Chapter 92: Luna's surprise

Morning had gone by quickly and Luna was still asleep in bed. The red curtains were still closed keeping light out of her room. Soldiers outside didn't make a noise since they knew the Queen was still asleep. It had been a year and a half since Luna and Blizzard were married. They lived happily in Winterfall castle together keeping each other company with servants and maids running all over the castle. Blizzard had left Luna sleep in bed since she hadn't been feeling well. He continued to run the kingdom while she slept.
Late in the afternoon Luna woke up. She laid still in bed for several minutes before getting up. She felt more tired than before but she didn't feel to hungry. Just the thought of food made her feel sick. She climbed out of bed and walked to the balcony. She moved the curtains to the side and looked at the valley stretching as far as she could see. The sun shined on every tree, grass and house that she saw. She turned and walked to a table by a window. Her diamond crown and silver collar sat on a red pillow. Her brush sat next to it and in the corner of the room were a oval mirror covered in a red cloth.
Luna brushed her hair and put her mane on her head with waves hanging down. Then she sat her crown on her head and put on her silver collar. Then she turned from the table and walked out of the room. She had gotten to know her way around the castle pretty well now and she was now able to find the stairs without some help. She carefully walked down the stairs to the first floor. A bright yellow unicorn with white hair was carrying a silver tray up the steps.
"Your Majesty. I was about to bring you your breakfast," the unicorn told her.
"I'm sorry but I don't feel like eating," Luna told her.
"But you have to eat. You haven't been eating much for a week now."
"I'm sorry but I don't feel like eating. Please excuse me," Luna told her and continued down the steps. Her stomach began to upset her at the smell of her favorite pancakes. She felt like crying because she could no longer stand eating them now.
Two soldiers at the front door were watching and listening.
"Your Majesty," The light green pony soldier called to her, "Are you feeling better?"
"No," Luna answered stopping at the bottom of the stairs. She held her hoof to her mouth feeling worse than when she got up.
"You shouldn't be up walking around. You need to rest," the other soldier told her.
"Thank you for your concern but I just can't sleep any longer. I want to walk around. If the doctor happens to show up asking for me, take him to the gardens. I'll be there for awhile and if Blizzard comes by tell him where I went," Luna told them. Then she turned and continued down another hallway.
She had sent for the doctor a few days ago and hadn't seen him since. She hoped to see him today. She and Blizzard were worried, non of them knew why she was sick. Blizzard didn't want to leave her alone but Luna insisted that she be left alone while she slept.

Luna walked outside to the garden. Ponies were in every square patch watering flowers or planting or taking out weeds. Luna continued down the steps as ponies stopped and watched her.
"Please continue," Luna told them. She loved to see them work in her flower garden. She walked under the gate and followed the stony path to the tree. She sat on the white iron bench and watched the workers. She was worried about what was wrong with her. She wondered if she had gotten food poison or some kind of bug going around and she happened to catch it. As she sat her stomach began to settle. She was lost in her deep thoughts that she didn't noticed Blizzard walking outside to the garden. He had his golden crown on his head and wore his golden collar.
"Please continued," Blizzard told the workers. He walked under the gate and followed the stony path to where Luna was.
"I was told you got up. Are you feeling better?" Blizzard asked worriedly.
"A little," Luna replied.
Blizzard sat down next to her looking at her worriedly, "I'm sure it's just a bug or something and you'll get over it soon."
"I hope so. You haven't told my parents have you?" Luna asked.
"No, not until I find out what's wrong with you," Blizzard answered, "Luna, have you eaten yet?"
"Luna, you got to eat," Blizzard told her.
"I'm sorry but I just don't feel like eating," Luna replied.
Blizzard nuzzled her gently, "You're going to get sicker from not eating."
"Please stop talking about food. I'm starting to feel sick again," Luna exclaimed holding her hoof to her mouth.
Blizzard hugged her feeling bad about making her feel worse.
Just then the doctor walked from the castle and into the garden. He had a tan colored coat with white and blue hair. He wore a light blue bag around his neck.
He approached the King and Queen and bowed before them.
"Well, what is wrong with Luna?" Blizzard asked quickly.
"If you could please send the workers out of the garden. It'll be better if I could tell you without everyone listening," the doctor replied.
"Everyone, leave the garden. Go take a brake for awhile!" Blizzard shouted to everyone.
Ponies in the garden dropped what they were doing and left the garden heading back into the castle.
"Everyone is gone. Now please tell me what's wrong with her and can you make her better?" Blizzard asked.
"Well, There's nothing seriously wrong with her. She's pregnant. The sickness she feels is normal and will pass eventually. At the moment she must eat but drink as much as you can," the doctor replied.
