Chapter 91: King and Queen at last

It has been 2 years since Blizzard was crowned Prince. Star Cluster spent a year teaching him all he knew once his memories were fully recovered but he would at times check in on Blizzard. The ponies in the secret valley are happy once again, there was no more pain or worries. Amaryllis finally gave birth to a baby girl and is pregnant with another one, she hopes this one will be a boy. Star Cluster is busy with his small newspaper business which have become a big hit in town. It seems like everyday a new store moves in, a new building is quickly being built. There's more ponies in ponyland than there was. Skyview and Starfire finally got married shortly after the crowning. Raindrop and Starfire lives at Paradise estate. Skyview an Birdie has their own house by the lake next to the castle. Whisper still lives at Dream Castle, sometimes she would stay with Raindrop. Ribbon Lock and Sunlight moved to a house of their own to live in for their rest of their lives. Luna spent two year learning to be a queen and watching her baby brother grow up. He is now walking around although he's still wobbly on his little legs.
Buster was finally promoted captain of the soldiers.

Today is a big day for everyone, especially Luna and Blizzard. They hadn't seen each other in a week and were anxious for their wedding to be over with. Luna was up early in bed long before the sun rose. She sat in bed yawning and thinking of today. She had spent the last two weeks practicing what to say and how to walk towards the thrones. Stardust and Blizzard thought it would be best to have the wedding at Dream Castle where all the kingdoms can come and see the wedding. Blizzard plans on having a large party the next day for his kingdom to celebrate the wedding.
Luna thought about the times she lived in the other world and going to Drakon Island and finding out about the keys and seeing Silverstar born. Her adventures were almost over, soon she would be married it was a dream come true. She had prepared herself for this day for so long. She was now 18 and still looked really young, she remember what her father had told her once. When she turned 16 she would age slowly and Blizzard would as well. She was have a long life with Blizzard in the secret valley.
"Princess Luna," a female voice called from the door.
"Come in," Luna replied.
A white unicorn walked into the room, bowed slightly and laid the tray on a table. Then she turned and left the room. Luna climbed out of bed and approached the table. She took the silver covering off and saw her pancakes. It was her breakfast. As she began eating she looked around her room, it was filled with memories. Luna could hear the other kingdoms still arriving and soldiers gathering on the walls.
Just then there was a knock at the door.
"Come in," Luna exclaimed.
Skyview walked into the room, he still wore his golden collar.
"Well, I see you already got your breakfast. I'm here to take you to your bath," Skyview told her.
"Ok, Just wait till I finish," Luna replied.
"Are you nervous about today?" Skyview asked.
"A little I guess but I'm going to miss this room and all the memories in it. Once I'm married my adventures will be over," Luna replied.
Skyview smiled, "Luna, that's when your adventure begins. You'll have a kingdom to run and a family to raise. Trust me, the adventures don't stop there. For Stardust it might but for's never going to stop."
Luna smiled greatly, "I guess you're right but...I was only 14 in this room. So much has happened so fast, Skyview. Everything and everyone has changed."
"Things change eventually, Luna. For me I happen to like the change in my life. Getting married, my wife having her first baby. It's going to be fun," Skyview told her, "Raindrop loves the changes that's happened in her life. In fact so much has changed for her during the two years. She's even having a baby and Starfire is thrilled about it."
Luna finished eating and approached him, "I guess some changes are good"
"Luna, are you afraid of changing?" Skyview asked.
"No, it's just that, this is a huge change and it's very sudden," Luna replied worriedly.
Skyview smiled and nuzzled her cheek, "relax Luna. You'll be just fine." He pulled back and looked at her, "Are you ready for your bath?"
"Yes," Luna answered.
Skyview led Luna out of her room and down several halls to a light green bathroom. It was big with a tub the size of a medium pool. Towels hung on several racks on either side. There were two unicorns in the pool with a floating bucket. Next to a wall were two pegasus holding towels. On the other side of the room were two female earth ponies with brushed and a few other bottles. They looked like the same ponies who did her hair and coat for her Princess crowning.
