Chapter 68: To old to play

After breakfast everyone left the house. Whisper went to the forest, Blizzard and Luna walked around the valley, Stardust and Skyview walked on the road talking to other ponies. Raindrop sat on the porch staring sadly at the castle. She was deep in thought and didn't hear Starfire approach her from behind.
"Hi," Starfire said.
Raindrop was started and turned to find Starfire there, "I thought you left."
"Nope, I'm still here. Is anything wrong?" Starfire asked.
"No nothing's wrong," Raindrop answered.
Starfire knew she was lying. There was something troubling her and she wasn't about to tell him. Starfire sat next to her and looked at the castle, "It's pretty."
"Yes I know," Raindrop replied, she couldn't count how many time she had heard her guests say that.
Starfire looked at her surprisingly, "You sure seemed pretty sad looking at it. I thought it'll be rather pleasant to look at."
"I-I wasn't sad. You must have been imagining it," Raindrop looked away.
Starfire sat silently. He knew what he saw and yet she still denied she had a problem.
"Yes, perhaps I was," Starfire muttered. Then he stood up and smiled, "It's a nice day out and no one is here so...lets play."
Raindrop looked at him surprisingly, "What!?"
Starfire jumped off the porch and onto the grass, then he looked at Raindrop excitedly, "lets play."
"You're kidding right? I'm to old to be playing," Raindrop told him.
Starfire laughed, "Just where in the world did you hear such nonsense? Come on and lets play. It'll be fun."
"I don't know Starfire," Raindrop told him.
"Look, there is a time to play and time not to. Now is the time to play since it's only you and me here. I don't know about you but I don't want to sit on the porch growing old," Starfire bluntly told her.
Raindrop realized he was right. She stood up and jump off the porch, "So what should we play?"
"Tag," Starfire smiled.
"Tag?" Raindrop asked surprisingly.
"You do know how to play tag...don't you?" Starfire asked worriedly.
"Of course. I used to play that game with Birdie a lot," Raindrop replied smiling.
"Good, then you're it," Starfire tapped her and ran. Raindrop giggled and ran after him.

They continued to run around the house, laughing and tagging each other. Raindrop got tired of running in circles, she stretched her wings and flew from the ground. When Starfire wasn't following her she turned and smiled, "What's the mater? You can't fly?"
Starfire smiled, he stretched his wings and flew from the ground. He tried his best not to fly to fast but staying just inched behind her. Raindrop giggled trying her best to loose him. They zig zag and circled and flew high then dropped out of the sky. They had enjoyed flying together so much that they forgot about the game they started out playing.
"Starfire, I'm worn out. See? I'm to old to play."
Starfire laughed, "It's more like you haven't flown much or hardly at all so you're not used to it. Besides I know quite a few older ponies that can fly longer than you so it has nothing to do with your age."
Raindrop smiled, "I guess your right. It has been a long time since I flew. So long...Starfire. It feels great though. Maybe I should fly more often."
"Well, lets rest at that lake for awhile," Starfire suggested pointing to the lake under them.
They dropped out of the sky and flew in circles to slow themselves down for a landing.

The two landed on the soft grass. Raindrop's wings hung low from the ache. She laid on the grass relaxing her aching wings. Starfire laid on the grass in front of her waiting for her to catch her breath.
"Starfire I should do more flying. Resting makes my wings hurt more."
Starfire chuckled, "I'm not surprised. Just fly a little bit at a time till you get used to it again."
Raindrop smiled greatly, she couldn't remember the last time she felt this happy.
"Starfire, thank you."
"For what?" Starfire asked curiously.
"Making me forget my troubles," Raindrop replied.
Starfire smiled, she finally admitted there was something wrong with her but he still didn't know what it was. He looked at her and decide it's best not to ask her about it today, for now he wanted to see her happy.