Chapter 60: Meet Raindrop

During the time the storm had died down, while four ponies walked through the snow. Three male ponies and a female unicorn wearing furry cloaks and furry thick boots that reached to their knees. They had scarves covering their faces from the cold wind. Two of the males had long polls tied to their waste with food, tents and other thing dragging behind tied to the two poles.
They walked over a steep hills. In the distance were many rocky mountains. One of them was half covered in snow.
"Looks like an avalanche happened during the storm," a bright orange male observed.
They stopped and stared at the mountain.
"Well, we should be going before the storm picks up again," a bright green male pony replied.
They had only taken a few steps when they heard a noise. It was getting louder by the minute and it was coming from under their feet. They stood back and watched, waiting for something to happened.
A few minutes later, Stardust dug his way out of the snow and collapsed at their feet. The four ponies gasped.
"He'!" the unicorn exclaimed surprisingly.
"How...what is he doing in the snow?" a bright green pony asked curiously.
The bright orange pony looked at the mountain, "He could have been caught in the avalanche during the storm. Walking in the surrounding areas of these mountains are dangerous during storms."
The unicorn touched him with her hooves, "He's freezing."
"Lets take him back home," a white male pony suggested.
"We just left and now we're going back?" a bright red pony asked, "What about the things we were sent to get?"
"It'll have to wait till later. This pony needs our help. Let unpack what we don't need and come back for it later. One of you will have to pull him home," the bright orange pony suggested.
They quickly unpacked the food and things that wasn't important, then they sat Stardust on the white cloth between the pulls.
They turned and walked back following their hoof prints.

Stardust heard muffling sounds as he slowly woke up. He opened his eyes only to find his vision was blurry for a few minutes. When it cleared he saw a fire roaring wildly in front of him. Soon his hearing cleared and he began to hear a voice.
"Hello," a female voice said.
Stardust looked up and saw a purple pegasus with pink, light pink and white hair smiling at him. Stardust slowly sat up and looked around the room. It was almost empty, only a few tables windows, a hallway and a square hole in the center of the floor where the fire sat.
"Don't get up, just lay down and rest for a bit," the purple pegasus told him.
Stardust felt his head and realized his head was wrapped. He took it off and laid in next to him.
"Sir, please don't..." the purple pegasus began to say.
"Where are the rest of them?" stardust asked.
"The rest?" the purple pegasus asked curiously.
"My two brothers, my daughter and her fiancee. They were with me," Stardust answered.
The purple pegasus looked at the floor sadly, "I'm sorry but there was no one with you."
Stardust jumped to his feet and hurried to the doorway which didn't have a door. He stood and gasped. The sun was shining brightly with drifting clouds. The grass was green and the birds chirped loudly and happily in the trees. It was almost like a dream. In the distance he could see very tall rocky walls almost as high as mountains.
"Sir. I'm sorry but you must rest," the purple pegasus told him.
"My name is Stardust and I must find my brothers, my daughter and her fiancee," Stardust turned and looked at her worriedly, "Please. Help me find them."
"Alright. Wait here and I'll find someone to help you," the purple pegasus replied she walked down the steps and onto the grass then she stopped and turned, "My name is Raindrop." Then she hurried from her home.

Stardust stood and continued to look around. He had no idea where he was or if he was still in the north. It was most certainly a pretty place to live in, it was almost like living in paradise.
Stardust went inside and passed the room. He was too worried to look around or think about where he was. 30 minutes had past since raindrop left and he was getting more worried by the minute.
Just then Raindrop returned with three female ponies, a pegasus, earth pony and a unicorn. They wore furry cloaks, boots and scarves. Raindrop was holding the same thing they were wearing. She set them on the floor, "You'll need these if you're to return to the snow."
Stardust put on the cloak, then the boots and scarf.
"How long was I asleep?" Stardust asked.
"About a day," Raindrop answered.
"Where's my stuff?" Stardust asked her.
"I'm sorry but you had nothing with you and no one was with you," Raindrop answered.
Stardust stood up, "Alright I'm ready to go."
"Stardust, one more thing. Stay with those three. They know the land outside those walls, even in the storm. Don't ever leave their side if you get caught in a storm," Raindrop told him.
Stardust nodded his head, "Ok."
He turned and followed the three ponies from the house. They traveled across the clearing, through the forest, across a dirt road and into the forest again. When they reached the large rocks, Stardust carefully followed the ponies around the rocks and up a rocky path and into a cave. It was very dark but he kept close to the three ponies who guided him through it.

As they came close to the exit, it began to feel cold.
The three ponies put their scarves over their noses and put their hoods over their ears. When they saw the exit, they paused.
"It's storming again. Stardust stay very close," the unicorn told him.
"Can you take me to a mountain that I was found?" Stardust asked.
"There are lots of mountains. What did it look like?" the earth pony asked.
"It was a rocky mountain with snow on it. There was an avalanche so it's most likely to be half covered in snow," Stardust relied.
"That won't be easy to find in this storm," the pegasus told him, "We should wait till the storm dies down a bit."
They all agreed and stood waiting for the storm to pass. After an hour had past the storm finally died down a bit and they were able to leave the tunnel. The wind still blew and the snow fell lightly. Stardust followed them through the snow looking at the mountains till they saw one half covered.
"That must be it," the earth pony pointed.

They approached the mountain and as soon as they got closer Stardust could feel his brothers and Luna near by.
"This is the one," Stardust exclaimed.
"Lets start searching then," the unicorn said.
"I think I know where they are," Stardust told them.
"How can you possibly know?" the pegasus asked suspiously.
"I can sense my brothers and daughter near by," Stardust answered.
"Sense them?" they asked stopping in the snow.
"It's something me and my brothers have. We can seance each other. Come they're this way," Stardust ran off with the three ponies behind him.
He ran towards the mountains and saw a cloud dome.
"What is that?" a unicorn asked surprisingly. It was a strangest thing she had ever seen.
"A cloud Skyview made," Stardust answered.
"Who?" the three ponies asked.
"My brother," Stardust answered.
"Come on, no male pony can posses magic," the unicorn told him.
Stardust ignored her and ran up to the cloud dome. He stood on his hind legs and pounded on the cloud till it disappeared. Stardust smiled greatly when he saw his brothers laying on the snow awake but looking very tired. Starfire stood up and hugged Stardust, then Skyview.
"Are you two alright?" Stardust asked worriedly.
"Fine but very, very tired and worn out from arguing all day long. I don't think I'll ever argue again," Skyview replied.
The three ponies stood staring shockingly at Skyview and Starfire. Stardust hurried over to Luna and Blizzard, "What happened to these two? Are they alright?"
"I don't know, they haven't woken up," Starfire answered.
Stardust turned and looked at the three ponies, "These two black ponies are my brothers. We are triplets. This is Skyview the male unicorn that processes magic. Now, can two of you help me carry my daughter and her fiancee?"
"Oh, of course," the earth pony replied. She approached Stardust as she picked up Luna. Then he sat her on the earth pony's back. Then the unicorn approached and Stardust sat Blizzard on her back.
"They're heavy. Are you sure you can carry them back?" Stardust asked.
"We'll manage," the earth pony replied.
"Stardust. Where were you?" Starfire asked, "Where did you get all that stuff you're wearing and..."
"You'll find out very soon, now lets go back," Stardust replied.
They turned and followed the three ponies through the snow.