Chapter 82: Stardust wants to know now

Stardust was outside with Luna and Starfire playing with Luna. Luna laughed and ran from them but her father always caught her.
"You think you could get away huh?" Stardust asked smiling.
He grabbed her and began tickling her. Starfire joined in and the two tickled her till she was out of breath. They decided to give her a brake to catch up on her breath. As they sat and rested, Stardust and Starfire felt Skyview coming closer.
"Odd, I didn't expect him back till after dinner," Stardust told him.
"Maybe Birdie got mad at him and kicked him out," Starfire guessed.
They all stood and waiting as a cloud floated from the tree tops, then Birdie flew close behind him.
"Doesn't look like she kicked him out," Stardust observed.
The cloud landed and Skyview returned to his pony form. Birdie landed next to him, staring surprisingly at him.
"Hi, Birdie," Stardust said.
"Umm. Hi," Birdie replied.
Stardust looked at Skyview, "You told her everything?"
"Yes. Everything and she told me what the secret is about," Skyview replied.
"Good, then I'm dying to hear it," Stardust replied.
"Umm. Is it true what Skyview said, I mean are you really...?" Birdie muttered, to nervous to actually say it.
"King?" Stardust asked, "Yes I'm King Stardust."
"Wow, I mean...I never...Well. I never meet another King...I mean not this close...ummm." Birdie nervously said.
Stardust chuckled, "Please relax."
"Sorry," Birdie replied blushing.
Starfire laughed. Just then Raindrop left the house and stood on the porch, "Birdie?" Everyone turned to look. Raindrop walked down the steps a little surprised to see Birdie.
"Birdie it's been a long time since you were here. Is Everything alright?" Raindrop asked worriedly.
"No," Birdie answered, "I'm tired of keeping this secret so I told Skyview."
"What?" Raindrop gasped, "You knew the rules he has no right knowing..."
"He has every right, Raindrop. There's more going on than you know. They are apart of this secret!" Birdie exclaimed.
"No they're not!" Raindrop exclaimed, "You broke the rule, the one rule no one can bake!"
Just then Stardust stomped his hoof causing the ground to shake. Everyone stared at Stardust surprisingly. Even Birdie who knew about his strength was surprised to see it was true. Stardust was angry and looked angry too.
"I'm tired of this secrecy. I'm King Stardust of Ponyland and someone better tell me what's going on or else!" Stardust exclaimed angrily.
"I'll tell you," Skyview replied.
"No, Raindrop needs to tell it," Birdie told him.
Everyone looked at Raindrop waiting for a reply. Raindrop was shocked to know Stardust was king and he was from Ponyland, the one place she thought she'd never hear of.
"Raindrop. Tell us, please," Starfire said.
Tears fell from Raindrop's cheeks, "It hurts...I can't."
"Yes you can," Starfire replied.
"Blizzard must be here to hear this," Birdie said looking around, "Where is he?"
"He went to the castle. He's been gone for sometime so he might have made his way inside by now," Stardust replied.
"What!?" Whisper shouted from the porch surprisingly. She jumped off the porch and ran into the forest toward the castle.
"Dad, If she gets Blizzard mad enough he will..." Luna began to say but she was afraid to admit what would happen to Whisper.
"Yes, you have a point. We better get to the castle before Whisper does. Blizzard can turn her into an ice block if she makes him mad enough. He came close to turning the table to ice this morning," Stardust explained.
"I'll take you there," Skyview said.
"The rest of you follow us. Raindrop you too," Stardust told them.
Skyview's horn began to glow then he touched Stardust on the head. Suddenly the two turned into a big cloud and floated into the air. Birdie and Luna flapped their wings and flew after the cloud. Starfire stood looking at Raindrop.
"Are you coming?" Starfire asked.
"No, I can't go near that castle again. To many memories are there," Raindrop replied.
"You can't run from your memories forever. You got to face them and only then will the hurtful memories will heal. I will not beg again for you to tell me the secret. I..." Starfire looked at the castle, "I was hoping to hear it from you instead of someone else but I guess I was wrong. Goodbye." He flapped his wings and flew from the ground going as fast as he could.
Raindrop sobbed, she thought about what Starfire had said. Saying goodbye rang through her mind. What did he mean by that. Will it be the last time she would see him? Raindrop couldn't bare the thought of not seeing him again. He had made her laugh, play and forget her troubles. She had truly fallen in love with him. She had only two choices. Lose Starfire for good or face her sadness and fears, the memories of the past she had tried to forget. She had never seen a disappointed look on Starfire before till now.

She looked up at the sky but only saw the black streak of Starfire flying towards the castle. Raindrop took a deep breath and let it out, she was about to face the hardest thing...her memories.
She flapped her wings and flew over the tree tops. She flew as fast as she could even with her wings aching.
"Starfire please wait!" Raindrop shouted ignoring the looks of ponies on the ground. Starfire could hear something, he slowed down to find out what it was.
"Starfire!" Raindrop called again.
Starfire stopped and hovered, he turned and smiled greatly at Raindrop.
Raindrop approached him worn out from flying, "Please. I'm...I'm so tired."
"So you're coming after all," Starfire observed.
Raindrop held Starfire hoof, "I don't want to loose you so...I'm willing to tell you and your brother's everything."
Starfire smiled, "Well grab my tail and hold on tight." Raindrop grabbed his black and blue tail, she griped it tightly. Starfire flew pulling Raindrop. They flew like a blur through the sky till they came to the castle. Starfire slowed down and the two landed on the stony path in front of the soldiers. Stardust, Skyview, Luna and Birdie had already beaten them there.
"Well, you came after all," Birdie remarked noticing Raindrop standing behind her.
"Yes, It's times I tell what's going on. Soldiers, Move out of the way. We have to get in," Raindrop ordered them.
The soldier slowly moved from the gate allowing them all to pass. Raindrop led her guests into the castle.