Chapter 55: A Glimpse of Teriney

It was in the afternoon and the sun remained hidden behind the clouds. Blizzard, The black ponies and Luna walked in the snow. It had been snowing on and off at times. There were very few trees, all they saw were rocks and hills. Blizzard glanced at Luna and saw she was hugging her body against Stardust from the cold wind. Even though she was wearing a warmer cloak the wind still managed to touch her shivering body.
Blizzard knew just how cold she felt, even he felt cold and yet there was nothing he could do about it. It was just going to get even colder.
The wind howled and the snow started falling making it hard to see. Skyview held his head low and Starfire used his wings to shield his legs from the cold.
"Stardust!" Starfire called to him in the loud roaring wind, "We need to stop and rest, the wind is picking up again."
Stardust stopped, "Alright, I think we better." Starfire took the yellow cloth from Stardust's bag and unfolded it. Then he unzipped it and climbed inside with Stardust, Skyview, Luna and Blizzard. The five of them huddled together as the wind began to blow hard.

Luna hugged her father trying to get warm. Skyview, Starfire and Blizzard hugged each other for warmth. They sat and listened to the wind for an hour till it finally stopped. Stardust unzipped the yellow cloth, letting everyone out. There was more snow than there was before the wind started blowing. Blizzard stood looking around at the snow. There was nothing to look at, only miles and miles of snow everywhere he looked.
"Well the wind stopped, lets keep searching for Teriney," Stardust said.
Starfire folded the yellow cloth and packed it in Stardust's bag.

They began walking through the snow, passing a bare tree that looked more dead than alive. The snow was deep at times and very little snow in some places. Blizzard scanned the area as they went up a hill. The snow beneath their hooves made them slip a few times.
The sky was very cloudy and the air was quiet, not even the wind was blowing. Their breaths pillowed out of their noses as they breathed the cold air, their hooves made crunching sounds in the snow.
They walked up to the top of the hill and continued on through the snow when Skyview heard a noise.
"Stop," Skyview told them.
Everyone stopped and looked at Skyview.
"I thought I heard something," Skyview muttered. He listened closely but he couldn't hear it anymore, "I guess it was nothing."

They began walking when Blizzard spotted him at the corner of his right eye. He gasped surprisingly, "There he is!"
Everyone stopped and looked at what Blizzard was pointing at. To their surprise it was Teriney in the distance on a cliff. Fire appeared from his sides revealing leathery wings. He jumped off the cliff and flew, diapering over the cliff side. Blizzard ran up to the cliff with Starfire, Skyview, Luna and Stardust behind him. Blizzard stood on the edge of the cliff looking around but didn't see Teriney.
Starfire and Skyview reached the cliff, then Luna and Stardust.
"He was here," Blizzard told them.
"I know. I saw him too," Stardust replied, "There no doubt about it. Teriney is here."
"So where did he go?" Luna asked looking over the cliff.
They looked around the valley below them and didn't see anything moving or that was red.
"There," Starfire point north in the sky.
They looked up and saw Teriney flying over the snowy hills heading north.
"Why is he going that way?" Skyview asked, "There's nothing out there. Just snow and more snow."
"What ever Teriney's reasons are he's heading that way and that's where we are going," Stardust replied. He turned and walked from the cliff heading north with Luna at his side. His brothers and Blizzard walked beside him.