Chapter 90: Prince's Crowning

During the week, everyone was busy preparing for the crowning of Prince Blizzard. They cooked the food for a villagers, some washed the table cloths. Others gather flowers and anything else that could be used for decorations. Starfire had gotten Stardust and Luna's crowns for the ceremony. Luna and the Black ponies were given rooms in the castle to sleep in during their stay. Blizzard slept in his parents room which was large with a big bed, red bed sheets and paintings. There were tables and large windows with curtains hanging down. On one side of the room was an open balcony where Blizzard could see the whole valley. While he, Luna and the black ponies stayed in the castle they had to be escorted around by a soldier since they didn't know their way around yet.

A soldier came for Blizzard early in the morning, he knocked on the door and waited for a few minutes. Blizzard opened the door, he was wide awake and his hair was neatly brushed.
"Prince Blizzard if you're done with breakfast then it's time to have your bath before your ceremony," The white pony soldier told him.
Blizzard closed the door and followed the soldiers down a few halls to a large bathroom where two male ponies stood waiting. Stardust was there waiting at the door with his golden crown on his head and his golden collar around his neck.
"Go inside and do as they tell you, then a soldier will lead you to the doors. Don't forget what you had practiced this week. You know what to say when I ask you the question?"
"Yes," Blizzard answered.
"Good, then I'll see you outside," Stardust replied.
Blizzard went inside the bathroom closing the door behind him while the white pony soldier led him downstairs.

When he reached the bottom stairs he paused, there stood Skyview and Royal Heart holding Silverstar in a blanket. Royal Heart smiled greatly, She handed Skyview the baby and ran to Stardust. She stood on her hind legs and hugged him, "I missed you so much."
Stardust hugged her gently, "So did I." Then he pulled her back, "This is my last adventure. Once I'm home I plan to stay there."
Tears began to drip from Royal Heart's cheeks, "I was so lonely at home. I can't wait for you to come home where we can raise Luna and Silverstar together."
Stardust wiped her tears from her cheek, then he kissed her.
Silverstar woke up and began to cry. Stardust pulled back and walked to Skyview. He picked up Silverstar and held him to his coat, "Oh my little boy. I missed you too." Silverstar eventually stopped crying and smiled at his father.
"He missed you a lot Stardust," Royal Heart told him. She looked around to room. Paintings hung on the walls, dragon statues sat on either side of the wide stars. The floor was white marble with a red rug covering most of the floor.
"Stardust, this castle is so pretty. I can't believe this is Blizzard's castle," Royal Heart told him.
"I supposed Skyview told you everything?" Stardust asked.
"I only told her Blizzard was a prince and about his sister, his parent and today is his crowning ceremony and that he has a castle," Skyview explained.
"Well, he rushed to try to explain it all to me," Royal Heart replied, "so today is Blizzard crowning?"
"Yes, he is 17. He's past the age for his ceremony which he could of had one on his 16th birthday," Stardust replied.
"I wished I had enough time to do my hair and coat and feathers and..."
Stardust smiled at Royal Heart then he kissed her, "you are perfect the way you are."
Royal Heart smiled, "Thanks."
Just then another soldier led Luna down the steps. She had her hair up hanging down in waves with her crown on her head. Her tail had curls hanging down in strings over her wavy tail. Her coat shined brightly in the sunlight. Her feathery wings were fluffy white.
"Mom?" Luna asked surprisingly.
Royal Heart smiled greatly, "You look so pretty, Luna."
Luna walked down the steps and hugged her mother and nuzzled her baby brother, "I missed you both so much."
"So do we," Royal Heart replied.
"Where's Starfire?" Stardust asked.
"Outside taking care of things," Skyview answered, "Star Cluster is here too with his wife and daughter."
"Well lets go outside and wait," Stardust proposed.
Two soldiers at the doors opened them letting the royal family outside.

Ponies from all over the valley gathered around the castle filling the yard, some stood outside the fence. Stardust led his family to the platform where Starfire and Star Cluster was waiting. Soldiers in silver armor stood in a row beside the platform, some stood at the fence and gates.
"Is he getting ready?" Starfire asked.
"Yes, he should be out soon. Skyview, where's the crown?" Stardust asked.
"The soldier is holding it till it's time," Skyview pointed next to him on the grass.
Royal Heat looked around the valley smiling at it's beauty, "Stardust this is so pretty. Is this really all Blizzard's land?"
"Yes, everything you see," Stardust answered handing the baby back to Royal Heart.
"The castle is pretty on the outside too," Royal Heart observed.
"Yes is certainly is," Stardust agreed.
In front of Stardust were many tables full of cooks ready to serve the food and drinks. Ponies stood and stared at the royal family, it had been a long time since anyone saw a King and Queen.

