Chapter 7: Wanting time with Blizzard

Luna spent another day hoping to get a chance to talk to Blizzard but as usual her parents kept her and Blizzard busy. Luna found it hard to concintrate and was even harder to deal with her mother's suddenly changing moods.
When it was time for dinner, Luna followed her mother to the dinning room where she sat at the table in silence not even noticing her uncles staring at her. She stared at her plate lost in deep thought not even listening to her father. It was the ususal dinner time where everyone talked about what happend and what needed to be done. Luna didn't care to hear anymore, she missed the casual talk she and her family always shared.
Blizzard looked at her and could tell something was deffently bothering her.

After dinner Blizzard followed Stardust to the throne room where a pony stood at the doors waiting. Blizzard had Luna on his mind, he was worried about her a he couldn't even leave to find out what was wrong with her. The pony followed Stardust to the thrones where they talked about the school sketches and floor plans. Blizzard stood and thought about Luna's sadness and how quiet she's been. He remembered all the times he had glanced at her after her birthday, she would smile at him but it never lasted, it always faded away when he wasn't looking. It took him most of the evening to realize that Luna hadn't said a word to him exept that one day in the hall. He now wished he had stayed and talked to her. She hadn't even spoken to her father after that day or to her uncles. Blizzard closed his eyes knowing what was bothering her. it saddened him to realize how lonely she must be, being to busy to talk to anyone. Blizzard looked at Stardust and saw he was busy talking. When Stardust was done, he continued Blizzard's teachings till it was time for bed.
As Stardust led him to the stairs Blizzard was anxious to leave.
"Mind if I leave?" Blizzard asked.
"That is what we are doing," Stardust told him.
"I got to leave now befor she gets to bed," Blizzard exclaimed, he could no longer hold back. He turned into a cluster of snow flakes and flew up the stairs and through the doors surprising the soldiers. Blizzard hurried through the hall and up to the fourth floor. He returned to his pony form and ran down the halls towards Luna's room. Just as he turned the corner, Luna reached her door and opened it.
"Luna!" Blizzard called but it seems that Luna didn't hear him or was still upset that she couldn't hear him. By the time he reached the door Luna had closed it.
Bllizzard stood looking at the door sadly, he had once again missed her.
"Blizzard," A voice whispered to him.
Blizzard turned and saw Star Cluster at the corner of the hallway. He left Luna's door and approched him, "what?"
"Come with us. It's time we all speak with Stardust," Star Cluster told him.
Blizzard looked around the corner and saw Skyview and Starfire standing there.

Stardust walked up the stairs to the forth floor and went down the hallway towards his room. He walked inside and saw Royal Heart taking her hair down. He took his crown off and carfully sat it on a pillow.
"So how's mommy and the baby?" Stardust asked.
Royal Heart smiled at him, "We're just fine." She sat her bush down and hugged him. As the two stood hugging each other Stardust felt his brothers approch. He let goes and turned towards the door.
"What is it?" Royal Heart asked curiously.
"It seems we're about to have a few visitors," Stardust answered. He walked to the door and opened it, just as Skyview was about to knock. Stardust was surprised to see Star Cluster and Blizzard but he knew Skyview and Starfire was there.
"This had better be importaint," Stardust told him.
"Beleive me, this is importaint," Skyview told him.
Stardust let them into his room. Blizzard stared at Royal Heart, she looked just like Luna with her hair down.
"Ok, why are all of you here?" Stardust asked. He was getting imparents and just wanted to spend the rest of the night with Royal Heart.
"It's about Luna," Star Cluster explained, "have you noticed how sad she's been?"
"She's quiet too," Skyview added.
"She never says a word during breakfast and dinner," Starfire added.
"She...hasn't?" Stardust asked surprisingly.
"You've been to busy to even notice her," Skyview told him.
Stardust felt aweful, he knew his brothers were right. He had been to busy to even notice something was wrong with his own daughter.
"I don't get a chance to talk to her," Blizzard told him, "She hadn't said much to me since Star Cluster arrived in Ponyland. Just the other day I ran into her, she of caorse just wanted to talk but I told her I couldn't, I was too busy. It seemed after that she just stopped trying to talk to me."
Stardust sighed sadly as he too remembered when Luna had not to long ago talked to him, "I do remember her asking me if I'll be busy and I told her I'll always be busy."
"Stardust, you better watch it or you'll turn out to rule just like mom and dad," Star Cluster told him, "And you know, they were far to busy to notice me."
"It's not just Stardust's fault, we've all been to busy," Royal Heart replied sadly.
"No, I tell everyone what needs to be done. I have kept everyone busy. The last thing I wanted was to be like mom and dad, to busy for my own little girl," Stardust told them. He walked to the door, "I'll go talk to her now."

Stardust left the room and walked down several hallways till he came to Luna's door. He cracked it opened exspecting her to be asleep on her bed but she wasn't, to his surprise she was on the balcony. He entered the room and approched Luna thinking she was crying but she wasn't. She was leaning on the railing with her long white hair down blowing in the wind. Her crown and collar was on her dresser. Luna stared at the darkness sadly not even caring that her father was there.
"Luna?" Stardust called to her.
Luna turned and looked at him, "Dad?"
"I came to talk to you," Stardust answered and walked to the balcony.
"You sure your not to busy to talk to me?" Luna asked sounding a bit annyed.
Stardust couldn't tell if she was upset or mad or maybe both.
"I should never be to busy for my own daughter," Stardust answered, he took his hoof and ran it through Luna's mane getting her attention, "I am sorry I have been so busy. I never wanted to be like mom and dad and yet, I was for a short time. I've kept everyone to busy even you."
Luna looked at him surprisingly, she never thought he even noticed how she felt or cared.
"I know you want to spend time with Blizzard...isn't that right?" Stardust asked her in a soft sad voice. It didn't even sound like her father who was always a little loud and firm.
Luna looked at the floor, "I do. More than anything. I just want to talk to him, play laugh...just to stand next to him if possible."
Stardust smiled, "I want to spend time with your mother and I'm sure Skview and Starfire wants time to themselves. I have been busy trying to get things done before winter but I see now that not everything is going to get done. Luna, how about in the mornings you'll do what you've been doing and after dinner you can have sometime to spend to yourself till bedtime?"
Luna looked at him and smiled greatly, "Really?...Blizzard too?"
"Yes Luna, Even Blizzard will have time to do what ever he wants. We all will," Stardust hugged her, "Besides I want to spend as much time with your mother as possible. I miss having her around with me."
Luna hugged him and laid her head against his black coat.

The next day, after dinner just as her father had promised, He took Royal Heart to the throne room while Luna and Blizzard walked the halls. Skyview went to the library to read and Starfire managed to get Star Cluster to play board games while annyong Skyview at the same time.
Luna walked to the garden where the gate sat. She and Blizzard sat on the stony ground and leaned on each other's shoulder.
"I missed talking to you," Luna whispered.
"So have I. I learned alot whie I was with Stardust but there were times I thought of you," Blizzard told her.
"Really?" Luna asked, "I thought you forgot about me."
Blizzard looked at her and smiled, "That just isn't possible." Then he kissed her and leaned his head on hers. Luna didn't know how long she sat there with him and she really didn't care.