm sorry mom, I got to get ready," Iceberg turned and left the lake, heading back to camp.
"War?" Luna asked worriedly, "He can't do that."
"We fought Dream Castle a year ago and had to go back for reinforcements. I'm sorry but there's no stopping him," Raven replied.
Luna sighed sadly, "But they're family."
"They were friends too and now they're enemies," Raven added.
"There's got to be another way," Luna muttered. She had to talk to Silverstar, she knew something was wrong. "Umm. do you deliver letters to Silverstar personally?"
"No, just to the guard at the gate, they'll never allow me a winged unicorn through the gates," Raven replied, "Why do you ask?"
"Just wondering," Luna replied walking back to camp.

Later that night after everyone in camp had gone to sleep, Luna woke up and sat up on the pillows. It was so dark she couldn't see anything, not even the pillows she sat on. She lit her horn careful not to wake up someone. She looked around the tent for paper and something to write with but she didn't see anything but a small sitting hidden behind her. She curiously opened the box and saw a stack of papers and a pen. She took two papers and wrote a letter on them signing them with Iceberg and Silverstar's name. Then she folded the paper.. Then she stood up, left the tent and searched every tent for Raven. Every pony was sound asleep curled in a ball or stretched out. She even found Skymint sleeping on a set of pillows and Iceberg at the other corner of the tent on a set of pillows. Luna couldn't help but smile when she saw her two boys sound asleep.
She soon left the tent and continued searching. Four tents away from Skymint's tent was Raven sound asleep in a ball with his wing covering him like a blanket. Most of the ponies slept on a blanket and one pillow for their heads which hardly any of them used. Iceberg and Skymint were the only ones who slept on a stack of pillows. Luna silently walked up to Raven and shook him. He uttered something that was hardly even a word and then he went back to sleep again. Luna shook him harder this time till she saw his eyes open. He folded his wings back and looked up at Luna yawning.
"What?" Raven asked not realizing who was in his tent at first. After blinking a few times he gasped, "What are you doing in here? I mean shouldn't you be sleeping or something?"
"Shhhh," Luna whispered to him. "There's something I need you to do," Luna held up two letters, "I need you to deliver one to Silverstar."
"Now at this time of night?" Raven whispered yawning.
"Please Raven. This is important. I don't want anyone to know about this," Luna whispered to him.
"Alright," Raven yawned.
Luna smiled at him, "Thank you. Now I need you to deliver this one to Silverstar, personally. This one goes to Iceberg when you get back. What ever you do, don't tell anyone I wrote them."
"Why?" Raven asked curiously, "What's the letters for?"
"Something about this whole thing between Iceberg and Silverstar doesn't seem right and I'm going to find out what it is. I'm hoping these letter will work," Luna answered, "Now hurry, it'll be sunrise soon."
Raven took the letters and left the tent. Luna went back to bed in Iceberg's tent till morning.

Luna felt like she had just fell sleep when Iceberg woke her up. She shook her, "Mom it's morning."
Luna yawned and sat up, "Already?"
Skymint walked into the tent with a plate and a cup. He sat it in front of Luna and smiled, "It's your breakfast."
Luna smiled, it had been awhile since she had breakfast. She actually felt like eating breakfast too.
Luna leaned close and smelled the pancakes filling her nose.
"It smells wonderful," Luna replied.
"We know how much you love pancakes," Iceberg told her, "Mom I got a lot to do today to prepare everyone for battle, please excuse me." Then he turned and left.
Luna remembered Raven and the letters she gave him last night. She wondered if Silverstar had received the letter.
"Ummm, Are you going to eat?" Skymint asked.
Luna smiled, "Yes, I'm starving."
As Luna ate she continued to think about the stolen keys and the letters and Silverstar sudden change.
"Skymint," Luna called to him, "do you have the letter from Silverstar. The one he left in place of the key?"
"Yes, We brought it with is. My great great nephew the king thought we should hold on to it to prove he took the key," Skymint explained.
"Where is it?" Luna asked.
"In the box behind you. Iceberg keeps all the letters and papers in there," Skymint explained.
Luna quickly ate the second pancake and then she took the box from behind her and opened it.
"Where?" Luna asked.
"Might be berried under all that," SkyMint answered.
Luna lifted all the papers and took out a pink folded letter.