"What?" Blizzard and Luna asked surprisingly.
"Are you sure?...She's really pregnant?" Blizzard asked still shocked.
The doctor smiled, "Yes, Queen Luna is going to have a baby. There will be a new heir to the throne soon. Your Majesty, congratulation. I'm sorry it took me awhile to return. I was doing some tests and had to be curtain what I saw was right. Now if you need anything from me just send for me. I'll come back soon to check on you. If you could please excuse me I must be going," The doctor told them.
"Oh, of course. Thank you," Blizzard replied.
The doctor turned and left the garden and went into the castle.
Luna was still shocked. She was going to have a baby. She didn't know if she should feel scared or happy about it. It was after all her first baby.
"Oh Blizzard our very first baby," Luna muttered happily.
Blizzard smiled greatly and hugged her. He was very happy about the great news. He was even more happy to find out she hadn't caught a bug or food poison like they both had thought. He pulled back, "I got to tell the kingdom the great news. Everyone is going to know about this. Luna you got to tell your parents."
"I will," Luna replied, "Our first baby and I...I don't know what to do or..."
"Then go talk to your parents about it," Blizzard told her. He gave her a hug then handed her his necklace, "I'll see you at dinner time. And please eat something while you're there."
"I'll try Blizzard," Luna replied trying to smiling.
Blizzard stood up from the bench and hurried out of the garden. Luna slowly stood up and walked to the Gate. She held the key tightly and thought about dream castle then she touched the center of the Gate. A rippling image of the garden a dream castle appeared. Luna walked through the gate and appeared in the garden at Dream Castle. Ponies that worked in the garden were used to the royal family going through the gate and were told to keep is a secret, never to tell a soul about it. Luna walked into the castle and down several halls. She past the stairs and walked down another hall towards the throne room where two soldiers stood guard.
"Queen Luna, King Stardust has a meeting with his brothers," one of the soldiers told her.
"It's important that I talk to dad no mater what he's doing. This won't take long...please," Luna told them.
The two soldiers looked at each other and then opened the door for her. Luna thanked them and walked through the doors. She walked tot he stairs and saw her parents with Skyview and Starfire talking. Luna walked down the stairs and followed the red rug around the water fountain to the thrones.
"Luna," Royal Heart exclaimed happily. She was holding Silverstar in her arms.
"Hi, mom, dad," Luna replied smiling.
"Where's the other one?" Stardust asked.
"Other one?" Luna asked.
"We felt you go through the gate with someone," Stardust explained.
Luna smiled greatly, "Well, that's what I came to talk about." She took a deep breath feeling excited to tell her parents the good news, "Well I'm...pregnant."
Everyone smiled greatly.
"Oh Luna, that's wonderful news," Royal Heart exclaimed. She stood up and approached Luna, then she hugged her, "You must be very happy."
"I am," Luna replied.
"You don't seem to happy, Luna," Starfire observed.
"I'm just not feeling to well," Luna replied hugging her father, "I'm not staying long. I got to tell my friends then I'm heading home to bed."
"Luna, did you eat today?" Royal heart asked worriedly.
"No, I don't feel like eating," Luna replied.
"Then you got to eat before leaving again,"Royal Heart told her.
"Luna, eat. For the baby's sake," Stardust told her.
"Alright," Luna replied.
"Well, give us a hug before you go to eat," Skyview told her.
Luna smiled greatly and hugged her two uncles.
"Can you tell Star Cluster too?" Luna asked.
"Of course Luna. In fact I'll tell the rest of the kingdoms too," Stardust replied smiling.
Royal Heart handed Silverstar to Stardust and looked at Luna, "Well lets go eat something,"
Royal Heart took Luna out of the throne room and into the dinning room. She gave the soldiers order to send some food for Luna. Light and saltless. The soldiers hurried to the kitchen and told the cooks. It didn't take long for the cooks to bring the food to the dinning room. Luna took a few bits, then a few more and soon she ate it all.
"It was all tasteless but I do feel a bit better," Luna replied happily.
Royal Heart smiled greatly, "I know Luna. Talk to the doctor about eating and get lots of sleep."
"I will thanks. I got to be going," Luna told her.
Royal Heart walked Luna to the garden and watched as she walked through the gate to the other world.
Luna appeared at the ruins in the meadow. It had been a long time since she had seen the place. It brought back a lot of memories. Luna walked through the ruins and followed the path through the forest to a hill in the clearing. Luna stopped and stood looking around the forest. She felt happy and better. She saw lots of trees and some houses in the distance. Luna didn't feel like walking to her parents house so she winked to the door instead.
