Chapter 77: The night for nightmares

In was after midnight, the mist came rolling into the house and covering the forest floor. The crickets made their noses and the wind blew slightly. Everything seem calm just like every other night.
Raindrop walked through the big room, she stopped and wiped the tear from her face and continued outside.
Skyview heard her leave her room and walk across the floor. He waited till she was outside before waking up Starfire. Skyview shook Starfire till he woke up.
"Raindrop went to the porch," Skyview whispered.
Starfire yawned still half asleep.
"She was upset, Starfire," Skyview whispered.
Starfire opened his eyes, "Oh why didn't you say so." He yawned and stood up leaving the room.

He walked to the porch and saw Raindrop sitting there trying not to let a tear fall.
"Raindrop," Starfire whispered tiredly.
Raindrop turned and looked at him, "I'm sorry I woke you."
"You didn't. Hardly anything wakes me. Skyview is a light sleeper and heard you leave. Now what's wrong and don't tell me it's nothing," Starfire replied.
"Just a bad dream. I used to have it all the time, then it went away and's back," Raindrop replied.
Starfire sat next to her and stretch one wing around her shoulder shielding her from the wind.
"Tell me about the dream," Starfire whispered to her.
Raindrop leaned her head on his shoulder, "Please don't ask. Just sit with me."
"Ok," Starfire replied.

Skyview was just getting back to sleep when he noticed Blizzard was dreaming.
Blizzard dreamt about the ponies he had seem in the picture. He a baby pony wearing his golden necklace which was to big to fit him. Blizzard saw the two familiar ponies arguing with Teriney. The shouting scared him. He ran and hid under a pile of blankets. When the shouting stopped he took a peak and saw Teriney blowing fire. The two ponies were engulfed in flames, they screamed and cried. With in minuted they fell over dead. Blizzard wiggled back under the blankets crying quietly and shaking from fear. He could hear Teriney leave the tent, Blizzard peaked from under the blankets and saw Teriney blowing fire at the tent. The fire spread rapidly. Sparks of fire fell on the blankets making Blizzard leave his hiding spot. He didn't dare look at the two dead ponies. He was to scared at what he might see. He sat in the center of the tent and cried. Fire consumed the tent, he was surrounded by fire and there was no way to escape.
Blizzard jumped awake, shaking and sweating from fear in his dream. Skyview looked at him worriedly.
"Blizzard are you alright?" Skyview asked feeling concerned for Blizzard.
Blizzard stood up and ran out of the house.
Stardust and Luna woke up from the noise. Skyview hurried to the door to see Blizzard disappear into the darkness.
"Skyview what happened?" Starfire asked from the side of the house.
"I don't know. He woke up and ran," Skyview explained.
Stardust and Luna went to the door but didn't see Blizzard anywhere in sight.
"Luna go after him. See if he's alright," Stardust told her.
Luna ran into the darkness with her horn glowing.

She followed the path through the forest looking for Blizzard.
"Blizzard!" Luna called.
"Here," Blizzard answered from across the road. He was sitting in a clearing in the darkness.
Luna winked next to him, "Are you alright?"
"I'm fine. Sorry I worried you. I wanted to get out of the house and cool off," Blizzard explained.
Luna felt his coat, he was warm and wet.
"Are you sure?" Luna asked worriedly.
Blizzard smiled at her, "I'm not sick. I just had that dream. it's been getting worse."
Luna sat down next to him, "What do you mean?"
"Remember the pictures that fell in Whisper's room? Well one of the picture felt familiar. Then tonight I had a dream, that same nightmare with those ponies from the picture in it. I remember them dying and Teriney being there and I was caught in the fire."
"Blizzard, are you saying those two ponies in the picture are your...well...your"
"Parents?" Blizzard asked, "I don't know. The picture might have some resemblance to my real parents or I might have gotten super lucky and found them here. I don't know Luna. That dream shook me up. It's no wonder I forgot most of it," Blizzard replied.
Luna nuzzled him, she felt sorry for him.
Blizzard smiled, "Go to bed. I'll be fine."
"Dad should know about this," Luna told him.
"You can tell him then, I'm going to check out that castle. I don't know why but something tells me the answers are all there," Blizzard replied.
Luna stood up and nuzzled his cheek, then she kissed him, "Goodnight, be careful."
"Goodnight," Blizzard replied.
Luna winked back to the house and whispered to her father and Blizzard about what happened to Blizzard.