"That's it," Skymint said.
Luna opened the letter and read it silently.

Dear Iceberg and family, it has been known to that you have the third key for several hundred years. It's time to return the key to it's rightful place in Ponyland so I have saved you time and grief and took the key myself. So for now on you'll have to take the long way to visit ponyland.
Love, Uncle Silverstar

Luna looked up at Skymint suspiously, "Are you sure this is from Silverstar?"
"It's got his name on it and he knows the Winterfall castle better than anyone. He knows where all three keys are kept. I'm sorry mom but that letter is from Silverstar," Skymint replied.
Luna sat sadly staring at the letter, "I...I just can't imagine him doing such a thing." After staring at the letter, she put it back and left the tent. Ponies walked around carrying swords, some in the field practiced fighting or talking about flight plans. Luna walked past them and stopped in the tall grass watching Iceberg talking to a group of ponies.
"He's making plans," SkyMint explained noticing his mother staring at Iceberg.
Luna didn't have to ask why he was making plans she already knew. She couldn't believe it was all happening.

Just then Raven appeared in the meadow walking up to Iceberg. Luna watched closely as Raven handed him her letter.
Iceberg took the letter and opened it, after several minutes he smiled, "So he's finally coming to his senses." He turned and approached Skymint, "Silverstar is returning the key and is meeting us at the old school house at sunset."
"We're not going along unprotected are we?" Skymint asked.
"Of course not. We'll bring a few winged unicorns with us," Iceberg replied.
"I want to go," Luna told him.
"It's safer if you stayed," Iceberg told her.
Luna glared at him, "I got to go, Iceberg."
Iceberg stared at her, studying her determination. He knew he couldn't stop her if he wanted, "Alright but I want someone to stay with you incase something happens," Iceberg told her.
"Raven will be with me then," Luna replied smiling.
Iceberg looked at Raven, "Get your sword and be ready to leave." Then Iceberg left heading to the camp to gather a few winged unicorns.

The sun was starting to set and a small group of winged unicorns waited behind the trees, Iceberg and Skymint hid behind the old school house. Luna and Raven hid behind Skymint.
Iceberg peaked around the corner of the building and saw a white limousine.
"He's here. Mom stay here with Raven," Iceberg told her.
Luna gave him a doubting look, she wasn't about to listen to her son, she was going to find out what really happened to the keys.
Two black limousines stopped behind the white one and ponies with swords and metal leg bands came rushing out of them. They gathered around the three limousines, some around the new school and a few near the old school. News reporters in a white van parked nearby and began filming.
A light pink pony opened the limousine door and let Silverstar out. He wore a golden collar, his hair was shiny and his coat was brushed fine.
"Stay here and don't let anyone close, especially the news media," Silverstar ordered then he began walking towards the school house.
"There he is. Come on Skymint," Iceberg told him. They walked out from behind the school and approached Silverstar.
"Well, did you bring it?" Silverstar asked.
"Bring what?" Iceberg asked not sure what he was talking about.
"The keys," Silverstar replied.
"No, you were going to return the key to us," Iceberg told him.
"Your letter said you'd return the keys, now where are they?" Silverstar demanded.
Iceberg looked at him angrily, "Your letter said you'd return the key. I'm here and want it back."
While the three of them argued Luna peaked around the corner and gasped at Silverstar's appearance.
"Look at him, he's older. He's grown so much," Luna whispered, "In fact he looks a bit like dad."
Luna turned and walked tot he other side of the school house with Raven behind her.
"We're to stay put," Raven told her.
"I didn't come here to sit and watch, Raven," Luna told him.
She peaked around the corner by the front door, "Well I guess it's time to settle this once and for all."
Luna walked out from behind the building, the three ponies still argued and didn't even notice her but the soldiers around the area did.
"This is a low trick you're playing, Iceberg," Silverstar told him angrily, "Writing a letter to bring me out in the open and meet at an old spot."
"What are you talking about. You wrote that letter and told me to meet you here!" Iceberg exclaimed.
"I saw the letter as well," Skymint added, "It said you decided to return the key and to meet you at the old school house."
"What sort of lie is this?" Silverstar asked getting mad.
"I wrote those letters," Luna interrupted them.
