Chapter 94: Seashells at the beach

Time had gone by quickly and Luna's stomach had grown as well. It was clear that she was pregnant to anyone who saw her.
It was in the afternoon and Luna and Blizzard walked through the gate, neither of them wore their crowns or collars.
"Luna, I don't think you should be going to the beach in your condition," Blizzard told her.
"Please Blizzard. I'm not that big yet. I'm only showing a little bit. Don't worry so much. If mom can walk all the way to King Birming's Castle then I can walk to the beach," Luna told him.
"I'm sorry I just worry about you," Blizzard told her.
"I'll be fine. Besides you're with me, I'll have you if something goes wrong," Luna told him.
Blizzard smiled in nuzzled her, "Yes I'll most certainly will be with you."
"Well, lets go to the beach then. Mom, Dad and my friends should be there. You did tell them about the beach didn't you?" Luna asked.
"Yes Luna I told them. They're bringing everything and told me not to bring anything," Blizzard replied.
Luna smiled and began walking from the ruins. They followed the path to the hill. Luna's horn began to glow, then her hair turned purple and her horn and wings disappeared.
"Is that safe?' Blizzard asked.
"Is what safe?" Luna asked him wondering what he was talking about.
"Changing like that. Is it safe for the baby?" Blizzard asked worriedly.
"It have no affect on the baby," Luna replied.
"You sure?" Blizzard asked looking at her suspiously.
"Blizzard, it's not like I had shapeshifted," Luna replied.
"Isn't that what you just did though?" Blizzard asked.
Luna stopped and looked at him seriously.
"What I did is completely different. Shapeshifting requires changing the shape of my body. I haven't shapeshifted since I fought Teriney. What I just did was change my appearance which involves my horn and wings disappearing and my hair changing colors. My body is still the same size and shape so the baby is perfectly fine," Luna explained, "I wouldn't dare shapeshift, It could harm the baby. So please don't worry."
"Oh, I'm sorry. I just worry about you and the baby," Blizzard replied.
Luna giggled, "You always worry and fuss over me" They turned and continued walking. Blizzard nuzzled Luna, "I worry and fuss because I love you."
Luna smiled and nuzzled him back.

They eventually walked out of the forest and continued walking through the community of houses till they came to a sign that said ‘The Beach'. They followed the sign and turned right. They could hear ponies laughing and the ocean waves. They could smell the fresh air and the breeze blowing through their hair. They walked till they touched the warm sand on the beach. Luna smiled greatly, "I missed the beach. I almost forgot what it looked like."
Blizzard remained silent, it was staring at the large body of water and ponies running on the sandy beach.
"Lunarstar, Blizzard!" Rosebud called to them.
Luna turned and saw her parents, they were sitting in a beach towel with Flurry.
"There's mom and dad," Luna told Blizzard. They approached the parents smiling.
"We finally got here," Luna told her parents.
"Oh my Lunarstar, look how the baby has grown," Rosebud commented smiling.
Luna smiled, "Mom, it's got a lot of growing to do."
"Lunarstar, Blizzard, your towels are over here under the umbrella," Booster told them.
Luna followed Blizzard to the two purple and blue beach towels. They laid down making themselves comfortable.
"I'm glad you two could take some time off and enjoy yourselves," Booster remarked.
"Yes, it is good to take some time off and relax," Blizzard agreed still looking around the beach.
Luna smiled and leaned on Blizzard for awhile.
"Don't go to sleep Lunarstar," Booster told her.
"I'll try not to," Luna replied.
Just then Bon Bon and Melody approached Luna running across the beach.
"Lunarstar, you made it," Melody exclaimed.
"The others are in the water. Why don't you two come with us?" Bon Bon suggested.
"Yes, go swimming with us," Melody agreed.
"I don't know about that," Blizzard replied.
"I could just get me feet wet," Luna suggested.
"I suppose so," Blizzard replied.
Luna smiled and stood up. Blizzard stood up and followed her to the water. Luna slowly stepped into the water till the water touched her belly then she stopped.
The girls swam out of the water and approached her.
"Lunarstar, Blizzard, It's great to have you two here," Bright Eyes remarked.
"Just like old times," Patch muttered.
"Are you going swimming?" Sweetheart asked.
"No, we just came to relax and enjoy the beach," Luna replied.
"How about we go looking for shells like last time?" Melody asked.
"That doesn't require a lot, just a lot of looking and walking," Bright Eyes pointed out.
"You could find one to take home with you," Bon Bon suggested.
"Oh that's a good idea. We could do that but I want it to be special not just those flat ordinary shells," Luna told them.
"Ok," The girls replied.
"It must be really pretty," Luna told them, "Blizzard lets go hunting for shells."
"Ok," Blizzard replied. He wasn't about to leave Luna's side especially at the beach full of little ponies running all over the place.

