Chapter 88: Battle in the valley part 3

Blizzard flew over the trees top hoping not to be to noticeable. He flew up Teriney's back and saw a tiny golden reflection twinkling at him. He flew to the horn but realized he couldn't grab it. He used the wind and snowflakes to carefully lift the key while Kesia had Teriney by the neck.
Blizzard took the key and flew back to the castle. He landed in front of the stairs, returning to his pony form while still holding the necklace.
"I see you managed to get your necklace," Starfire observed.
"Stardust said a key, so I grabbed one, it happens to be mine," Blizzard explained.
Whisper looked and couldn't believe that Blizzard was right, he did have their mother's necklace.
"It's been so long since I saw that," Raindrop muttered happily.
"Skyview take the key and have Raindrop take you to the Gate. If you managed to get to Dream Castle get Star Cluster. I don't care what he's doing. I want him here," Stardust told him.
Skyview took Blizzard key and was about to take a step when the snowflake on the key began to glow. Skyview felt like he was in a trance, he could stop staring at it. Stardust and the other gasped.
"That never happened before, not ever," Blizzard remarked.
"The key I had did that to me," Stardust muttered.
After a few second Skyview blinked a few times, "That was weird." The glow dimmed a light but the snowflake continued to glow blue.
"Take me to the Gate," Skyview told Raindrop.
Raindrop nodded and led him through the castle. They hurried down several hallways till they came to a glass door with stained image designs on it. Raindrop took him outside where the garden was. Flowers sat in large patches on each side of the stony path. Archways sat over each patch. several trees saw in the garden with benches under them for shade.
"Ok, which Gate is it?" Skyview asked. He noticed that every archway looked the same, it was hard to tell them apart.
"This one," Raindrop pointed to the first on that sat in front of them.
Skyview approached the gate, he put his hoof in the center. A ripple appeared like water in midair. It showed a image of the other world on some kind of building.
"Oh, well that's not it," Skyview muttered.
He gripped the key and thought of Dream Castle, the gate in the garden. The ripple appeared changing the image to a garden at Dream Castle.
"That's it. I'll be back Raindrop. Just wait here till I get back," Skyview told her. He took a deep breath and walked through the gate.

He appeared at dream castle surprising the gardeners who were watering the flowers.
Skyview looked seriously at the workers, "You are not to tell a soul about what you just saw. You are not to even ask about it."
"Yes, Prince Skyview," They replied.
Skyview hurried into the castle and went down the hall towards the throne room when he ran into Royal Heart at the bottom of the stairs. She was holding baby Silverstar in her arms who was sound asleep.
"Skyview?" Royal Heart asked surprisingly, "When did you guys get back? Where's Stardust? Don't tell me something happened to him."
"Stardust is fine. He's dying to get home. Right now I got to find Star Cluster," Skyview replied.
"He's at home with Amaryllis," Royal Heart answered, "How did you get here? Where's Stardust and Luna?"
"I came through the gate. I'm sorry I can't stay long," Skyview replied, then he winked out.

Skyview appeared in Star Cluster's house in the living room where Star Cluster was talking to a group of male ponies for plan on the Newspaper.
"Skyview?" Star Cluster asked, "When did you guys get back?"
"We haven't. I don't have time to explain but you got to come with me," Skyview replied.
"But I'm in the middle of this meeting," Star Cluster told him.
"They can wait till you get back. This is important. We could lose Luna if you don't come with me!" Skyview exclaimed.
Star Cluster stood up and approached Skyview, "Alright." he looked at the confused group of ponies, "I'll be back soon. Amaryllis keep them company."
"Ok," Amaryllis answered.
"Do you have the pearl with you?" Skyview asked.
"Of course I do. Why do you want to know?" Star Cluster asked.
"You'll find out soon," Skyview replied. His horn glowed then he touched Star Cluster on the head and the two winked out.

They appeared in the garden at Dream Castle where Royal Heart stood waiting. Skyview gripped the key and touched the gate thinking of Winterfall Castle and the garden. The ripple appeared and an image of a garden with Raindrop still waiting appeared.
"Who is that?" Star cluster asked.
"Raindrop," Skyview answered.
"Skyview," Royal Heart quickly said, "Tell Stardust I love him and I'm still waiting."
Skyview smiled, "I will."
Then he took Star Cluster's hoof and walked through the gate.