"Luna, I'll be back to take you to your room where you'll have a pony waiting for you to get you ready for the wedding. Star Cluster will take you to the throne room when you're done," Skyview explained.
"I'm sorry Skyview about earlier. Maybe I'm just a bit nervous," Luna replied.
Skyview chuckled, "I figured you were nervous. You have been for the last three days now. Go inside and I'll see you soon."
Luna turned and went inside the bathroom. Luna approached the water and walked down the steps. She stood in the warm water as the two unicorns scrubbed her coat clean. Then Luna left the water to have the body and hair covered in bubbly soap by the two unicorns. Then she walked into the water to have it washed off and scrubbed again. Then she left the water be dried by two pegasus. As they dried her she thought about getting married and the practice she had done for the last two weeks. She wondered how Blizzard was doing. What was he doing now? Where was he? Was he in the castle?
"Princess Luna, you're dry now," one of the pegasus told her.
"Oh, sorry," Luna replied. She turned and approached the two earth ponies. They put her hair up like she always had it and her tail was done the same way except the ends of her hair was curled. Silver glitter was sprayed on her hair. They brushed her coat and strayed it at the same time to make is silky looking. By the time they were done she looked like a Queen.

Luna left the bathroom and went into the hall where Skyview waited for her.
"Oh you look very pretty," Skyview replied.
"Thanks," Luna replied, "Umm, Skyview. Where's Blizzard?"
"Getting ready. You'll see him very soon," Skyview replied.
He led her through the hall to her room. Inside were her Princess crown sitting on the bed, a silver collar but it looked very different than her other collar. It was silver but had diamond swirly designs and looked thinner than her other collar. Next to it was her long rose laced veil.
"That's not my collar," Luna muttered.
"It is now," Skyview replied, "Blizzard said he liked wearing our collars so he had a set made. This one is yours. Blizzard wants you to wear it."
Luna approached the collar to get a closer look, "It's so pretty."
"I know. Very pretty. If you think that's pretty you should see your crown," Skyview replied smiling.
Luna turned and looked at him surprisingly, "What does it look like?"
"I can't really tell you," Skyview replied.
"Oh I see. I have to wait," Luna guessed.
Skyview chuckled, "Yes I'm afraid so." Then he turned towards the balcony where a unicorn with long curly hair stood quietly in front of the doors.
"Luna. This is Floral. She'll get you ready for the wedding. Star Cluster will be here soon," Skyview told her, then he turned and left.
Floral approached her and bowed slightly, "Princess Luna, if you could please stand in front of the mirror," She pointed to an oval shaded mirror in the corner of the room. Luna approached the mirror and stood still. Floral carefully placed the collar around Luna's neck, then she placed the veil on Luna head over her hair. She carefully took a few strands of white hair and hung it over Luna's shoulder so the veil wasn't completely hiding her hair. She stood and looked at Luna in the mirror and smiled. She turned and picked up the princess crown and place it on Luna's head where the veil was attached to her hair.
"There, all done," Floral said smiling.
Luna stared at herself not sure if she was happy or nervous.
"Princess Luna, don't be to nervous. You should be thrilled," Floral told her.
Just then star cluster walked into the room, he too was wearing his golden collar.
"Ready?" Star Cluster asked.
"No," Luna replied nervously.
Floral left the room while Star Cluster approached her smiling, "Luna smile. Today is your day. Everyone is celebrating your wedding. You've been waiting for a long time for this day."
"I know but...I'm sorry. I'm just nervous I guess," Luna replied.
"I know but it's not everyday that you get married so make this one a memorable time. Enjoy your party, have fun. Luna," Star Cluster replied.
Luna smiled, he was right. This was a rare event. Everyone was here and there was going to a big party.
"Besides, you can always come and visit Dream Castle. You're only a gate away," Star Cluster reminded her.
"Thank Star Cluster," Luna replied.
"Now let me take you to see Blizzard," Star Cluster told her

Star Cluster led Luna down the hall carful not to get her veil caught on something. They walked down the stairs to the first floor then they walked do the hall to the throne room doors where Blizzard stood waiting. His hair glitter like hers. Around his neck was a golden collar designed like hers. He also wore his golden key. On his head was a prince's crown. Hair coat was shiny and clean, even the hairs on his feet were amazingly brushed, not a hair was out of place.