Rosebud and Booster were on the couch with Flurry talking and making her laugh when Luna appeared.
"Lunarstar, oh what a surprise to see you here," Rosebud exclaimed happily.
Luna approached the couch and sat down next to her. Rosebud gave Booster Flurry and then she hugged Luna, "I missed you so much. You should visit more often."
"I'm sorry I've been a little busy but I'll try and see you again soon," Luna replied smiling at her. Flurry smiled at Luna and held her hooves out to her.
"Looks like someone is excited to see you," Rosebud observed.
Booster handed Luna Flurry. Flurry smiled greatly and laid on Luna stretching out and resting her head on Luna's shoulder.
Luna smiled and gently stroked her back, "I missed her too. Dad can you give me the phone?"
"Sure," Booster replied. He took the phone from the table and gave it to Rosebud who held it up to Luna. Luna took the phone and began dialing for her friends.
"Starlight?" Luna asked.
"Lunarstar?" Starlight asked excitedly.
"Yes, can you call the gang and come to my parents house?" Luna asked.
"Sure. We'll be there soon," Starlight replied happily, then she hung up.
Luna gave the phone back to her parents and continued to rest on the couch as she waited for her friends.
"Lunarstar, do you want anything to drink while you're here?" Rosebud asked.
"No that's ok," Luna replied, "I have something to say once everyone is here."
Luna didn't want to tell her parents just yet. She wanted to surprise them when her friends came.

After awhile there was a knock at the door. Booster answered the door and smiled, "Well come right in. She's waiting for you on the couch."
Luna's friends had came, they hurried to the livingroom smiling greatly as Flurry slept on her.
"Lunarstar!" the all began to say.
"We all missed you," Melody said.
Luna's friend had grown, they all looked like adult ponies while Luna looked like she barley grew.
"Please sit. I came to tell you all something," Luna said.
"Is something wrong?" Patch asked worriedly.
"No nothing is wrong," Luna replied. She paused and took a deep breath, "I'm pregnant."
everyone smiled greatly.
"That's wonderful," Sweetheart exclaimed.
"Wow," Patch said.
"Congratulations," Starlight told her. and soon everyone congratulated her even her parents who were thrilled to hear the news.
"I can't stay long. I'm going to bed as soon as I get home," Luna told them, "I'm not feeling to well."
"That's normal Lunarstar. Just get plenty of rest," Rosebud replied.
"I plan to," Luna replied smiling and handing Flurry back to her.
"You should visit us more often," Booster told her.
"Yes," Her friends agreed.
"We missed you," Melody told her.
"Being Queen is a lot of responsibility but I'll try and come when I can. Maybe on the weekends. I'd love to go to the beach again," Luna replied.
"Then come back and we can plan a party. Maybe a baby shower," Bright eyes suggested.
"Oh Lunarstar, that would be wonderful if you could," Rosebud told her.
"Not today or anytime soon," Luna replied.
"In a month then," Booster suggested.
"First of next month," Luna agreed.
Her friends cheered which made Luna happy.
"Can you stay for that night?" Raspberry asked.
"I'll see if it's alright with Blizzard," Luna replied. She stood up feeling worse again, "I really must be going."
"Alright, See you next month then," Starlight replied.
Her friends all said their goodbyes then her parents hugged her.
"See you soon," Booster told her.
"Bye mom, dad," Luna replied, then she winked out and appeared at the gate.

Luna walked through the gate and appeared at Winterfall castle. The workers were in the garden and were used to ponies appearing through the gate. Luna wasted no time going into the castle. She walked down several halls till she came to the stairs. She stopped and looked at the soldiers, "Please tell Blizzard I'm home and going to bed."
The soldiers nodded their heads.
Luna went up stairs to her room while one of the soldiers went to the throne room. Once Luna had reached her room she walked inside, set her crown and collar on the red pillow, took her hair down and sat on the bed.
She let out a deep breath and was glad to be home again. Blizzard entered the room, and approached her smiling.
"Did you see your parents?" Blizzard asked.
"Yes they were thrilled. I also went to see my friends and adopted parents. They want to party next month and they also want me to stay for one night," Luna replied.
"If you feel up to it. I suppose I can miss you for one night," Blizzard replied.
Luna smiled greatly. Blizzard sat down and hugged her then kissed her. He pulled back smiling, "I still can't believe we'll have a baby in the castle soon."
Luna hugged him, "I'm excited about it Blizzard."
They sat on in silence for several minutes then Blizzard touched Luna into bed and close the curtains. Luna quickly fell asleep, she didn't realize how tired she had gotten in such short of time.