Chapter 69: A day with Birdie

Stardust and Skyview walked on the dirt road meeting and asking ponies questions.
"We won't get anywhere by asking them questions," Skyview pointed out, "They all say and react the same way."
"Skyview later tonight when Raindrop goes to bed, I want you to sneak around the valley and see if you can find out anything," Stardust suggested.
"Ok," Skyview replied.

They continued walking on the road and crossing the bridge. Then they followed the road back to Raindrop's house. Skyview paused at the crossroads. "Stardust, I'm going to see Birdie. I'll see you later."
"Skyview find out what you can from her," Stardust told him.
"I will." Skyview smiled and left the cross roads. He walked past staring ponies in the fields and on the road till he came to the stony path to Birdie's house. He followed the path and walked up the stairs to the door. He cracked the door open, "Birdie?"
"Skyview please come in," Birdie shouted from the kitchen.
Skyview walked into the house and peaked into the kitchen. Birdie looked at him and smiled, "Skyview, You're just in time. I was about to make dinner. Are you going to stay for dinner?"
Skyview smiled greatly, "That's why I came."
"Wonderful. Make yourself at home in the living room, have a look around if you like," Birdie told him.
"I will," Skyview replied and left the kitchen.

He looked at the paintings of the castle and paintings of the valley. He saw pictures of ponies he'd never seen before and picture of Birdie and her sister when they were younger. One picture caught his eye. It was small and sat on a small table by a window. Skyview picked it up to examine the picture closer. It was a light purple pony almost white looking. His mane was white and his tail was dark purple. He wore a silver shinny armor, it looked to fancy for a normal solider he had to be an important soldier.
"You live here alone in this big house?" Skyview asked.
"Yes I do," Birdie answered, "This house use to be my parents. Mom died when I was just a baby so dad had to take care of us."
"Is he a soldier?" Skyview asked.
"He was. He died too," Birdie answered, "After that, Raindrop seemed to have changed. She used to be fun and outgoing. Now she hides her troubles and worries over everything. Well, nothing I can do will help her. No one can. She doesn't want to talk about her troubles, she'd rather talk about my troubles which I don't have any...well not as bad as hers. Oh, I'm sorry I should be boring you about my sister."
"I see you're really worried about her," Skyview guessed.
Birdie walked out of the kitchen and looked at Skyview holding a familiar picture.
"I see why your asking so many questions about my father," Birdie observed. She approached him and took the picture looking at it sadly, "I miss him Skyview. Raindrop won't even look at his picture."
"Why?" Skyview asked.
Birdie looked at him and sat the picture on the table, "Please don't ask and don't say anything to Raindrop about him. I know you and your brothers have been going around the valley asking questions. Questions that non of us are allowed to answer. We so desperately love to tell you but...we just can't please don't ask."
Skyview could see on her face how upset she was not being able to talk about it. He realized that was the reason ponies were so upset or cried when he asked them questions, they wanted to tell him and they weren't aloud to.
Skyview put his hoof on Birdie's shoulder, "I'm sorry." Birdie leaning on him burring her face in his black fur, "It's ok...I just wish I could tell you." after several minutes Birdie let go and smiled at Skyview, "I should be getting back to the kitchen." Then she turned and left with Skyview following her.
"What are you cooking?" Skyview asked curiously.
"Lasagna, I make the best lasagna in the valley. Well, in fact I make the best of everything in the valley. I used to be the cook in the castle so I learned quite a few things there," Birdie told him.
"From what I can tell of your lunch, it's better than Raindrop's food," Skyview commented.
Birdie laughed, "I agree." She checked the oven and than took out some plates, "Skyview, you haven't told me anything about you."
"Well, me and my brothers are triplet," Skyview replied.
Birdie smiled, "That explains why you three look alike."
"We have a younger brother too. Stardust was first born, then me and last was Starfire. Star Cluster was born a year later, he also just got married."
"A wedding, That must have been nice to see. Does he look like you three?" birdie asked taking the plates to the dinning room.
"No, he's purple but still a dark color," Skyview answered.
"Really?" Birdie asked looking at him surprisingly, "How about your parents? Do they look like you or they still alive?"
"They're very much alive and no we look nothing like them. They're earth ponies and believe it or not they are our real parents," Skyview explained.
"Earth ponies but how can you three...well, look the way you do?" Birdie asked curiously.
"We don't know and we don't think we'll ever know," Skyview explained.
"Oh, I got to get our dinner before it burns," Birdie rushes back into the kitchen and took out the lasagna. Then she carried it to the dinning room, setting it on the table.
"Skyview I hope you don't mind me asking you...ummm....have anyone back home you like?"
Skyview smiled, "Like a girlfriend?"
Birdie blushes, "I'm sorry I was just wondering."
Skyview approached her, "No, only you if you want to."
Birdie smiled greatly, "You'd be the first for me." She began to feel nervous and yet excited. She realized she had fallen in love when she talked to him on the bridge.
Skyview leaned closer and the two kissed forgetting about the lasagna cooling on the table.