Chapter 79: A day of headaches

Blizzard slept on the floor or he tried to. His head still ached from last night. He laid still as his head throbbed. He reach on his head and felt a bump where the source of the pain was coming from. The soldier hit him hard, enough to knock him out and give him a good headache. He sat up when the black ponies woke up. He felt tired and wished he had slept better last night. He slowly got to his feet and sat holding his head as his headache throbbed.
"Are you ok?" Starfire asked.
"No, my head hurts. I...I went to the castle and a soldier hit me on the head. Now it hurts," Blizzard explained.
Stardust approached him silently and whispered, "Did you find out anything?"
"Only that everything in the castle is covered in cloths," Blizzard whispered, "The soldiers don't just guard the outside, the guard the inside too. I'm going back to look around again. Something is there, the answers to the problem has to be there."
"Ok but you be very careful, Blizzard," Stardust whispered.
Just then Raindrop walked in and saw Blizzard holding his head.
"Are you alright?" Raindrop asked worriedly.
"I just bumped my head," Blizzard answered.
"Oh? on what?" Raindrop asked looking around the empty room.
"Oh feet," Starfire answered, "I'm a very active sleeper."
"That is why he's over there and I'm here. You can't imagine how many times I found his feet in my face," Skyview added.
Raindrop laughed, "I'm very sorry, I hope you're alright though. Well, it's time for breakfast." She turned and left. Starfire rolled up his blanket and sat it by the wall then he left the room. Blizzard was last to leave. Luna stood and waited for him.
Blizzard smiled at her, "I'll be fine."
"I hope so," Luna replied.

Blizzard followed Luna down the hall to the table in the dinning room. He sat down across from Whisper who was still angry with him.
Raindrop finished setting the breakfast on the table and they all began eating. Luna had to have her pancakes, the others got waffles and Whisper got pancakes as well.
Raindrop noticed how Whisper and Blizzard keep staring at each other as if there was something they wanted to say and couldn't.
After they were done, Raindrop took her plate and went to the kitchen, then she returned to the table feel annoyed by the silence the two had.
"Alright what is going on with your two?" Raindrop asked, "Whisper?"
"Nothing!" Whisper exclaimed.
"I know that look and it's nothing!" Raindrop told her.
"He went in my room the other day!" Whisper exclaimed angrily.
"I was only picking up her pictures!" Blizzard exclaimed.
"You were looking at them!" Whisper exclaimed, "Those were none of your business!"
"I wanted to see if the frame were ok!" Blizzard replied angrily.
"No you weren't. You were being nosy!" Whisper exclaimed angrily.
"Why get so upset to the point of crying over pictures that he helped pick up. They all seemed ok to me," Luna pointed out.
"Mind your own business," Whisper exclaimed.
Blizzard was angrily with Whisper. He stood up and slammed his hooves on the table not realizing ice was slowly forming, "Don't you dare talk to her like that again. My business is her business!" Then Blizzard looked at Raindrop, "I'm sorry. I'll see you all later." Blizzard left the table and hurried outside.
Luna ran after Blizzard through the back door in the kitchen. Raindrop glared at Whisper.
"But he was looking at them, mom," Whisper explained.
"And he wouldn't know who those pictures are. What are you worried about? They're guests and you don't treat them like that," Raindrop told her.
Whisper looked at the table sadly then she looked up at the surprised black ponies, "I'm sorry for my outburst. I...I never had a...boy in my room before." Then she stood up and left the room running to her room. Tear began to fall from her cheek, she realized maybe she over reacted. After all her mother was right, he wouldn't know who the ponies in her pictures are and there was no way of him finding out. She stood looking at the pictures on her dresser and a valeted black box that sat hidden behind them. It wasn't long till she heard Luna and Blizzard talking. She parted her curtains and leaned on the window sill watching.

"Blizzard, I hope you're ok," Luna said to him.
Blizzard stood by the forest smiling at her, "I'm fine."
"She really got you mad," Luna pointed out.
"I was a little upset before I came to the table, she didn't help the mater any," Blizzard replied, then he noticed Whisper watching. She quickly left the window and sat on her bed.
"She was watching. Something about her is odd, Luna. You be careful around her," Blizzard told her.
Luna smiled and nuzzled him.
"I'm going to the castle again," Blizzard whispered in her ear.
"Watch out for those soldiers," Luna whispered back.
Blizzard kissed her on the lips. Whisper watched from the corner of the window. Blizzard let go and then he ran into the forest.

Stardust and Skyview thanked Raindrop and left the house to snoop around again. Starfire helped Raindrop clear the table. While Starfire took the plates to the kitchen, Raindrop picked up Blizzard's plate and notice a small spot of ice where Blizzard had touched the table. Raindrop almost dropped the plates. She quickly got her balance and went to the kitchen.
"Are you alright?" Starfire asked noticing that she almost dropped a hoof full of plates.
"I'm fine, just a bit tired," Raindrop lied. It was more than that. Seeing that spot of ice was a shock. Could he have done it? Was it possible?