Chapter 65: Curious ponies

Morning came and the mist quickly disappeared. Stardust, Skyview, Starfire, Luna and Blizzard ate breakfast and left the house with Raindrop who was carrying a few bags of vegetables from her garden.
They followed the dirt road to a crossroad, then they turned and continued walking on the road, passing farms, houses and forests. Just over the hill Luna could see a town or a rather small looking town.
"There it is," Raindrop said to them,"Truffle Town. It's one of the smaller towns but it has some of the best stores."
As they came closer to town, the ponies stopped and stared at the new guests. They turned to each other and began whispering. Luna felt nervous when she saw how quiet the town got suddenly. As they walked into town, ponies stared at them and some even followed them. Luna stayed close to the group not sure what would happen. They walked past a few stores and sales tables till they came to the food market. The street was crowed with ponies going to each table buying and selling food.
"Feel free to look around till I get done here," Raindrop told them, she turned and left them.
"So, what do we do?" Starfire asked looking at Stardust and the staring crowd.
"We look around and ask some questions," Stardust answered.
Luna followed her father through town as she looked around.

A light gray male pony with white and pink hair called Luna hoping to get her attention. Luna eventually heard someone yelling in the crow of noise. She turned and saw the male pony behind a table holding up a thin silver necklace. Luna left her father and approached the pony wondering what he wanted with her.
"Miss, would you be interested in this necklace?" the male pony asked.
"No, I got plenty back home," Luna replied.
"How about this fine golden necklace with diamonds on it? It'll go well with your locket," the male pony replied holding up another necklace.
"I'm sorry but dad gave me this necklace and I do not plan on changing it for another one," Luna flatly told him. She was about to turn and leave when the pony stopped her.
"Wait, Ok. I see your not interested in necklaces so how about something for your horn?" the male pony asked.
"For my horn?" Luna asked curiously.
The male pony pointed to several rings on the table, some were spiral, some were plain round rings, other had golden chains attached to them.
"These are what I called horn rings," The pony answered, he turned and tapped a pink unicorn getting her attention. "Put one of those on."
The pink unicorn left her customer and grabbed a thin golden spiral ring, placing it on her horn. It wrapped around her horn long the spirals.
"It fits like that," The male pony told Luna.
The pink unicorn looked at Luna and smiled greatly, "Why your horn it pretty. It's pearly, right? or is it painted?" The pink unicorn asked, "Humm...that's a thought."
"It's not painted, it's real," Luna replied nervously.
The ponies around her suddenly noticed too and stared curiously at her horn. One of the ponies light touched her wing.
Luna backed away, she didn't like how crowed she felt or how curious the ponies were getting. They began asking her lot of questions.
"I'm sorry but we're just curious," a voice told her.
"Are you for real?" another asked.
" guess so," Luna nervously answered the questions, "Maybe. Please stop." the crowd continued asking questions and getting close to her.

Blizzard suddenly rammed his way through the crowd and stood tall next to Luna.
"Leave her alone!" Blizzard shouted at the ponies angrily.
The ponies slowly backed away. Just then Stardust, Skyview and Starfire approached.
"Luna are you alright?" Stardust asked.
"No," Luna answered, "I...I just want to leave town," Luna turned and left the crowd with Blizzard behind her.
Stardust stood glaring angrily at the crowd, "Is this how you treat guests in your valley?" He turned and left following Luna through the crowed.
Skyview noticed the odd sharped rings on the table, "What are those?"
"Horn rings," the pink unicorn answered pointing to her horn with the spiral rings on it.
Skyview gave her an odd look, "Are you serious?"
Starfire smiled at Skyview, "I think they would look pretty on you."
Skyview glared at him, "Don't you dare think about sneaking one on me." Then he turned and left.
Starfire followed him, "I was just kidding. You really are a grouch...most of the time."
"I'm worn out form arguing, aren't you?" Skyview asked.
"I can't help it. I've played that game for so long, it comes naturally to me," Starfire answered, "now really, lighten up a bit."
"I'm sorry I just don't feel like playing," Skyview told him, "Starfire, I've been asking ponies about that Castle since we got here to this valley. Every last pony left me crying or telling me to mind my own business or they can't talk about it or not allowed to. Stardust is convinced someone is still ruling this valley and he wants to know who and why are they hiding. I can't find these answers alone."
"Don't ask me to get information from Raindrop. I tried and she pushes me away. I don't like it when she pushes me away," Starfire told him.
"Well considering how you really like her have you wondered if she's married. I mean she does have a daughter," Skyview pointed out, "A unicorn one at that."
"I did ask when I was alone with her. She said she wasn't. I asked about her daughter being a unicorn. She didn't want to talk about it and she made me leave, something about wanting to be alone," Starfire explained.
"You see? Something isn't right. I mean what's the big deal about that castle? what is everyone hiding about it?" Skyview asked, "Help me find out. We can't stay for long Starfire. Teriney is still out there."
"Alright but don't ask me to get information from Raindrop," Starfire told him.
"Fine," Skyview replied smiling.
They eventually caught up with Stardust who was keeping Luna close to him. They looked around town till Raindrop was done with her shopping. She approached them smiling. "I hope you all enjoyed looking around town."
"It was interesting," Skyview commented.
"It's almost lunch time. If you're all hungry we can make a quick stop at my sister's house. She doesn't live to far from here and I'm sure she'd love to meet all of you," Raindrop told them.
"It'll be the first when we meet someone who doesn't want to meet us," Skyview whispered to himself.