"What?!" Iceberg and Skymint exclaimed looking at her. Silverstar was shocked to see Luna.
"I wrote them and sent them to both of you," Luna explained.
"Why?" Skymint asked, "He took the key and isn't giving it back to us."
Luna looked at Silverstar who continued to stare at her. She smiled greatly, "Hello baby brother."
"Luna?" Silverstar finally asked, "This can't be. You two are trying to trick me!"
"It's no trick, Silverstar. It's really me...Luna. I'm from the past and I need your help...all three of you to get me home. I don't belong in this time."
Silverstar approached Luna and studied her. Luna couldn't help but laugh, "I'm serious Silverstar. I'm Luna."
"You time traveled?" Silverstar asked curiously.
"Yes, two ponies kidnaped me and tried to kill me in this time. Now please where are the three keys?" Luna asked desperately, "I must get home."
"Yes, Silverstar where are the keys?" Iceberg asked.
"Why ask me, you had stolen them," Silverstar replied.
"I didn't no such thing..."
"Shut up, all three of you. You're family, uncle and nephew. Just how old are you three?" Luna asked suspiously.
"Old enough," Silverstar replied.
"You've been friends with Iceberg and Skymint since they were born. You were best friends. You know them better than anyone. Iceberg, Skymint, he's was your best friend, you three played all the time. I'm sure you did," Luna replied.
"Yes, we did. Every chance we got," Iceberg answered.
"Rope toss was our favorite," Skymint added.
"We ran all over the yard," Silverstar smiled remembering the old days.
Luna smiled, "Do you three really think you'd steal the keys from each other that meant so much to you?"
The three boys looked at each other sorrowfully.
"I give you my word, Iceberg, Skymint, that I didn't take the key," Silverstar told them, "I know how much it meant to you especially with Blizzard gone now."
"We didn't take the two keys either. We couldn't steal them from you," Iceberg told him.
"So non of us has the keys then who does?" Skymint asked.
"Who ever kidnaped mom from her time," Iceberg answered.
"Luna, who kidnaped you?" Silverstar asked.
"I don't know," Luna answered.
"Tell me what happened from the beginning," Silverstar told her.
Luna took a deep breath preparing herself to tell the story once again, "I was in the garden with Iceberg and Skymint, they were four and three at the time. I was there playing with them waiting for Blizzard. I had great news to tell him."
"What news?" Silverstar asked curiously.
Luna smiled, "I'm pregnant with my fourth baby. I know he will be thrilled when I tell him if I ever get home. Well anyways, I was in the middle of playing when two ponies came through the Gate and took me by force. I had no time to react. My crown fell off in the struggle and I'm sure my collar did as well."
"What did they look like?" Silverstar asked.
"One was brown and the other was purple like Star Cluster. They took me to this time and the third pony, I guess he's their leader, took his sword and tried to kill me with it. I escaped and came here to ponyland for help only the guard at Dream Castle chased me away."
"You wasn't that long purple haired pony...were you?" Silverstar asked.
"You saw me?" Luna asked smiling.
"Yes, if I known it was truly you I'd help you that instant," Silverstar answered. "What did the third pony look like?"
"He was mint green with rainbow hair," Luna answered.
"Are you sure?" Silverstar asked surprisingly.
"Yes, I'm curtain," Luna replied.
"It can't be him," Silverstar replied.
"Who?" Luna asked.
"Vas. He's the mint green pony. He works for the royal family. Mostly dealing with the media, erins and a few other important things," Silverstar answered.
"Him?" Iceberg asked.
"He's the one who didn't like us much," Skymint added.
"But I've known him since he was little," Silverstar replied, "He wouldn't steal from the royal Family..from me."
"Does he know where all three keys are kept? Does he know about the Gates? About time travel? Have he gone to Winterfall castle through the Gates?" Luna asked.
Silverstar sighed sadly, "Yes he knows everything about the royal family and is sworn by the King to never tell a soul about it. Vas...I...I can't believe it."
"Was he the one who told you that the keys were stolen?" Luna asked.
"Yes, he informed the King and me," Silverstar replied.
"He must have been the one who wrote that letter about taking the key back," Skymint pointed you.
"Letter?" Silverstar asked.
"Yes, there was a letter in place of the keys saying you took the key back and that we have no right to it anymore," Iceberg replied.
