Chapter 76: A Prince in love

It was in the afternoon when Raindrop left the house and sat on the back porch facing the forest. Starfire followed her and stood looking at her worriedly, "Is something wrong?"
"No," Raindrop answered.
"That's not true. You're mad about something," Starfire pointed out.
Raindrop ignored him, she knew he was right.
"Please tell me. Why are you mad? Did I do something wrong?" Starfire asked.
Raindrop looked at him, she was tempted to tell him but didn't.
"What have I done that's so bad?" Starfire asked.
Raindrop stood up looking angrily, "You and your brother have been asking to many questions about that stupid castle and to top it off you're a Prince and didn't tell me!"
Starfire gasped. How could she have known that?
"You were using me this whole time. You want that castle. You have been trying to get information from me," Tears began to stream down Raindrop's face, "This whole time You were using me!"
"No, that not true," Starfire replied surprisingly.
"Yes it is!" Raindrop flew from the porch, "Leave me alone!"
Starfire knew he had to tell he everything, to explain he loved her. He was also going to find out how she knew. He flapped his wings and flew from the house.

"Wait!" Starfire yelled. Raindrop flew ahead of Starfire, she was crying and wiping her tears.
"No!" Raindrop yelled, "Leave me alone!"
Starfire was mad. He wanted to explain and she wasn't going to listen. He flapped his wings rapidly and flew past Raindrop like blur almost knocking her out of the sky. Raindrop was shocked at what happened. She stopped suddenly in mid air and saw Starfire hovering in front of her.
"We have to talk. Now!" Starfire exclaimed angrily.
"Yes! now. You can not out fly me. Not even the Flutter ponies can. Lets talk," Starfire said. He looked around and saw the lake he had visited before, "There. That looks like a perfect place to talk." Raindrop followed him to the lake, she didn't have a choice.

They landed on the grass by the lake. Starfire turned from the lake and looked at her with a serious face. It was a look Raindrop had not seen on him before.
"I did not tell you I was a Prince because I wanted you to love me for me. Not because I was special or the most amazing pony you ever seen. Look at me, I'm black all the way to the skin. I'm the first male pegasus. Who wouldn't want me? All my life I went to parties. Our parents hoped to hook us up with a Princess. Stardust was lucky to find one who loved him and not his fame. As for me and Skyview the Princesses continued to bug us, they batted their eyes at us, smiled and tried to be the perfect ponies for us. All they cared about was being with the famous black ponies, the triplets. You were the first who didn't see me that way. I love you and not because you have all the answers we're looking for. As for that Castle, we don't want it. We already have a castle to live in and we're quite happy there."
Raindrop looked at the grass sadly. She realized she had came to the wrong conclusion about Starfire.
"Why do you want to know about the castle then?" Raindrop asked.
"Because it sits there empty. Something in this valley is very wrong and we want to help solve the problem," Starfire answered.
"The problem is best forgotten," Raindrop muttered.
"Sometimes it is but not this one. It's hurting ponies to keep such a secret. Can you not see it?" Starfire asked.
Raindrop turned, tears streamed down her face, "I'm so sorry Starfire."
Starfire approached her and looked over her shoulder with kind eyes.
"I love you too but...This hurts to think about it. I tried to forget about it," Raindrop sobbed.
"I don't know what it is but something so terrible can't be forgotten so easily," Starfire told her.
Raindrop fell tot he ground and cried. Starfire laid in front of her and laid his head on hers.
"Will you tell me what's so terrible?" Starfire asked.
"Not now," Raindrop whispered as she sobbed loudly, "Please."
"Then before I leave the valley," Starfire told her.
Raindrop didn't reply, she didn't want to remember her secret or tell anyone about it. She wished Starfire and his brothers had never asked about the castle in the first place.