Chapter 93: Friends for the night

It was early in the morning and Luna had gotten out of bed. She was brushing her hair while letting Blizzard sleep. She was feeling better in the morning now and found herself eating the strangest things. It reminded her of her mother when she had some strange foods to eat.
"Luna?" Blizzard whispered tiredly. He was just waking up and saw Luna brushing her hair.
"Morning Blizzard," Luna replied.
Blizzard climbed out of bed and yawned, "You're up early. Shouldn't you be in bed resting?"
Luna sat her brush in her tan bag, then she turned and faced Blizzard smiling, "Have you forgotten already?"
"Forgotten what?" Blizzard asked approaching her.
"It's the first of the month, Blizzard. I'm going to see my friends today," Luna replied.
"Oh, that's right. The party," Blizzard replied.
"Yes, I won't be back till tomorrow," Luna reminded him.
"Are you sure you're up to this?" Blizzard asked her.
"Yes I am. I'm feeling much better. I haven't gotten sick for a few weeks now. My friends have plan this party and they really want to spend time with me. I can't back out now," Luna answered.
"Alright but you be careful. And no flying and be careful what you eat and..."
"Blizzard please. Don't fuss over me. I'll be careful don't worry so much. My parents and friends will take good care of me. Dad will be waiting for me at the Gate," Luna told him.
Blizzard hugged her, "I'm sorry I can't help it," then he pulled back, "Let me walk you to the gate then."
Blizzard took the key from the red pillow where his crown sat and hung it around Luna's neck, "You can't go without that."
Luna giggled, "I'll have a hard time getting the gate to open without it."
Blizzard brushed his hair and wore his collar then he put on his crown. Luna hang her bag around her neck. Her crown and collar stayed on her red pillow since she wasn't going to take it with her.
"Well lets go," Blizzard told her. He led her out of the room and through the hall to the stairs.
"Don't play any rough games while your there," Blizzard told her.
Luna giggled, "I'm just going to spend the night with me friends, talk, watch TV, play easy going games, eat and simply having fun. Don't worry Blizzard. I'll be fine, I promise."
"I can't help it Luna. This is out first baby and I just worry for you and the baby's safety," Blizzard replied.
"I'll be extra careful, ok?" Luna replied.
Blizzard smiled, "I just hope I can sleep without you."
Luna laughed, "You'll be fine without me."
They walked to the bottom of stairs and went down the hall and out to the garden. Blizzard paused and looked at Luna. They hugged each other.
"I'll see you tomorrow. Have fun," Blizzard told her.
Luna smiled greatly, "I will. Goodbye."
She touched the key, thought about the other world where her friends were and an ripple appeared with a image of the other world. Luna smiled at Blizzard and then she walked through the gate.

Luna appeared in the other world where Booster was sitting and waiting.
"Lunarstar, I was wondering when you were coming," Booster exclaimed happily.
"I'm sorry. I got here as soon as I could," Luna replied. She stood on her hind legs and hugged him.
"Now lets go home," Booster proposed.
Luna smiled and followed him through the forest.
"We made room for you and your friends to sleep downstairs. I'm sorry about your old room but we had to turn it into Flurry's room," Booster told her.
"That's ok, dad. I didn't expect you to keep my room the way it was after all these years but I still would love to see my old room," Luna replied happily.

When they got close to the house Luna changed her hair to purple and made her horn and wings invisible.
They walked up to the house and Booster opened the door for Luna. Rosebud was just putting Flurry in her playpen in the living room when Luna walked in.
"Lunarstar," Rosebud exclaimed happily. She hurried to Luna and hugged her, "How are you doing?"
"I'm doing fine," Luna replied happily.
"Well you can set your stuff in the other room and I'll take you to see your old room," Booster told her.
Luna went to the other room and saw the couch had been moved against the wall and the coffee table was moved to another wall leaving only a bed cot and several rolled up sleeping bags.
"Your friends left them here yesterday and helped up moved things around. They'll be here later today," Booster explained. Luna sat her bag on the couch and fallowed her father upstairs to her old room, inside were Flurried bed crib, a rocking chair, a few tables that wasn't there before. The walls had baby stuff hanging on it but Luna's dresser was still there.
"Wow, this hardly looks like my old room," Luna muttered, "Where's my old bed?"
"We sold it to one of your friends. She had three sisters and they were short of one bed so her parents offered to buy it from us. We didn't think you would mind," Booster answered.
Luna smiled, "No of course I don't mind at all. Dad I'd like to go walk around, see the park and a few old places."
"You sure?" Booster asked.
"I miss this world, dad. I just want to see it all again," Luna replied.
"Alright," Booster replied smiling. He led her out of the room and downstairs, "Why don'y you take your mother with you?"
"Go where?" Rosebud asked sitting next to the playpen.
"For a walk," Luna replied.
Rosebud smiled, "I'd love to go with you then."
"Alright," Luna replied smiling.

