Chapter 66: Nervous Birdie

Raindrop left town with her guests. They followed the dirt road passing ponies that were heading to town. They walked past a forest and meadows till they came to a stony path leading to a yellow and tan house. It sat high off the ground like Raindrop's house but it was bigger as well. They walked on the path and up a set of stairs to a sliding door. Raindrop slid the door to the side and peaked inside.
"Birdie!" Raindrop called.
Skyview gasped, he knew that name and wonder if it was the same pony he meet on the bridge? He was feeling excited to see the pony.
"Raindrop, is that you?" a voice asked.
Skyview recognized the pony's voice. It was defiantly Birdie.
"Yes and I brought some guests. I hope you don't mind," Raindrop told her.
"Not at all. Please come in."
Raindrop led her guests inside the house. The floor was wooden but it was a light color and shinny. In the living room were two couches with a glass table in the center. A white and yellow rug was laid out under the furniture. There were tables, painting and pictures all over the house. Skyview couldn't believe how different the house was compared to Raindrop's house.
Just then Birdie came out from the kitchen that sat on the left of the living room. Birdie paused and gasped when she saw Skyview.
"Umm, Hi," Birdie muttered, "I mean, hello. Please sit...I mean sit on the couch and make yourself at home."
"Everyone, this is Birdie my younger sister. We're about a year apart. Birdie these are my guest. They arrived a few days ago."
"Hi," Birdie shyly replied.
"I'm Stardust and these are my brothers, Skyview and Starfire. This is my Daughter Luna and her fiancee Blizzard."
Birdie stared surprisingly at Blizzard as if she was studying him, "Hi."
Blizzard smiled slightly.
"Well, Umm. sit...I mean make yourself comfortable while I make lunch," Birdie nervously replied. She turned and quickly left the room hurrying back into the kitchen.

Stardust, Skyview and Starfire sat on ne couch while Luna, Blizzard and Raindrop sat on the other couch. Skyview continued to look around the room admiring the paintings of the valley, castle and ponies he never seen before.
"This house is pretty," Starfire muttered.
"It sure is," Raindrop replied, "Birdie loves to keep things spotless."
As they talked they could here Birdie drop things every now and then.
"Birdie are you alright?" Raindrop asked.
"Yes I'm fine. I am aloud to drop things in my own house," Birdie answered.
Raindrop sighed, "Please excuse me." Raindrop stood up from the couch and walked into the kitchen.
Starfire looked at his brothers, "She certainly is one nervous pony. We get stared at, touched and asked so many questions but a pony nervous around us is a new one on me."
"I noticed. Not only she's nervous but she sounds like she can't hold something without dropping it," Stardust commented.
"I know I'm the most normal looking pony with you guys but have you noticed how Raindrop constantly stares at me and just then Birdie stared at me as well. Is there something...odd looking about me?" Blizzard asked.
"No, not at all," Starfire answered looking at him.
"Now that he mentioned it, Raindrop has been staring at him a lot and the look on Birdie's face when I told her his name," Stardust pointed out, "I can't imagine why though."
"I don't like it what ever the reason is," Blizzard muttered.
Skyview stood up, "Excuse me." Then he turned and left.

Skyview left the couch and walked to the kitchen where Raindrop and Birdie stood talking.
"I told you I'm fine," Birdie told her.
"You don't act fine. I know you for along time..."
"Raindrop please," Birdie begged her, "I'm fine."
"Being nervous isn't like you. You never drop things," Raindrop paused as if she suddenly knew why, "It wouldn't have something to do with my guests...would it?"
"No!" Birdie quickly exclaimed, "I mean not really...kind of."
Just then they heard a noise like someone clearing their throat. They turned to find Skyview standing in the kitchen.
"May I speak to her alone?" Skyview asked.
"I'm sorry but this is a family matter," Raindrop told him.
"Raindrop this isn't a family mater, now please let me speak to him...alone," Birdie told her.
"Why You just..."
"Don't be a nosy sister...not now. Please," Birdie begged her.
"Alright, I'll let the others know that lunch is coming soon," Raindrop told her, then she turned and left.

Skyview approached Birdie, "I'm sorry if I'm making you so nervous."
Birdie smiled, "It's alright. I can't seem to help myself when you're around," Birdie blushed shyly, "Sorry about Raindrop, she can be a little nosy at times. Always wants to know what I'm doing like a mother. It annoys me sometimes. I wish she'd act more like a sister than a mother. She wasn't always like that."
Skyview stood close to Birdie, "She just cares about you. Just be glad you got one sister, try having two with you all the time."
Birdie giggled, "Yeah I guess you're right."
"Well, want some help in the kitchen?" Skyview asked her.
"Yes, can you take those plates and set the table for me?" Birdie asked him pointing to counter, "The table is in that room," She pointed to another room through the kitchen.
"Sure," Skyview replied smiling at her. He picked up the plates and carried them to the dinning room while Birdie finished making lunch.

After Birdie had finished cooking and the table was set, everyone gathered at the table and ate. They talked about the town and how Skyview meet Birdie. When they had finished eating, they said their goodbyes and left. Birdie quickly got Skyview attention before he left the house.
"Skyview?" Birdie called to him.
Skyview was the last to leave. He stopped and faced Birdie, then he approached her.
"Are you going to come back...I mean for lunch or something?" Birdie asked.
"Of course. Your cooking is the best," Skyview replied.
Birdie smiled at him greatly, "Then I'll see you soon?"
"Perhaps very soon," Skyview replied, "Bye." Then he left the house.