They walked through the water stopping every now and then to look at a sea shell. Little ponies ran by splashing water all over Luna and Blizzard.
"Hay!" Blizzard shouted.
"Blizzard, it's alright. We just got wet," Luna replied, "Besides those ponies are enjoying themselves to much to hear you."
Blizzard smiled, "Yeah I guess you're right."
They continued walking as the beach got narrower with less ponies around. Blizzard suddenly stopped and stared with fascination at a brown and tan swirly shell.
"Do shells walk by themselves?" Blizzard asked watching the shell move towards the water.
"No," Luna replied picking up a flat shell.
"That one does and it's got legs," Blizzard pointed.
Luna put the shell down and looked at what Blizzard was pointing at, then she began laughing. Blizzard looked at her curiously and watched as she picked up the moving shell.
"This shell has a crab living in it, Blizzard," Luna giggled.
Blizzard looked at the shell closely, there was a crab curled inside the shell with it's legs sticking out.
"We're looking for a shell without a crab," Luna put the shell on the sand and continued walking. Blizzard stood and watched the crab move the shell. Luna turned and saw his curiousness and began laughing at him.
Blizzard looked at her and smiled, "I'm sorry, I never seen a crab before."
"You looked like a little pony again," Luna replied.
"I guess I did. This place seems to bring the little pony out in all of us," Blizzard told her.
"See, this place is pretty special," Luna told him.
Blizzard nuzzled her neck and shoulder, "I really needed this. Time off to have fun. No maids, no cooks, no servants, no soldiers following us. Just you and me at the beach."
They continued walking side by side looking at the different shells till they heard someone calling for them. They turned and saw Luna's friends running towards them.
"Did you find any shells?" Starlight asked.
"Plenty but non we liked," Luna answered.
Patch dug in her bag and took out a tan and white shell. It was spiral and was as large as her hoof.
"Shells get that big?" Blizzard asked taking the shell from Patch.
"Yes if you can find one that big. Clover found it for you," Bright eye replied.
"It's pretty," Luna muttered looking at the shell in Blizzard hoof.
"It doesn't have a crab in it does it?" Blizzard asked.
Luna giggled.
"No that one doesn't," Bright Eye answered, "They say you can hear the ocean in it though."
Blizzard held the shell to his ear and was surprised to sounds coming from it. Then he handed it to Luna who took it and listened as well.
"Is there water inside or something?" Blizzard asked.
"No, it's sounds bouncing off the walls in the shell causing an ocean like sound," Bright Eye explained.
"Interesting," Blizzard replied.
"We can keep this?" Luna asked.
"Yes," Starlight answered.
Luna smiled greatly, "I'd love to have this shell. It'll remind me of the ocean when I listen to it."
Blizzard took the shell from Luna and continued listening to the sound it made.
"Are you two hungry?" Bon Bon asked, "because I am."
"Yes, I'm hungry now that you mentioned it," Luna replied.
"Sounds ok to me," Blizzard replied still listing to the shell.
"I'll carry it for you back to the towels," Patch told him.
Blizzard handed her the shell and followed the girls along the beach.

They spent the day talking, relaxing and eating. Flurry played in the sand for the first time. Blizzard continued to listen to the shell, fascinated by the sound it made.
When it was time to leave, Luna thanked them for the shell and the good time she had, then she hugged them all goodbye and left with Blizzard at her side. She promised to visit more often even after she had the baby.
"Blizzard, Skyview was right about one thing," Luna began to say as she approached the gate.
"Right about what?" Blizzard asked.
"He told me, my adventures aren't over. I'll have little ponies running all over the castle and friends to visit and a kingdom to run," Luna replied, she looked up at him and smiled, "I'm going to be pretty busy."
Blizzard chuckled, "We are going to be busy. You're not going on adventures without me."
They nuzzled each other and walked through the gate.