Chapter 95: Silverstar's ability

Many months had went by and winter was almost over. Since it never snows in the valley it was hard to tell that winter was even here. The whether stayed the same all year round. Luna's stomach had grown a lot. It was nice and round at the sides. Her wings laid over her sides making her look bigger. Luna was uncomfortable with her looks and didn't like to leave the castle to be stared at. Blizzard had eventually made her stayed in her room or on the floor at lest. He refused to let her climb stairs and what made maters worse, the doctor agreed with him. Luna stood on her balcony alone staring at the valley and ponies as they walked by. She was lonely, hardly anyone came to see her except for the doctor, Blizzard and a few maids every now and then.
Blizzard quietly walked in the room and saw how board she looked.
"Luna," Blizzard called to her, "I know how board you must get in here so I brought some visitors."
Luna turned and smiled greatly. Stardust walked into the room with Royal Heart, Skyview, Starfire and Star Cluster. Even Silverstar was with them.
Luna turned and approached her parents.
"Luna, look at you. You've...uhh, grown," Stardust observed staring at her stomach.
"Tell me about it," Luna replied, "I feel out of shape."
Royal Heart laughed, "You'll be back in shape in no time."
"When is the baby due?" Starfire asked curiously.
"Any moment," Luna answered, "The doctor said the baby could come any day now so I've been in this room waiting."
"You should walk around a bit at lest Luna," Skyview suggested.
"That tires me out and Blizzard wants me to save my energy," Luna replied.
Stardust chuckled, "Well he's right."
Just then Whisper walked into the room with Blizzard.
"Luna," Whisper gasped, "Wow, you've grown."
"I know," Luna replied.
"Luna, Whisper is going to stay at the castle with us till the baby is born. I just want someone with you so you're not all alone," Blizzard explained.
Luna smiled, "Thank you Blizzard."
Whisper had grown and was now wearing her Princess crown which looked similar to Luna's queen's crown but much smaller.
"That's good thinking. It's not good to be alone when you're so close to giving birth," Stardust agreed.
"Yes, I was a bit worried being stuck alone when the baby comes," Luna replied.
Whisper gave Luna a hug, "Well I'll be here so you won't be alone. I got to go and get settled in my room first so I'll be right back." She turned and left the room.
"I'll leave you up here with your parents. I'll see you later," Blizzard told her.
"Ok, Thanks," Luna replied.
He turned and left the room closing the door behind him.
Royal heart sat Silverstar on the floor and watched him walk around on his little legs.
"He's walking now?" Luna asked watching her baby brother.
"He certainly has. If we don't watching him closely he tends to get pretty far. He's been known to find his way to the kitchen or upstairs," Royal Heart laughed.
Silverstar approached Luna and looked up at her smiling, then his eyes began to glow.
"Stardust quick, stop him!" Royal Heart gasped.
Stardust covered Silverstar's eyes and lightly kick his rear, "No, you don't do that!"
Silverstar began to cry while Luna continued to stare. Stardust shook Luna till she blinked her eyes and looked up at him.
"What...what happened?" Luna asked.
"Are you ok?" Stardust asked her worriedly.
"Yes I'm fine. What happened?" Luna asked, "He was smiling and the next thing I know he's crying."
"Well, we've been meaning to tell you Luna," Royal Heart replied.
"Tell me what?" Luna asked curiously.
"Silverstar has gained his ability," Stardust answered, "He was hypnotizing you."
"He did what?" Luna asked surprisingly.
"His eyes glows and if you look at them he'll hypnotizes you," Stardust explained, "He thinks is a game. He's already done it to the maid and soldiers."
"Wow," Luna muttered.
"It would have been nice if Stardust had warned me as well. I was his first victim," Skyview complained.
Luna giggled, "That must have been a sight to see."
"It was," Royal Heart giggled, "He stood for sometime before we snapped him out of it."
"Well believe me I learned not to watch his eyes so closely," Skyview replied.
"Don't worry Luna, we hope he stops doing that once he is old enough to understand his ability," Stardust replied.
Luna stood on her hind legs with Stardust's helping her, "I miss you all." She gave Stardust a hug not wanting to let go. Stardust stroked her long white mane, "We missed you too."
"Even though Dream Castle is a bit busy these days it's still quiet without you," Royal Heart told her. Then Luna hugged her mother with Stardust there to help support her. Then her uncles came and hugged her.
"Are all of you staying for a while?" Luna asked, "I mean for dinner?"
"We can't perhaps next time," Stardust replied.
Royal Heart noticed Silverstar was missing, she looked around and gasped, "Stardust the balcony!" Stardust rushed tot he balcony and picked him up which made him cry.
"Great, he discovered the balcony," Stardust remarked.
"I'm sorry I have no door on any of my balconies," Luna quickly told them.
"It's alright Luna, we should have known he would find the balcony. Now we'll really have to watch him," Royal Heart told her.
Star Cluster chuckled, "He's a bundle of trouble..isn't he?"
"He certainly is," Stardust replied.
Silverstar calmed down and smiled at Luna.
"Lu..." Silverstar muttered happily looking at Luna.
"W-what did he just say?" Luna asked surprisingly.
"He's never said a word before," Royal Heart replied.
"I think he's trying to say Luna," Skyview guessed.
Stardust smiled and repeated Luna's name. Silverstar stared at him and smiled then he giggled, "Luna."
Everyone smiled greatly.
"Oh my, his first word," Royal Heart replied happily.
Luna nuzzled Silverstar making him giggle.

Luna spent most fo the day with her family in her room talking and laughing, mostly about Silverstar and the troubles he's gotten into. When it was time for them to Leave, Whisper returned and stayed with Luna. Her parents hugged her goodbye and left the room.