Chapter 5: Wishes the Booshwoolie

It was morning and the royal family was having breakfast as usual. Stardust gave the order for the day. Amaryllis talked about the school schedule who was anxious to be a teacher again. Luna sat and listened. For the last few days she hadn't said a word. She had pretty much given up asking her father if he had free time. All she could do is stare at Blizzard since she will most likely not see him again till dinner.

As they talked, a soldier in silver armor walked in and bowed slightly, "I'm sorry your majesty but your parents are here."
"Our parents?" Stardust asked looking at Skyview.
"They didn't tell me they plan on coming here today," Skyview told him.
"Have them wait in the throne room. We'll be there shortly," Stardust answered.
The soldier left the room while Stardust and the others hurried with their breakfast. Luna suddenly felt happy, she would get a chance to talk to her grandparents and if possible maybe Blizzard.

After breakfast Stardust and the family walked to the throne room. When they reached the stairs, Luna noticed they were sitting on the thrones. They were probably remembering when they had once ruled Ponyland. As Stardust and his family approached them, they stood up from the thrones and approached them.
"Hope you didn't mind," Ribbon Lock said, "just sitting there brought a lot of memories." He looked at Star Cluster, "Some I wished I could do over again."
"It's ok, dad," Stardust replied, "So why did you two come here?"
"Just to visit everyone in the castle. It gets a bit lonely at Paradise Estate," Ribbon Lock answered.
Just then Blizzard felt something touch his back leg. He turned his head and looked behind him. To his surprise if was a hairy furball. Not sure what it was nor did he care, he suddenly turned into a cluster of snowflakes and flew on the other side, appeared in pony form next to Luna. Stardust and everyone in the room was surprised at his sudden action.
"What's wrong?" Stardust asked, "Haven't you ever seen a Bushwoolie?"
"A Bushwoolie?" Blizzard asked, "What is that?"
Stardust pointed to the purple bushwollie next to him, "This is a bushwoolie, his name is Wishes. He's harmless and all fur."
"I've seen one once on my travels. They came in many different colors and seemed so strange. I kept my distance and made sure I didn't go through that forest again," Blizzard explained.
Royal Heart laughed, "don't be afraid of Wishes. Go touch him."
Blizzard stood still not wanting to get near the strange creature. Wishes came closer but Blizzard just took a few steps back.
"Blizzard he won't hurt you," Royal Heart told him.
Star Cluster approached wishes and picked him up then he held wished up to Blizzard.
"Take him," Star Cluster told him sternly.
Blizzard took Wishes and stared at him for a few minutes, studying his fur and strange round body. Then he sat him on the floor, Wishes turned into a ball and rolled around. Peaches stood close to her mother when Wishes rolled by. Peaches smiled and began chasing him.
"Peaches," Amaryllis called to her.
"It's ok, she's fine playing in her," Stardust looked at his parents, "Are you two hungry?"
"A little," Ribbon Lock answered.
Stardust smiled, "Blizzard go to the kitchen and have refreshments brought to the throne room."
"Ok," Blizzard answered, he turned and left the group walking along the red carpet. Luna looked at him sadly, wanting to go with him. Star Cluster looked at her and saw how sad she looked.
"Luna," Sunlight called to her.
Luna turned and looked at her.
"I missed you," Sunlight said to her.
Luna put on a fake smiled, "So have I, grandma," Luna replied.
Sunlight approached her and hugged her, "We'll have the whole afternoon together."
Luna was happy to hear that but yet sad that she would once again be to busy for Blizzard.
"So what have you been doing since you and Blizzard got engaged?" Sunlight at her.
"Oh, nothing, just...studying stuff and learning to be a queen," Luna replied.
"Nothing?" Sunlight asked smiling, "That sounds like something. Learning to be a queen is important."
"I know," Luna replied.
Royal Heart lightly nuzzled her cheek, "She'll make a wonderful Queen someday."
"Oh before I forget, how's the baby doing?" Sunlight asked suddenly changing the subject.
"Just fine. The baby is growing," Royal Heart answered.
Amaryllis approached them and listened.
Sunlight smiled at her looking at royal Heart's stomach, "You should see your stomach start to grow soon."
Royal Heart laughed, "That's all I need is for Stardust to get fuzzy over me. He's was pretty bad when I carried Luna."
"He just worries about you and the baby," Sunlight remarked.
Luna wasn't listening to her mother talking to Sunlight, she stared at the shinny floor sadly looking at her image, wondering if she'll ever get a chance to talk to Blizzard or her father.

Starfire glanced at Star Cluster and noticed how hard he was staring at Luna.
"What is the hard look for?" Starfire asked. Skyview looked at Star Cluster and he too noticed the hard look Star Cluster was giving.
"Sorry, a habit I guess," Star Cluster replied not looking away from Luna.
"Do you always have a habit giving Luna a hard look?" Starfire asked.
"Come on and tell us what's bugging you," Skyview replied.
"Look at her," Star Cluster told them, "Doesn't she seem a bit sad?"
Starfire and Skyview looked Luna, she wasn't smiling and didn't seem to be listening to anyone, it was like something was on her mind.
"Well, now that you mentioned it," Skyview replied.
"What's bothering her?" Starfire asked.
"If non of you noticed yet, she's been awful quiet lately," Star Cluster told them.
Starfire and Skyview continued to look at Luna wondering what was bothering her. Why haven't she said anything?