The two stood and stared surprisingly at each other.
Star Cluster smiled, "Well, one of you say something."
" the collar?" Blizzard asked.
"It's lovely, thanks," Luna nervously replied.
"Well, I'm going inside. You two know what to do," Star Cluster went through the door leaving the two at the door.
"Are you nervous?" Blizzard asked.
"Yes, we're getting married. I will no long be living here, I'll be ruling a kingdom with you. What if I make a mistake or misjudge someone or..."
"Luna, it's going to happened. In fact I've made quite a few mistakes. Everyone does. Don't worry, You'll be with me," Blizzard replied.
"Aren't you nervous?" Luna asked.
"Yes but I"m rather excited too. I've lived in my castle alone for two years Luna. I'm dying to have some company," Blizzard replied smiling at her, "You look so pretty, Luna."
Luna smiled, "Thank you Blizzard."

The doors opened and the room fell silent. Blizzard led Luna through the door following a red and gold rug.
"I'm so nervous," Luna whispered as she walked towards the stairs.
Blizzard smiled at her. When they came tot he stairs, Buster stood in his silver armor made for a captain. He smiled greatly at Luna even though he couldn't say anything.
Royal Ponies, servants, friends and families stood on either side of the red rug waiting as the two walked down the stairs. Some ponies even cried which almost made Luna cry as well.
The water fountain had a large heart in the center with white balloons all over it. From the heart was a white silk cloth stretching to the corners of the water fountain. On the corners were tall polls covered in white balloons. between each pillar were large silver bells with large white silk bows tired to them and white ribbon stretching past the bells. The white ribbons hung across the red rug from pillar to pillar with more whit bows hanging on them. Tables with white table cloths and cook behind them sat on either sides. A large cake sat on the side hidden from view.
Luna followed Blizzard around the water fountain to the thrones where Stardust and Royal Heart stood waiting. Skyview and Starfire sat on either side of them holding crowns by a red pillow on their hooves. Star Cluster stood next to Starfire holding a green pillow but there was nothing on it. A soldier stood next to Skyview holding another green pillow but there was nothing on it either. Silverstar sat in the crib between the thrones. He giggled when he saw Luna. Everyone in the room smiled and awed at the baby sound.
"Shhh," Royal Heart told him smiling at him.
Once Luna and Blizzard were at the thrones, they bowed and looked up at them.
Stardust smiled, "Kings, Queens, Princes, Princesses, Friends and families. Thank you for coming to this very special event. Today is my Daughter's wedding. She has turned 18 and will soon be leaving this castle to stay with Blizzard. Princess Luna my dear daughter, she has waited for this special moment for along time to merry the one she loves. This is Prince Blizzard. A few years ago he traveled far in search for his stolen necklace and found his home and his family instead. His only living relative was Princess Whisper, his sister. He then found out he was heir to the throne and was thought to be dead. His parents were coming here to ask for my daughter to someday merry him. Today their wish has come true. Blizzard, Luna, you have came here together in front of everyone to announce your love, please would you announce it now...Blizzard?
"Luna, you taught me so much but most important you taught me love, the one thing I didn't have growing up. I love you dearly and I'll always be there for you to protect you as long as you need me," Blizzard told her.
Luna took a deep breath, "Blizzard I love you more than you can imagine. You had fallen in love with me and not because I was a first winged unicorn ever born. You loved me for who I am. You mean so much to me," Luna told him.
Stardust and Royal Heart stood on their hind legs. Luna and Blizzard turned and looked at them. Stardust took Blizzard's little golden crown and placed it on the soldier's green pillow. Royal Heart took Luna's princess crown and placed it on Star Cluster's green pillow. Stardust took a golden crown and held it over Blizzard's head. The crown had diamond cover swirls all over it with a large white pearl in the center and small diamonds at the top of each point. Royal Heart took a crown that was cover in diamonds and held it over Luna's head. The crown was larger than her princess crown, it had large loops and smaller loops in between. At the top in the center was a pear and a set of smaller pears in the cracks of each loop. Luna awed at the crown and how pretty it was. Royal Heart smiled greatly.