"I wrote that letter?" Silverstar asked surprisingly.
"It was sighed by you. Love Uncle Silverstar," Skymint answered.
Silverstar gave him a suspicious and ugly look, "Uncle? You know how much I hate being called that. I'd never write uncle on any letter that I personally write."
Iceberg and Skymint suddenly realized how wrong they were for accusing him of stealing.
"I'm sorry Silverstar. We should have know better," Iceberg sorrowfully replied.
"We used to tease you all the time calling you uncle till Grandpa made us stop," Skymint added.
Silverstar smiled, "So I take it we're friends again?"
"If you still want to be friends," Iceberg replied.
"Well, I think we better go take care of Vas before he does anymore damage. He almost ruined our family and since this if a family mater, I want you three to come with me," Silverstar replied.
"Raven too," Luna replied, "He's family."
"Distant relative though," Raven replied.
Silverstar smiled, "You're close enough to the family to know all the secrets Raven, so you're welcome to come as well." Silverstar turned and saw three ponies stood outside the white van in the distance, one with a news camera, another with a microphone.
"The news media will have a field day with our meeting here. I'm sure Vas is seeing this too. We better hurry and get to the castle." Iceberg, Skymint, Luna and Raven followed Silverstar to the white limousine.
"Um Prince Silverstar. You're inviting..." the pink pony began to say but was interrupted.
"They're family and this stupid war is over," Silverstar faced his two nephews, Luna and Raven, "Get in quickly."
Iceberg lowed his head and carefully went into the limousine, then Skymint and Raven. Luna approached the door and lowered her head forgetting about her horn. The rim around the door bummed her horn. Luna rubbed her head.
"Are you alright?" Silverstar asked.
"It's a good thing We don't have my time," Luna muttered. She lowed her head and carefully climbed inside. Silverstar followed and sat down. The door shut and Silverstar gave orders to the driver to return to Dream Castle.
Luna sat next to Silverstar looking up at him and all around the inside of the limousine.
"What's wrong?" SIlverstar asked.
"I can't believe how big you are. You look a little like dad," Luna replied.
Silverstar smiled, "It's good to see you again Luna. It's been a long time."
Luna leaned on him and smiled, he looked more like a big brother than a baby brother.

The sky was getting dark, the city lights began to appear making it look like a glowing city. The sun was only a sliver over the horizon. The limousine drove past the guard and through the gates. It drove in a circle stopping at the steps.
"This yard has changed," Luna exclaimed surprisingly.
"Yes, things change and Dream Castle had to change with it," Silverstar replied.
"So Dream Castle is different too?" Luna asked.
Silverstar smiled, "A little. Some things are different and some are the same."
The door opened and Silverstar led them all out of the car. Luna stood and looked around, there were several limousines a one side of the yard in a long garage. The black pathment circled and connected at the gates.
"Come on, hurry," Silverstar exclaimed.
Luna followed them anxiously into the castle.

Once she was inside she could tell the castle looked the same, nothing that she could see had changed. Soldiers with only mettle leg bands and a sword stood at the doors they just walked through. A tinny summerwing pony flew down towards them from the ceiling. She was bright yellow with green and blue hair.
"I see you're back, should I in form the King and Queen?" She asked.
Luna was happy to see the tinny ponies still worked in the castle. She didn't see any in town and wondered where they were all hiding.
"That won't be necessary," a voice said.
Silverstar and the others turned and looked down the hall. The King and Queen were approaching them. The King was an earth pony with a white coat and yellow, pink and white hair. The queen was a bright green unicorn with white, blue and red hair. Her eye were of a twinkled eyed pony.
"Grandpa, you have returned so quickly," the King paused, "I see you brought the thieves with you."
"Where's Vas?" Silverstar asked suddenly.
"He was in the library with us watching the news. Then he got up and hurried out of the room. Why do you ask?" The king asked.
"Vas is the one who stolen the keys," Silverstar replied.
"Come on, grandpa, that can't be," the king replied
Silverstar turned and faced Luna pointing at her, "This is Luna. She came through the Gates...through time thanks to Vas and a few ponies he hired."
"Queen Luna?" the Queen asked looking at her surprisingly.
Luna smiled, "Umm..Hi." She wasn't sure what else to say to her.