Rosebud followed Luna out of the house and down the street. They walked to the park which brought back memories. Luna visited the lake and then the school. Then she went to the ice cream shop and looked around. There was so many memories in that shop, she almost forgot how long ago it was. It felt like yesterday that she was running in and out of the shop with her friends. She soon left the shop and walked to town with her mother talking about the old times she had in the world. When morning had past she went back to the house. When she got home she saw that her friends were there waiting for her. Luna smiled greatly.
"Lunarstar," Everyone exclaimed happily. The gathered around her and hugged her. Even Blueberry was there, he was the last to give her a hug.
"Your staying the night too?" Luna asked surprisingly.
"No, just for awhile. Then I have to be going home. I got soccer practice tomorrow," Blueberry explained.
"You're still in the school soccer game?" Luna asked surprisingly.
"No, not anymore. I joined a great team and I'm the team captain so I have to go to the practice," Blueberry explained.
"He's pretty good at it too," Raspberry added.
"A lot have changed," Patch told her.
"I got a music contract," Melody told her, "and I'm a big hit too."
"I got a small bakery store in town," Bon Bon added, "It's going to be big someday."
"I'm sure it will. You're cooking is the best," Luna told her. Bon Bon thanked her.
"I'm going to school to learn to be a teacher," Starlight told her, "someday I'll take miss Hackney's place."
"I'm going to merry Lancer," Bright Eyes told her, "And I'm going to be a librarian."
"Wow, Bright Eyes," Luna replied happily, "You should be thrilled."
"I am and a little nervous," Bright Eyes replied.
"I'm going to be in my sister ballerina company soon," Clover told her.
"I'm going to be a nurse for little ponies and then merry Teddy," Sweetheart told her.
"Wow, a lot sure has changed. I'm sorry I missed it all," Luna replied.
"It's ok," Patch told her.
"You're a Queen. You can't be at the castle ruling and be with us too," Melody told her.
"You're here now and that's what matters," Rosebud told her.
"Come on," Patch exclaimed, "We got some games and movies and stuff. Melody got her music on CD for us to listen to."
"Easy going games, please,"Luna told them.
"Only card games and board games, Lunarstar," Starlight replied.
"Well, lets go and play then," Luna replied happily turning into a winged unicorn.

Luna spent the day playing and laughing. She felt like a little pony again playing with her friends. Even Flurry was there watching and laughing at them. They had cake for Luna and watched movies and talked before going to bed. Blueberry said goodbye and went home.
Rosebud walked into the room where Luna was sitting on her bed cot and her friends were in their sleeping bags.
"Lunarstar, we got you something. In fact we all did," Rosebud told her. She handed a thin squar pink box to Luna.
Luna took the box and opened it. Inside was an album. Luna took it out and opened it. Half the album was covered with her baby pictures. It made Luna want to cry.
"Mom, your giving me my baby pictures?" Luna asked.
"Those are copies," Rosebud explained.
"I made the copies," Bright Eyes told her.
"The rest of us picked out the album," Starlight told her.
"It was my idea," Booster added.
"Thank you all," Luna replied happily as tears dripped from her cheek.
"You can fill the rest of the album with your children's baby pictures," Melody suggested.
"We'll help take a few pictures of them for you though," Sweetheart proposed.
"I'd love that," Luna replied happily.
She and her friends spent the rest of the night looking at all her baby pictures and even a few pictures of her friends.

The next morning Luna woke up and yawned. She almost forgot where she was till her friends walked in the room.
"Good morning," They exclaimed happily.
"Morning," Luna replied tiredly.
They all laughed.
"What?" Luna asked curiously.
"You still say morning instead of good morning," Bon Bon pointed out.
Luna smiled, "Well I guess some things don't change."
"Lunarstar come have you breakfast," Rosebud told her.
Luna stood up and left the room, she walked across the living room and sat at the table where her pancakes sat waiting.
"Are you going to leave for home soon?" Clover asked.
"Yes, when I'm done eating," Luna replied.
"I wish you could stay longer," Sweetheart replied.
"I'm sorry but I can't," Luna replied.
"I know," Patch exclaimed, "why don't we go to the beach sometime?"
"That's a wonderful idea," Rosebud replied standing at the table.
"Well, not anytime soon but I'll let you know when. I'm sure I can talk Blizzard into coming with us," Luna replied.
"I hope so," Rosebud replied, "We'd love to see him too."
After Luna had finished she packed her brush and album, then she turned into an earth pony and left the house. Her friends and parents walked with her. Even Flurry was going with her. They all wanted to see her off home safely.

They walked into the forest and climbed the hill. Luna told them about the time Starfire was chasing her in that meadow and forest and how she ran to the gate with Buster and Charades. There was so many memories. She led them to the ruins where the large gate sat. She turned back into a winged unicorn and turned to face her friends.
"Well this is it," Luna told them. Her friend gathered around her and gave her a hug.
"We'll miss you," Sweetheart muttered as she and Clover began to cry.
Luna smiled as tears fell from her cheek, "I'll visit again soon. You're all my friends and we'll always see each other. I'm only a gate away from you."
Rosebud approched still holding Flurry. She hugged Luna, "We'll miss you."
Luna nuzzled Flurry who just giggled at her. Luna then hugged Booster and thanked everyone for the fun time she had. Then she opened the gate and went home.