Chapter 85: Teriney visit

The village ponies near the castle continued to gather around the castle steps where Raindrop and her guests stood.
"Key?" Raindrop asked after hearing Stardust mention something about it.
"It's Blizzard's necklace. It opens the gates allowing anyone to go through, so it acts like a key unlocking a door. We refer it to as the key. There are two that we know of," Stardust explained.
"Oh, the golden necklace?" Whisper asked, "I still have mine but I never wear it."
"Where is it?" Stardust asked.
"In my room. that's one of the reasons I got mad when I caught Blizzard in my room. I thought he saw the necklace and the picture and...well I thought he would figure out who I was," Whisper explained.
"I never seen a necklace in your room," Blizzard told her.
"It was in a black valeted box behind the pictures on my dresser," Whisper replied.
"I never saw a black box of any kind," Blizzard answered.
"Oh," Whisper replied, "I'm sorry about the yelling I did earlier."
Blizzard smiled at her.
"Whisper can you go get the key?" Stardust asked her.
"Sure," Whisper replied.
She winked out while the others waited. The ponies sat on the grass some stood not sure what else they should do.
It had been several minutes and Raindrop was getting worried, "She should have returned by now."
"Something must have gone wrong," Birdie guessed but she hoped she was wrong.
After five minutes had past Whisper returned, she looked upset and worried.
"It's gone!" Whisper exclaimed, "The house is trashed, the forest is burnt. Mom it looks terrible."
"What?!" Raindrop asked surprisingly.
"Teriney must have found it," Skyview guessed.
"Then he's got two keys," Stardust replied.
Just then they saw Teriney flying towards the castle.
"H-he flies?" Raindrop asked shockingly.
"He's a dragon, he can make any dragon part appear in his pony form. The only thing he can't hide is his eyes," Stardust explained.

Teriney flew over the fence, ponies scattered to get as far from him as possible.
"Well, I wondered where everyone was fleeing to," Teriney yelled from high up. He carefully landed on the stony path and smiled at the black ponies, "Well, well, if it isn't the famous black ponies. I never expected to see you here. This is quite a surprise. And Blizzard, how unpleasant to see you again." Teriney said
"I came a long way to get my necklace back," Blizzard told him.
"It's mine now. You gave it to me, remember?"
Raindrop found it hard to believe what Teriney had said. Whisper gasped when she saw her key hanging around his neck.
"My necklace," Whisper muttered. She was about to run toward teriney when Stardust grabbed her, "You better not. You don't want to end up like your parents."
Whisper sighed sadly as Stardust slowly sat her down on the ground.
"I had no choice. You were going to kill Luna if I didn't!" Blizzard yelled.
"I thought it was a fair trade," Teriney replied.
"That was unfair. You knew I would never part with it," Blizzard told him.
"That is true. I also know how much you love Luna and would do anything for her including trading her for your necklace. Now it's mine," Teriney replied.
"I will get it back!" Blizzard yelled.
Teriney glared at him, "You had an amazing ability. No pony could stop you, I taught you all you need to know about your icy abilities. I made sure you didn't know what it meant to love, laugh, feel happy or any other kind of emotions. It was better to control you the less you knew. When you meet the Princess the one I sent you to kill you fell in love instead, she taught you emotions and what they meant. She undid all I had done to you. She literally ruined my plans for you and me. Now we end and now. I will kill all of you, then I'll continue my search for the third and final key."
"Final Key?" Luna asked, "There's only three?"
Teriney looked at Luna with his golden slit eyes, "I don't believe it. You don't remember? You, Kesia the so called mighty guardian of the flaming pearl forgot about the Keys?"
Luna stood not sure what to say, she knew he was right. She had forgotten all about the keys.
"Well then let me refresh your memories," Teriney said. "After I attacked you I saw you falling. I knew you had to be dying so I returned to finish you off only I saw you give three golden necklace to two ponies. I had heard rumors about the keys which had something to do with the gates but I wasn't sure what they could do at the time. After that feather brain dragon died the two ponies hid the pearl and was heading back to their homes but I wanted those necklaces or should I say keys. I tried to take them but the two ponies ran. They used the three keys together and wished for away to escape through the gate. To my surprise the gate appeared and they went through. I went right after them and lost them in the snow storm. I searched for centuries for them only to learn there's more gates. I also learned one of the ponies had went to Ponyland and became King the other disappeared. I thought he had died till that one lucky day. I ran into a royal family that had one of the keys. They were descendance of that other pony. They told me they had been traveling for a day and a half and that they were from the Secret valley. There was only snow in the north and you can't leave the north in a day or two, I knew there was a valley hidden in the north. There had to be for it to be called the secret valley. After Blizzard be trade me I went to the north to search for the rest of the keys since Stardust didn't seem to have any. And guess what I found the valley and a key. The last one has to be here too."
"Three keys?" Luna muttered, "three keys...three..gates...three keys, three gates...three.."Luna paused it was all slowly coming back to her. She knew there was something else.
"Luna, what is it?" Stardust asked her as he listened to her.
"I'm not sure. There's something else. Three keys, three gate....Something very important," Luna replied trying hard to think.
"There is nothing else. Only the three keys and the gates," Teriney told her.
"No, there's more. Those keys..." Luna stopped and looked at her father.
"What else, Luna?" Stardust asked, "Try to remember."
"Three," Luna replied, she stared at her uncles and father, "Three ponies."
"Three ponies?" Teriney asked almost laughing, "I don't need three ponies."
"No, Those keys belongs to someone else. Not you. They were made for someone else!" Luna exclaimed.
Teriney stared angrily at her. She was going to be more trouble than he thought.