Chapter 6: Fussy daddy

Royal Heart was laying in bed as she watched Stardust sleeping. It was morning and she had woken up early. She was warm laying next to Stardust's warm black coat not wanting to get out of bed. She looked outside and saw the light as the sun was just over the horizon. She yawned and climbed out of bed, then she went to her dresser and took her brush. She stood looking at the mirror brushing her hair and curling it, then she sat her hair up on her head. She turned around to get her crown when she noticed Stardust was awake and was watching her with a smile on his face.
"What?" Royal Heart asked. Seeing him smile in bed for no reason was unusual.
Stardust climbed out of bed, "I just happen to notice your stomach while you were doing your hair."
Royal Heart looked at her stomach and smiled, "Well the baby didn't just grow over night. I'm surprised you didn't notice sooner."
Stardust approached her and nuzzled her, "I guess I've been a bit busy." Then he rubbed the side of her stomach. Royal heart laughed, "What are you doing?"
"Just saying good morning to the baby," Stardust replied.
Royal Heart laughed, "Well we should be going downstairs."
Stardust turned and picked up his crown, then he carefully sat it on his head, "I can help you with yours,"
"No, I'm perfectly capable of doing it myself. I have been for years now and I haven't had any trouble doing it," Royal Heart annoyingly answered.
"Stardust, don't help me with anything," Royal Heart told him.
"I can't help it," Stardust told her smiling.
Royal Heart put her crown on and kissed Stardust, "I know."

They left their room and walked to the stairs where Blizzard, Starfire and Skyview stood waiting. Luna was just approaching them.
Royal Heart smiled at her then she followed Stardust down the stairs.
"You might want to be careful walking the steps," Stardust told her.
"Stardust, please. I'm fine. I'm not going to fall and hurt myself. Stop being such a fussy daddy," Royal Heart told him.
Skyview and Starfire couldn't help but laughed.

They walked down the steps and down a long hallway till they reached the dinning room. They entered the room and quickly took their seats. Star Cluster, Amaryllis and Peaches was a few minutes behind them. Once they were all seated, the servants walked in and sat the trays and drinks down, then they left.
Stardust began eating trying to think about what he has to do today but he couldn't stop glancing at Royal Heart and her plate.
"You should try and eat a little more," Stardust commented.
Royal Heart gave him an annoying look, "I eat just fine, Stardust. Shouldn't you think about what your going to do today?"
Luna watched her parents with fascination. What has gotten into her father? As she sat listening to Stardust give the order for today, she glanced at her mother, she didn't see anything special other being a little fat.
Royal Heart smiled at her, "Are you going to eat?"
Luna smiled and continued eating.

After breakfast, Royal Heart took Luna to the meeting room. They sat on the couch and began Luna's studies. As her mother taught, Luna continued to look at her curiously.
Royal Heart stopped and sighed, "What is it Luna? You've been staring strangely at me."
"Well, I don't see why dad is being so...Umm," Luna couldn't think of the right word to describe Stardust's unusual behavior.
Royal Heart smiled, "Fussy?"
"Yes," Luna replied.
"He's just a concerned father, he'll get worse the bigger I get, just wait and see. He was pretty bad when I carried you. Now lets finish your lesson before I have to run to the kitchen," Royal Heart replied.
Luna giggled and went back to studying.

When dinner came, Luna was in the dinning room at the table glancing at Blizzard who finally noticed that she was looking. He smiled which made Luna smile back.
The servants walked in setting plates, bowels and drinks on the table. As everyone began eating, Star Cluster watched Luna, she stared at her plate sadly glancing at Blizzard every now and then but she never said a word. Starfire noticed Star Cluster staring and looked to see what he was looking at, the Skyview noticed Star Cluster and Starfire, the he too looked.
"We should say something," Starfire whispered.
"No," Skyview answered in a whispering voice
"Not yet anyways," Star Cluster answered whispering, "This isn't a good time to say something."
"It'll have to be soon. I can't stand to watch," Starfire whispered.
Stardust sighed, "Just what are you two whispering about?"
"Nothing," the three of them answered.
"That doesn't sound like nothing," Stardust remarked.
"We'll, tell you later," Skyview told him.
Luna looked at them suspiously wondering what they were up to. The three of them smiled at her which made Amaryllis giggle.
"What?" Star Cluster asked.
"Oh, just now. I found it finny, that's all," Amaryllis answered.
Star Cluster continued eating while watching Luna, it took him a few minutes to realize Blizzard was looking at her suspiously. Did he know? did he suspect Luna's problem?