Chapter 71: Forbidon castle

After breakfast, Blizzard left the house. Luna followed him wondering where he was going.
"Blizzard," Luna called to him.
Blizzard stopped and smiled at her, "Lets go for a walk."
Luna stood next to him and smiled, "Ok."
They walked to the road and headed towards the castle.
"Stardust wants me to check out the castle. I thought you might want to get a closer look at it too," Blizzard explained.
Luna smiled at him, "I'd love to get a closer look. What do you think will be there?"
"I don't expect much. Maybe a soldier at the door or something," Blizzard answered, "Since no one will tell us what's going on we hoped the answers will be at the castle."
"I hope so. I hear so many reports from Skyview and Starfire and dad, It makes me wonder how can ponies live like that. Sad always scared of telling their secret. A secret the whole valley shares and I have a feeling ponies in the valley wants us gone too."
"I'm not surprise. We've been asking too many questions, being nosy and upsetting them. Who knows, we might even get kicked out of the valley. It wouldn't mater if we did, we don't plan on staying anyways," Blizzard replied.
They walked for sometime smiling at ponies who tried to keep their distance. No one wanted to get near the new guests fearing of getting asked about the secret. Luna looked at the ponies, they seemed scared or cautious. She remembered when they were curious and friendly now they keep their distance and refuse to smile at them. Luna felt sorry for the ponies in the valley, she wished there was something that could be done to help them.

They walked on the road and past several crossroad. Luna thought they were lost as times.
"Maybe we should ask how to get there," Luna suggested.
"It would be a good idea but somehow I doubt anyone will give us directions," Blizzard replied.
They walked till they came to a bridge. Luna smiled greatly, she knew where they were and it should be easy to get to the castle from here. The castle looked closer now, She was excited to see the castle up close. She wanted to see how white the bricks on the castle was. Where they like crystals, snow or glass or just plan white rocks?
They crossed the bridge and followed the road through a shaded forest, the road became stony but smooth and flat. They climbed the hill till they reached the end of the forest. Luna and Blizzard stood staring at the Castle. It was as tall as Dream Castle. Luna thought it looked a lot like Dream Castle but only white. It was very pretty. Luna was about to take a step closer when Blizzard stopped her, "Wait."
"Why?" Luna asked.
Blizzard pointed to the row of soldiers in silver armor standing just outside a white iron fence.
"Soldiers?" Luna asked, "But I thought no one lived there."
"So did I," Blizzard answered, "Wait here. I'll go see what's up."
Blizzard left Luna and followed the road to the row of soldiers. A white pony soldier with light blue, pink and white hair stopped him, "Stop right there!"
"Does anyone live here?" Blizzard asked.
"No and you are not aloud near it. No one is, now leave. immediately," The soldier ordered him to.
"Why?" Blizzard asked.
"Do not ask. We have orders not to let anyone near the castle unless you work inside. This is your last warning, Leave or else!"
Blizzard glared at the soldier then he turned and left heading back to Luna.
"What happened?" Luna asked curiously.
"I was ordered to leave but I'll be back," Blizzard told her. Luna turned and followed Blizzard through the forest and back to the bridge. They stood on the bridge leaning on each other and admiring the view. Blizzard thought about the castle. He wondered why he couldn't get near it?

After awhile they left the bridge and continued walking back to the house. When they got there, they saw Stardust and Skyview talking by a tree. Starfire was inside keeping Raindrop busy.
"Well, what did you find out?" Stardust asked.
"Not much I'm afraid. There were rows of soldiers guarding the castle. They told me to leave. They said they have orders not to let anyone near the castle," Blizzard reported.
Stardust looked at him curiously, "Who is giving orders? And if there's not royal family left in the valley then where did the soldiers come from?"
"This valley is full of questions," Skyview replied.
"We got to find out quickly. I don't want to spend much more time away from home. I'm sure Royal Heart is very worried about us," Stardust remarked, "Blizzard try and get more information from the castle. Skyview, since no one is talking to us now, sneak around and while your at it, find out all you can from Birdie. It seems that Raindrop refuses to talk to us about her life or the castle so Birdie is the only one we can get the answers from."
"Ok but in my own time," Skyview told him, "I love her and I don't want her ignoring me completely like the ponies in this valley."