Chapter 72: Watching the castle

It was after breakfast, the black ponies went their way checking out the valley. Whisper went to see her friends in the forest and Raindrop was enjoying her time with Starfire. Luna wanted to spend more time with Blizzard helping him solve the secret of the castle.
They avoided the roads and decided to cut across the forest and meadows. They didn't want to bother the villagers or be chased away from soldiers. They thought they'd get as close as they could and just sit watching the castle. Blizzard didn't see any harm in watching the castle.
"Are you sure it'll be ok?" Luna asked.
"I don't see why not. We are only going to look at it and we won't be that close to it," Blizzard told her.
"But why are we going to look at it? I mean aren't we going there to find out more about the castle?" Luna asked.
"Yes, sometime just watching and observing can tell you a lot," Blizzard replied.
Luna hoped he was right. They walked through fields, crops and forest while keeping their eyes on the castle. The valley didn't seem as flat as it looked at first. They climbed hills and jumped over streams. For awhile it didn't feel like they were in the valley.
Ponies in fields stopped their work to watch Luna and Blizzard pass them. Luna just smiled at them but they didn't smile back.
They walked for sometime as the castle got larger and closer. Luna and Blizzard walked quietly up a hill when they saw how close the castle was. Trees and thick bushes blocked their path at the top. Blizzard forced his way through with Luna behind him.
"We made it," Blizzard muttered.

They took a few steps away from the bushes and laid down, stretching their back feet. Luna laid down next to Blizzard leaning on his side.
Soldiers stood in a row guarding the castle, their armor shined brightly, reflecting the sun's rays. Blizzard studied the castle wondering what secrets it held. What was inside? Could someone really be inside ruling? Blizzard stared at the windows hoping to see something but they were all cover in heavy red curtains. As they laid and looked at the castle a light green pony with rainbow hair approached them.
"You two are going to have to leave," the soldier told them.
Blizzard looked mad, he stood up forgetting that Luna was leaning on him, "Why? We weren't doing anything."
Luna stood up after falling over.
"This is still the castle ground, now I ask you to leave," The soldier told them.
"We're not that close to it though," Luna replied.
"I have my order, now leave," the soldier demanded.
Blizzard stood firmly to the ground not wanting to budge. The soldier stood on his hind legs with his front hoof on the sword handle by his side, "I'm warning you two, now leave."
Luna gasped when she saw a crest embedded in the soldier's armor. On top was a dragon, and something that looked like a snowflake under it. She was greatly surprised to see the dragon.
"I have done nothing," Blizzard told him.
The soldier was about to pull the sword out of the sheath when Luna muttered Blizzard's name.
"Blizzard, please. Lets just go," Luna begged him.
The soldier paused and looked at Blizzard surprisingly. The soldier didn't say a word for several minutes, then he backed away.
"Please leave," the soldier said.
Blizzard turned and left with Luna next to him.

Blizzard was still mad about what happened. He couldn't believe he wasn't even allowed to look at the castle so close. He now knew they were hiding something inside the castle, something someone didn't want them to know.
Luna leaned her head on Blizzard's neck feeling bad about making him leave.
"I'm sorry," Luna muttered.
"What for?" Blizzard asked.
"I made you leave in the middle of the fight," Luna replied.
Blizzard smiled, "It wasn't really a fight and besides it was best that we did leave. I now know I have to get inside. I'm sure there's something inside that they're hiding."
"How are you going to get inside?" Luna asked curiously.
"The windows are not glass so it should be easy to sneak inside," Blizzard answered.

They walked back to the house in silence, Luna was deep in thought thinking about the dragon. She wondered if she really saw it. Why was there a dragon on the armor?
"Luna, you've been very quiet," Blizzard observed.
"I was just thinking," Luna replied still resting her head on his neck.
"About what?" Blizzard asked.
"You were right about learning from watching," Luna replied.
Blizzard stopped and looked at her curiously, "Did you learn something too?"
"When the soldier stood up getting ready to draw his sword, there was a royal crest on it. Didn't you see it?" Luna asked him.
"No, I wasn't paying that much attention to it," Blizzard replied.
"The crest had a dragon on it," Luna told him.
"So what's so special about that?" Blizzard asked.
"It was the same dragon that's on my family's crest, it had a long horn and feathered wings. It was the same dragon. I'm pretty sure of that. Blizzard, I don't remember being here as a dragon," Luna replied.
"This just gets more interesting. Are you curtain it was a feathered dragon on the crest?" Blizzard asked finding it quite hard to believe. He now wished he had paid more attention.
"Yes I know what I look like as a dragon and that was me...or should I say Kesia," Luna answered.
"Hummm, Lets hurry back and tell Stardust," Blizzard suggested.