"Blizzard, Luna, I now crown you King Blizzard and Queen Luna of the Secret Valley," Stardust announced, then he and Royal Heart carefully placed the crowns on their heads. Blizzard and Luna stood up and kissed each other. Ponies in the room cheered happily, some cried instead.
"Please one more announcement!" Stardust shouted over the yelling.
Ponies in the room became quiet again.
"Now that my daughter and son in-law will be living in Winterfall Castle, my son Prince Silverstar will be the new heir to Ponyland. We have chosen his bride to be when he is of age. Queen Snowfall's baby girl, Princess Pixi. When they of age, they will one day get married and rule Ponyland. Now My daughter's friends may come and see her the rest of you may go and eat but make sure you save room for the cake."
Ponies turned and walked to the tables.
"Friends?" Luna asked.
"Of course Luna," Royal Heart replied smiling and pointing past her, "We couldn't have your wedding without them."
All of Luna's friends from the other world approached her. Melody, Bon Bon, Raspberry, Clover, Sweetheart, Blueberry, Bright Eyes and Starlight. They were all there and had their hair done for the wedding except for Blueberry who was a boy.
"Oh you all came," Luna exclaimed happily.
"We wouldn't miss it," Melody replied.
"Luna, you look so pretty and that crown is simply beautiful," Starlight exclaimed.
"I feel honored to have been invited here. I never seen a Royal Wedding," Raspberry told her.
Luna smiled, tears trickled down her face. She was so happy to see her friends again. They all hugged her but was careful not to ruin her veil.
"Luna," a familiar voice called to her.
Luna looked to her left and began crying. Her adopted parents were here as well.
"You're here too," Luna muttered.
Booster put his head up to her ear and whispered, "We wouldn't miss our daughter's wedding."
It took Luna a minute to realize what was in Rosebud's arms.
Rosebud smiled greatly, "This is Flurry. Our baby girl. She's a year old." Rosebud careful gave Flurry to Luna then Rosebud whispered in Luna's ear, "She's your new baby sister."
Luna smiled greatly, "I'll be sure to see her often."
Flurry was light green with light purple, red and green hair. She laid in Luna's arms sound sleep. Rosebud carefully took Flurry back into her arms.
Just then Charades approached her with a bright pink rainbow hair pegasus in her arms was a baby.
"Charades?" Luna asked surprisingly.
"Hello Luna...I mean Queen Luna," Charades replied smiling, "I came as soon as I heard about your wedding. I want you to meet my wife, Windsor and my new baby girl Crystal. She's a year an a half."
Luna peaked at the sleeping girl, she looked a lot like Charades but with rainbow hair.
"She looks a lot like you," Luna observed.
"She certainly does," Charades replied, he looked at Windsor, "This is Queen Luna."
Windsor nodded her head, "It's an honor to meet you. He's told me a lot about you. I was starting to think they were all just stories. Thank you for allowing us to be here. It was a wonderful wedding. I'd like to congratulate you two."
"Thank you," Blizzard replied smiling.
"Thank you," Luna replied.
Amaryllis approached Star Cluster and stood next to him looking a bit round in the stomach. Peaches soon joined her mother, she had grown a lot since she first came to this world. Then Raindrop approached Starfire, she was hardly showing in the stomach. Then Birdie approached Skyview, she looked bigger and rounder in the stomach.
"You know. I just realized something," Luna said, "My family has gotten a lot bigger since I was 16."
Stardust laughed, "Yes it certainly has and it's going to continue to grow."
"Well I don't know about the rest of you but that cake is sounding good," Blizzard muttered.
Luna smiled, "Shall we go and get some?"
Blizzard led Luna through their group of friends and followed the red rug. Luna's veil dragged behind her as she walked.
"Now the ceremony is over I can finally cry," Royal Heart sobbed as tears flowed from her eyes, "My baby girl grew up so fast."
Stardust hugged Royal Heart, "well one down and one more to merry off."