Chapter 70: The nightmare

It's midnight, the mist appeared seeping into houses and all over the land. everyone slept soundly except Skyview who was the only one not sleeping. He had sneaked out of the house and was walking around just as Stardust told him to. He quietly walked on the road with his horn glowing lighting his way. The mist kept a great deal of light just beyond his nose. He stopped and looked at every house, most ponies were sound asleep, he could hear them snoring. A few houses had lights on with ponies sitting at a table talking or walking around. Skyview turned into a cloud and floated to the house hiding below the window.
"Calm down, you know the rules," the male pony told her.
"I'm sorry but it's a stupid rule. We need to talk about it. What had happened and..."
"Quiet!" the male pony exclaimed, "You can't talk about it. You know that."
The female pony looked at the picture in front of her, "I miss our boy."
The male pony stood up and hugged her, "Lets go to bed."
Skyview left the window and floated to the next house. He heard the same thing, ponies wanting to talk about the secret and wasn't allowed.
He floated back to the road and appeared in pony form. He walked on the road listening quietly to ponies whisperings and snores.
"So many ponies," Skyview thought, "They're all sad. This secret of there is hurting them."
Skyview turned and went back to the house. He felt as if the answer to all his questions was getting closer and he had to talk to his brothers about it.

Blizzard slept on the blanket feeling comfortable in his position. He was sleeping soundly till he began to dream. The same nightmare he always had.
He was a baby ponies hiding in the tent and listening to screaming ponies. He was buried under the piles of blankets scared. He peaked out from under the blankets and saw Teriney's face through the cracks of the tents. Teriney was angry, he took a deep breath and blew fire from his mouth setting the tent on fire. Blizzard stayed hidden till a spark of fire fell on the blankets. Blizzard ran to center of the tent with the golden necklace around his neck. He sat in the snow crying and feeling frightened at the fire completely consuming the tent.
Blizzard suddenly woke up from his nightmare. His blanket was completely consumed in ice and so was part of the floor around him. He stood up breathing heavily from his terrifying nightmare. He walked to the door and bumped into Skyview.
"Blizzard is something wrong?" Skyview asked in a whispering voice. He could tell Blizzard was scared and shaking a bit.
"My nightmare came. I remember more of it. It's..."
"Pretty bad?" Skyview asked.
Blizzard nodded.
"The nightmares won't go away till you remember all of it. Remember it's just a dream, something that happened in the past," Skyview reminded him.
"Thanks," Blizzard replied feeling a bit better. He walked to the porch and laid down staring at the mist. He thought of his dream, he had seen Teriney there and heard screams. Who was screaming and why? A part of him wanted to know what happed and a part of him was scared to know.

The next morning, Raindrop shook Blizzard awake who had fallen asleep on the porch.
"Are you ok?" Raindrop asked, "I mean is something wrong sleeping in the room?"
Blizzard yawned and stood up. He looked around as if he had forgotten how he ended up on the porch.
"I'm fine. The room is fine too. I...just came to the porch to watch the sky and fell asleep I guess," Blizzard answered. He didn't know Raindrop and didn't feel like telling her about his dream.
"Well, it's almost breakfast," Raindrop told him. Then she turned and left, heading back into the house. Blizzard walked to the door and saw that everyone had already woken up, they're blankets were neatly rolled up, even his blanket. He walked around the house hoping to find them and soon saw the black ponies gathered together by a tree. Blizzard left the porch and approached them.
"So something happened to their loved ones and they're not aloud to talk about it?" Stardust asked.
"That would be my guess," Skyview replied.
"But what does that had to do with the castle?" Starfire asked.
Stardust looked at Blizzard and smiled, "Oh, I see you finally woke up. Skyview told me you had that dream."
"Yes, well, I remember Teriney setting the tent on fire and I..." Blizzard paused still feeling the chill from the screams, "I remember screams."
"Screams?" Starfire asked.
"Do you remember anything else?" Skyview asked curiously.
"No, nothing new besides what I just told you," Blizzard answered.
"Why would anyone scream?" Starfire asked.
"I'm afraid only Blizzard knows that. In time he'll remember it all," Stardust replied, "Blizzard could you go check out the castle later today?"
"Sure," Blizzard answered.
"Let me know what happened or if you learn anything," Stardust told him.
"Ok," Blizzard replied glancing at the white castle peaking through the trees.