"Vas must have seen the news and saw mom talking to us," Iceberg guessed.
"He must have known we'd figured it out and ran off," Skymint guessed.
"If I were Vas, I would know there's now place on this planet I could hide," Raven added.
"Vas have the three Keys and know how to use them...The Gates, He must be escaping through the Gates!" Silverstar exclaimed. He turned and ran down the hall with Luna, Iceberg, Skymint and Raven behind him.
"I never seen Grandpa run before," The King commented. He looked at the soldiers at the door, "Come with us!" Then he turned and ran down the hall.

Silverstar came to the double doors and opened them. Luna, Iceberg, Skymint, Raven and the King and Queen stood at the front steps gasping at the Gate.
"It's too late. He opened the Gates," Silverstar exclaimed.
"We got to go after him," Iceberg suggested.
"We don't know where it will take us," Silverstar told him.
Suddenly two ponies were thrown through the Gate and landed in front of Silverstar on the hard stony ground.
"The gardeners?" The Queen asked surprisingly.
"Those two were the ones who kidnaped me," Luna exclaimed.
Suddenly Vas was thrown through the gate and landed on the two gardeners.
"Soldiers, take those three to the dungeon at once!" the King exclaimed.
The two soldiers took the three ponies from the ground and marched them into the castle.
"What's going to happen to them?" Luna asked curiously.
"They'll be killed," The King answered, "It's death if you're caught going through time. Besides, he's a traitor."
"Oh," Luna replied.
Just then Stardust walked through the Gate and stood in front of it. He still wore his golden crown and collar.
Luna smiled greatly, "Dad!" She left Silverstar and ran towards Stardust.
Stardust smiled and stood on his hind legs giving Luna a hug. Luna cried happily as tears slowly trickled down her cheek.
"Are you alright?" Stardust asked, "I mean you are the one who was taken from her home?"
"Yes dad, It's me. Lost in time and kidnaped from my garden," Luna replied.
Stardust hugged her happily not wanting to let go. He came close to not seeing her again and couldn't bare the thought of it.
"Dad," Luna whispered painfully, "not to tight."
Stardust let go, "I'm sorry Luna. I'm just excited to see you're alright. Sorry it's took me awhile to find the right time."
"You mean you opened the gate?" Luna asked looking up at him.
"Yes I did and three ponies came barging through us," Stardust answered.
"Two of them were the ones that kidnaped me," Luna told him.
"I know, I talked to the soldiers that saw it happened. I came through the Gate to finish them off but I guess I don't have to now," Stardust smiled looking at the future royal family that stood staring at him.
"You got to be careful when it comes to his hugs," Skyview told her.
Luna turned and smiled greatly. She approached him and hugged him. Starfire came through the Gate with three keys and handed them to Stardust. Luna smiled at Starfire and hugged him too. Stardust took the keys and approached the future King of Ponyland. Then he handed the keys back to him, "I'm guessing these belongs to you."
"Yes," The king hesitated to answer gasping at Stardust. The King noticed Stardust's key around his neck was glowing, he had heard they glow only for the guardians but it was amazing to see it.
Silverstar took the snowflake key and handed it to Iceberg, "This one doesn't belong to us." Iceberg took the key and smiled.
Stardust looked at the king, "I shouldn't have to tell you how important those keys are."
"I know, King Stardust. Especially after today," the King replied.
"Keep them safe and keep the Gates safe too. Only the royal family and trusted ponies should know about it," Stardust told him.
"You're right. This won't happen again," The king replied.
Stardust smiled, he looked at this older son and grandsons. He nodded and left heading back to his brothers. Blizzard walked through the Gate and smiled greatly when he saw Luna.
Luna quickly gave him a hug as tears fell from her cheek, "I thought I wasn't going to see you again."
"So did I. I missed you greatly, Luna," Blizzard told him.
"Is the boys ok?" Luna asked.
"Yes, they were scared at first. You're mother is watching them now and she's taken care of the baby too," Blizzard replied.
Luna smiled almost forgetting the great news she wanted to tell him, "Mom will have one more baby to watch soon."
"What do you mean?" Blizzard asked.
"I'll tell you when we get home," Luna replied hugging him again.
"Well, I don't know about the rest of the future but at least the garden still looks the same," Starfire observed.
