Chapter 61: A wake at last

It was morning and Starfire was the first to wake up. The fire was waving and crackling in front of him. His body felt warm and his wings was fee of ice. He slowly got to his feet and stood on the wooden floor. The room was almost empty except for a few tables. The windows were covered with curtains to keep the light out. Starfire could hear Stardust's voice outside. He walked to the doorway and saw Stardust standing with a purple pegasus who he barley remembered seeing.
Stardust turned and smiled, "You're awake. How are you feeling?"
"Great and warm," Starfire answered. She walked past Stardust and down the steps as he looked around, "Where am I?"
"That will be answered once everyone is awake," Stardust told him," Oh, this is Raindrop." Stardust pointed to the purple pegasus next to him.
"Hi," Raindrop said smiling, "I still can't get over that you're a male pegasus."
Starfire smiled and stretched his wings, then he flapped them and folded them again, "Yes I'm really a pagasus. I'd love to go flying and stretch my aching wings."
Raindrop smiled, "I can show you around sometime from the air if you like."
"I'd love that," Starfire replied smiling at her.
"Where am I?" Skyview asked standing behind Stardust.
"I'll tell you once the other's wakes up," Stardust replied, "How are you feeling?"
"I feel great. Well rested," Skyview replied.
"Oh, this is Raindrop," Stardust told him pointing to the purple pegasus.
"How long have I been asleep?" Skyview asked.
"Since yesterday," Raindrop answered.
Skyview yawned and then looked around, "This is a pretty place."
"Yes, it's quite pretty here," Raindrop replied.

Stardust walked inside the house and looked at Blizzard and Luna, "those two should be up soon."
"Hopefully," Starfire added.
"I hope you don't mind me asking but who is he?" Raindrop asked.
"My daughter's fiancee...Blizzard," Stardust answered.
Raindrop stared at Blizzard with a calm face. She continued to stare at him when she noticed one of his legs moving, "Looks like he's waking up."
Stardust approached him and watched.
Blizzard slowly opened his eyes to something bright red. When his vision cleared, he gasped in fear and sat up scooting himself away from the fire. Blizzard backed up into Stardust's front legs.
"I'm sorry Blizzard but you were freezing. I had no choice," Stardust told him.
Blizzard looked up at him and then he looked around the room. He didn't noticed Raindrop still staring at him he only noticed Luna laying on the wooden floor close to the fire.
"Luna, is she alright?" Blizzard asked standing on his feet.
"I hope so. She hadn't woken up yet," Stardust answered, "Blizzard, this is Raindrop."
Blizzard looked and saw her still staring, "Hi."
Raindrop smiled, "Hi. Are you alright. you seemed...scared a minute ago."
"I'm fine. I just...don't like to get near fire," Blizzard explained. Just then he noticed the doorway and heard the birds chirping. Blizzard hurried to the doorway and stood gasping at the beauty of the forest.
"So, you're name is Blizzard?" Raindrop asked still staring at him.
Blizzard turned and walked inside, "Yes, it is."
Suddenly a mint green unicorn hurried into the room from the hallway. She had ice blue, pink and white hair. Her eyes were ice blue crystals.
"You're late," Raindrop told her looking upset.
"Sorry mom, I was...talking to my friends," the unicorn replied.
She was a young unicorn, smaller than Blizzard.
"I'm sorry," Raindrop told the ponies in the room, "this is my daughter, Whisper."
"Hi," Stardust replied.
"Hi," Whisper replied. she stared with fascination at Skyview and Starfire then at Stardust.
"We are triplets and yes, those two are real," Stardust quickly said.
" are?" Whisper asked.
"Yes, I'm a real unicorn," Skyview told her.
"My wings are real," Starfire added.
"So you can...wink like other unicorns?" Whisper asked curiously.
Skyview disappeared and reappeared next to Whisper, "Yes I most certainly can."
Whisper looked at him surprisingly.

As they stood, Luna began to move her legs as she slowly woke up. She opened her eyes and remembered what had happened. Her father was swept away in the snow right before her eyes.
"Luna, are you alright?" Stardust asked.
Luna looked up at him and began to cry, "Dad?"
Stardust sat down and picked her up hugging her.
"I thought I lost you," Luna sobbed.
"No. You'll never loose me. We're safe and warm now," Stardust told her. He sat her down in a sitting position, "Luna, this is Raindrop and her daughter, whisper."
Luna whipped her tears away and smiled, "Hi."
"Hello," Raindrop replied smiling at her.
Whisper stared at her with fascination, "You have a horn and wings?"
"Yes," Luna replied.
Whisper smiled, "Come on, those can't be real."
Luna winged next to Blizzard and ruffled her wings, "They're indeed real."
Whisper gasped, "wow, to be both, a unicorn and pegasus. Your very lucky."
Luna smiled, "I didn't always think so." She looked around the room realizing she had never seen this room before, "Umm...where am I?"
"Come I'll tell you all," Raindrop told them. She led them outside to the porch, "This is the secret valley, some call it paradise. It's called that because it's hidden in the north. It's impossible for anyone to find this place. Those who do are very lucky. This valley is extremely large. It's surrounded by walls that looks like mountain on the outside. It has been like this for as long as anyone can remember. There's lots of ponies, who lives here grows food and raises families. If you decided to leave I must ask you never to tell anyone about this valley."
"We will eventually leave. We can't stay here but if that's what the ponies in this valley wants then we won't tell anyone," Stardust told her.
Raindrop smiled, "thank you."
"This place wasn't even on the map," Skyview remarked.
"And you won't find it on any maps. This wouldn't be called the Secret Valley for nothing," Raindrop replied.
Starfire giggled. Skyview just glared at him.
Just then Starfire's stomach began to rumble. Raindrop looked at him curiously.
Starfire smiled, "I'm hungry."
Raindrop laughed, "Well, come inside, I got some food cooking. It should be done soon." They followed Raindrop up the steps and into the house.