Chapter 80: The truth from Birdie

Stardust sat outside with Luna talking about what else Blizzard had said last night when Skyview approached them.
"I'm going to Birdie's house. I'll see you two later," Skyview told them.
"Skyview, ask her about the castle," Stardust told him.
"I tried and she won't talk about it," Skyview replied.
"Pressure her into telling you. If you have to you can tell her everything about us. Skyview I don't know what else to do. She's our only hope," Stardust told him.
"I'll try," Skyview replied. He turned into a cloud and floated from the house and over the tree tops.

Birdie was on the porch reading a book when she saw Skyview in cloud form coming towards her. She stood up, closed her book and smiled. The cloud landed on the porch and returned to pony form.
"Skyview, I was hoping you would come and visit me," Birdie exclaimed excitedly.
Skyview smiled, "I come as often as I can."
Birdie hugged him, "Come let me make something to drink for you."
Birdie led him into the living room, then she went into the kitchen to make tea. Skyview stood trying to think of a way to ask her about the castle. After awhile Birdie walked into the living room with two glasses of tea. She gave Skyview a glass and drank the other glass.
"So you want to just sit on the porch or take a walk or..." Birdie began to say but was quickly interrupted.
"Actually I want to talk," Skyview replied setting his glass on the coffee table.
"About what?" Birdie asked curiously.
"About Winterfall Castle and the secret everyone is keeping from us," Skyview asked.
Birdie stood up leaving her glass on the coffee table, "I can't. I'm sorry but I just can't talk about that."
Skyview approached her, "Why?"
"I'm not allowed to. I told you that," Birdie answered.
"Someone gave orders not to tell us?" Skyview asked, "Who is giving orders?"
"We're not just allowed to tell you, we're not aloud to talk about to at all," Birdie replied.
"Who is giving orders? Who is still ruling this valley?" Skyview asked.
Birdie turned from him as tear began to stream down her face, "I can't. Now please leave."
Skyview walked around her to face her, "No, I'm not leaving till you tell me what's going on."
"I can't tell you," Birdie muttered.
Skyview grabbed her with his hooves, "Please tell me. Why are you afraid to tell me? I'm here, I won't let anyone hurt you."
"I..I..uhhh," Birdie muttered, trying hard not to tell him. She hugged him and held him tightly, "You promise nothing will happen to me?"
"As long as I'm with you, you'll be safe. Now what is going on? Who is ruling this valley?" Skyview asked.
It was several minutes before Birdie gave in and told him, "Raindrop and Whisper."
"What?" Skyview exclaim surprisingly, "You're afraid of those two?"
"I told you Raindrop changed, she's not like she used to be. Whisper is the one that really runs this valley but Raindrop helps her. Whisper uses the animals to make sure no one speaks about the secret. It's a terrible memory for Raindrop. She has nightmares and it really upsets her when someone talks about the secret. She'd tear down the castle if she could, Just the sight of it gives her nightmare."
Skyview led Birdie to the couch, "Before you tell me everything I think there's something you need to know about me and my brothers."
"You're Princes?" Birdie asked.
"Raindrop told you then?" Skyview asked.
"Yes she did."
"Well, there's more," Skyview sat on the couch next to birdie facing her, "I'm Prince Skyview, Starfire is a prince as well but Stardust isn't, he's a King known as King Stardust."
"What?" Birdie ask surprisingly, then she began to smile, "You mean we have a real King here in the valley staying at Raindrop's house and she doesn't know it?"
Skyview smiled, "Yes. Well you know Luna is his daughter so that would make her a Princess. There's something else about us. I can hear very well. I can hear someone whispering outside or in their house. Starfire is very fast at flying. No one can out fly him. Stardust is very fast at running. I don't know who is faster, Starfire or Stardust. He also has great strength and has been known to shake the castle when he's angry."
"Are you serious?" Birdie asked, "Sounds like a fairy tale."
"I'm very serious," Skyview answered.
"And what about Blizzard?" Birdie asked anxious to find out more about him.
"We don't know. His parents were killed in a tent fire so we have no idea where he really came from," Skyview answered, he paused when he notice the shocked look on her face, "He lived with a pony named Teriney who is really a dragon. Teriney often punished Blizzard by burning his legs. Last year Blizzard turned against Teriney and stayed with us. Shortly after that Blizzard's necklace was taken by Teriney. We have tracked Teriney to the north and instead of finding him we found this Valley."
"Ummm...W-where are you from?" Birdie asked still shocked at Blizzard's life story.
"We are from Ponyland which is a very long way from here," Skyview answered.
"So, Stardust is King of Ponyland?" Birdie asked.
"And Blizzard's necklace. It ummm...wouldn't be gold would it?" Birdie asked.
"Yes but who told you that?"
"It wouldn't have diamonds on it and a...snowflake...would it?" Birdie asked. Her heart was racing from excitement and shock.
"Birdie, who told you that?" Skyview demanded to know.
"No one. Oh Skyview, you and your brothers have the right to know about the secret," Birdie exclaimed.