"It doesn't sound the same though. It's strange, I hear lots of noises, loud sirens and odd sounds I can't make out," Skyview paused, "This future is too noisy for me." Then he turned and went through the Gate
"What's he talking about. I don't hear anything," Starfire muttered.
"Starfire go tell Royal Heart we found Luna," Stardust told him.
"Ok," Then he turned and followed Skyview through the Gate.
"Luna, we should go," Stardust told her.
"Wait," Silverstar quickly said, "I must do something first before Luna goes."
"Do what?" Luna asked curiously as Silverstar approached her.
"I got to erase your memories of all that you learned in this time," Silverstar told her.
"What?" Luna exclaimed, "I don't want to forget you or Iceberg or Skymint or Raven or..."
"Luna you know far to much. You know your future, mine, Icebergs. You know about the future of Ponyland. You go back now and you could change this time without even knowing it," Silverstar explained.
"He's right Luna. Knowing your future is far more dangerous than the enemies you faced. In fact I should band anyone from ever using the gates to travel through time. Death to anyone who dare travel through time," Stardust muttered.
Luna sighed, she knew they were right, it had to be done.
"Will it hurt? Have you done it before? What will happen to me after your done?" Luna continued to ask.
"You won't even know I've done it. I've done it many times but never on you. You'll be fine me Luna," Silverstar replied smiling.
"Alright then," Luna replied.
"Stand to the side. I don't want to accidently hypnotize anyone else," Silverstar remarked.
Luna stood to the side of the gate with Silverstar facing her.
"Relax Luna," Silverstar told her noticing how scared she was.
His eyes began to glow putting Luna in a trance. He whispered to her, "You are to forget all that you saw in the future. You are to forget that you were kidnaped. Do you understand?"
"Yes," Luna replied.
"When I let you go, you will go to sleep and anything you happened to remember is nothing but a faded dream," Silverstar told her. Then his eyes stopped glowing and Luna collapsed to the ground falling fast asleep.
"What happened to her?" Blizzard asked.
"Shhhh," She's asleep. She will not remember anything that happened in this time or that she was kidnaped. If by pure luck she does she is to think it was a dream and nothing more. Please take her to bed before she does wake up," Silverstar replied.
Stardust leaned down and carefully scooped up Luna in his arms holding her close to his black coat.
"Lets go Blizzard," Stardust told him. Blizzard walked through the Gate while Stardust paused and looked at Silverstar, "Thank you."
"Wait please," the King said. He and the Queen approached Stardust.
"Please make it quick," Stardust told him.
"I've always been told about you and the guardians of the Gate but I've always wondered who becomes the next guardian of the gates? I know you and your brothers don't live forever and that you three are the guardians of these Gates. Who is appointed guardian after you're gone?" The king asked.
"No one. Me and brothers are the only guardians. There will never be anyone else," Stardust answered.
"But I don't understand, I know it's important to keep the keys safe and the Gates too but is there another reason too? Why keep them safe and secret?" The King asked.
Stardust looked at him seriously, "We will always be guardians of the Gates but when the time comes and the Gates are once again in great danger, we'll return like the first time and reclaim the Gates. Till then keep them safe," Stardust looked at his son, "Take care my son." Then he turned and walked through the gate. With in a few minutes, the Gate closed.
"What did he mean by return like the first time?" The Queen asked.
"He was born, became king and found out he was guardian of this gate," Silverstar guessed.
Iceberg, Skymint and Raven approached them.
"So does that mean they'll be reborn?" Raven asked.
They looked at him curiously and wondered if he was right.
"Well now that Vas is caught, we'll need someone to replace him," the King said.
"Raven, since Mom trusted him," Skymint suggested.
"Raven would be perfect," Iceberg replied smiling at him, "And he is the most trusted and know all the family secrets."
"But my family. They're waiting for me back home," Raven replied.
"Vas has a large home. Once he's gone he won't be needing it. You and your family can live there and work for me in Vas's place," The King told him.
Raven smiled, "Then I'd be honored to work for you but please give me a month to move and settle in."
"Lets go inside and we can talk about this," the king told him.
Silverstar, Iceberg and Skymint followed Raven inside the castle.
They were happy to have the keys back and have everything return to normal once again, thank to their mother and Stardust.