When Blizzard was done a soldier waited for him in the hall.
"Ready Prince Blizzard?" The orange pony soldier asked.
"Yes," Blizzard answered. His coat was extra clean and silky smooth, he felt like his fur had been scrubbed off during his bath. His hair was neatly brushed and shined. Around his neck was his golden necklace.
The soldier led him downstairs to the doors. The two soldiers that stood at the doors went outside. Stardust saw the two soldiers stand looking at him.
"Looks like he's ready," Stardust muttered. He nodded his head at the soldiers.
The soldiers opened the doors letting Blizzard outside. Ponies suddenly became quiet as they watched Blizzard walk down the steps.
Skyview took the crown from the soldier while everyone gathered and watched anxiously for their new ruler to be crowned. Blizzard followed the clear path to the platform. On the sides of the path were polls that had red and white silk cloth stung to each poll. Blizzard turned left and continued down the path and up to the plat form where everyone could see him. Blizzard felt nervous, every eye was on him. Blizzard bowed as Stardust got ready to make his speech.
"Queen, Princesses, Friends and Villagers, today is the crowning of Prince Blizzard. He is 17 and heir to the throne. He was born in this castle along with his sister, Princess Whisper. He was thought to be dead with his parents but as you can see he is alive. The son and daughter of King Sky Ridge and Queen lightwater had survived. He will stay in this valley to rule and help you all just like his parents had done and their parents before them. In every Kingdom, there is a law that once a Prince or Princess is the age of sixteen that pony is to receive their crown. Since you have past the age of sixteen and there for you must receive your Prince's crown." Stardust picked up a short golden crown holding it over Blizzard's head. "You are to take care of this crown like it was yours till the day you become King. By excepting this you have taken full responsibility and care of the ponies in The Secret. Prince Blizzard, do you except this crown and the responsibility that goes with it?"
"Yes," Blizzard answered clearly.
"Then I crown you Prince Blizzard of The Secret Valley," Stardust said setting the golden crown on Blizzard head.
Blizzard stood up and faced the ponies. Raindrop was crying happily and so was Birdie.
"There's one more announcement everyone. I don't know if all of you know this but Blizzard had been engaged for about a year now. My daughter, Princess Luna of Ponyland is his fiancee. This is what King Sky Ridge and Queen Lightwater left The valley for in hope that their son would merry the Princess of Ponyland. Their wish will be fulfilled," Stardust shouted.
Ponies cheered for Blizzard and Luna.
Stardust led Blizzard and the family through the path to a long table that sat behind the cooks. Ponies gather around the cooks, picking up plates full of food and drinks. Amaryllis, Peaches, Raindrop, Birdie and Whisper were waiting at the royal table.
"Royal Heart this is Princess Whisper, Blizzard's sister. and this is Raindrop, Starfire's girlfriend and this is her sister Birdie Skyview's girlfriend," Stardust said.
Royal Heart smiled and nodded her head, "It's nice to meet you all."
"It's an honor to meet you," Raindrop replied.
They turned to the table and took their places. Once they were seated the cooks came and placed the food before them and drinks as well, then they left. A crib sat next to Royal Heart where she laid Silverstar down. He smiled and laughed.
"Stardust," Star Cluster began to say, "Me and Amaryllis has something to tell you."
"What is it?" Star Cluster asked.
"Amaryllis is pregnant," Star cluster told him.
"That's wonderful news," Stardust replied smiling.
"I'm excited but I don't think I'm excited as Peaches," Amaryllis laughed.
"Mommy is going to have a girl," Peaches exclaimed.
Star Cluster laughed, "She's hoping to have a sister. It's far to early to know what it will be."
"Well, Congratulations you two," Royal Heart told her.
"Thank you," Amaryllis replied smiling.
"Yes, thank you," Star Cluster added.
"Birdie, would you like to come with me to Ponyland and live there?" Skyview asked.
"I lived here all my life. I don't know anything else," Birdie answered.
"That is why you need to leave it. To see what else you can do and see other places. Come with me," Skyview replied.
Birdie smiled, "As long as I can stay with you."
Skyview smiled at her, "Then you'll have to merry me."
Birdie smiled at him, "I'd love to."
Starfire and Raindrop sat next to Luna and Whisper listening to everyone talk and eat.
"Raindrop how about you? Want to come with me to Dream Castle and stay with me?" Starfire asked.
Raindrop smiled at him, "Are you asking me to merry you?"
Starfire smiled, "I was getting to that."
Raindrop giggled, "I'd love to merry you Starfire."
"Umm...Where do I live if mom gets married?" Whisper asked.
"You'll live with us at the castle. You'll be taught to be a Princess and meet other boys," Stardust replied.
"Well I guess we'll be expecting a few weddings sometime in the future, then," Royal Heart remarked.

The ceremony party lasted all day. Ponies enjoyed themselves, some played, others stood around talking or sitting together on the grass by the fence. The cooks continued to keep themselves busy. When it was all over and time to leave. Luna hugged Blizzard and kissed him goodbye.
"Come and visit anytime, Luna," Blizzard told her.
"I will," Luna replied.
"Blizzard, I'll be back in a few days to start your teaching," Star Cluster told him. Then he and the whole family walked through the gate.