Chapter 84: The villages at the castle

After Raindrop told her story everyone was surprised. Whisper felt bad about yelling at her own brother. She began to feel bad about a lot of things that she had did. She was 14 and acted like a spoiled little pony.
"I can see why you would try to forget," Stardust said.
"Blizzard," Raindrop called to him, "how did you survive the tent fire?"
"After I saw my parents burned to a crip, the tent had caught on fire. I ran from the fire but I couldn't get out so I sat and cried. I didn't realize it at the time but I had made my body so cold, the fire couldn't touch me. After the fire had died out, Teriney was surprised to see me still alive. Instead of killing me, he took me and raised me. I have nothing but nightmares from living with him. I fell in love with Luna and turned from Teriney," Blizzard explained.
"Oh Blizzard, you must of had a rougher time than me. In fact you did just what your parents was hoping, you got engaged to the Princess of Ponyland. That is one of the reasons why your parents took you with them. They hoped the Royal Family in Ponyland had children and were going to try to get you engaged to one of them," Raindrop explained.
Blizzard smiled at Luna greatly. He felt happy to have made his parents proud.
"Umm," Skyview began to say, "What is this about abilities? I thought our family only had them."
"And what was it you said about lost ancestor?" Stardust asked curiously.
"Well from what I heard and it was just a story. Centuries ago before this castle was built, there were very few ponies living in this valley. A strange pony found his way here, they say he had hairless feet and glowed like a ghost on a full moon. The ponies in the valley liked him, He knew a lot about growing things and living in the forest. He led them like a leader would and eventually they made him King. They even built this castle and over the years designers came and finished the designs inside and out. Over time the King got married had children and so...Blizzard and Whisper are from that pony." Raindrop explained.
"What's the dragon on the crest from?" Luna asked curiously.
"The first King told a story how he and another pony found a dying dragon. It gave them amazing abilities and long life. They fled through a door to another world and got lost in the snow. There was a terrible avalanche and they were both separated. He thought the other was dead but never gave hope that somehow the other pony survived. Luna, Stardust, Skyview and Starfire must be from that other pony," Raindrop explained.
"We are," Stardust replied, "It is said that our ancestor came from another world and traveled to Ponyland where he became King."
Raindrop took a deep breath she had learned so much and told so much in less than a day. She felt releived to have told the story and happy to see the son of King Sky Ridge had survived.
"I'm terribly sorry for all the trouble we caused you. I acted like a scared pony who was afraid to face my memories. In a way I feel very received to have told the story," Raindrop told them.
"So that doorway to another world," Skyview began to say, "What else do you know about it?"
"It's actually called the Gate. There's one in the garden here," Raindrop explained.
"What?" Skyview exclaimed, "I'm sorry. Are you sure?"
"Yes, why do you asked?" Raindrop asked.
"We found two more Gates," Skyview answered.
"Three gates?" Stardust asked.
As they all stood and talked a soldier rushed around the corner, "Come outside quickly!"
"What is it?" Whisper asked.
"The villagers are gathering outside. You got to see this," The soldier turned and led them all down stairs and outside.

A large group of ponies what gathering at the gates and fence. The soldiers tried to keep the gate closed.
"I wonder what's going on?" Raindrop asked.
"They're scared," The soldier explained, "something about an intruder in the valley."
"Let them in," Raindrop told him.
The soldiers opened the gates and the ponies stormed through, hurrying to the steps. Raindrop gasped, some had burn patches, others looked worse and some looked fine just a bit dirty. The group all began talking making it hard to tell what they were saying. Skyview held his ears with his hooves.
"Stop this!" Raindrop yelled, "You," She pointed, "Tell me what's going on."
"A pony...a strange looking pony entered the valley. He tried to burn us. He wanted information about the royal Family. We told them they were dead. He asked who was leader in the valley. We didn't want to tell him but he gave us no choice. He tried to burn us for information."
"Was he dark green with red and white hair and breathed fire?" Blizzard asked, "did he have odd looking eyes?"
"Yes, yes he did," The pony replied.
"That's just great," Skyview muttered, "Teriney is here."
"I think he traveled north to find this valley. The key is in this valley somewhere," Stardust guessed.