Chapter 53:Too cold

It was morning and Luna woke up from a very cold night. The cold wind blew sending chills through her white coat.
"Dad, it's cold," Luna muttered as her mane blew wildly in the wind.
"Put your cloak on and eat. We're going to walk again today, it's to cold to fly," Stardust told her.
Luna took out her purple cloak and wore it on her back. She put her hood over her head to keep her ears warm. Blizzard sat next to Luna wearing his dark blue cloak. Stardust, Skyview and Starfire wore dark red cloaks.
Luna took the apples and pears and began eating.
Once she was done, she hung her bag around her neck and left her warm spot in the grass. She walked with her father by his side with Blizzard by her side.

Skyview and Starfire walked on the other side of Stardust. The ground was cold and the frost was slowly starting to form over the grass and flowers. The wind continued to blow not once did it let up. The clouds became thick rarely letting sun light through.
They had been walking for days, only a few days ago they were flying. The closer they got to the north the colder it got. Luna wondered how cold was it going to get?
She hugged her body next to her father for warmth. She could feel his warm body as she walked. She lowered her head and leaned on his cloak as he walked.
Stardust looked at her and smiled, "Cold?"
"Yes," Luna answered, "It wouldn't be so bad if the wind stopped blowing."

Stardust felt bad for her, knowing it was just going to get even colder. He didn't like having her along but he knew she was some how involved in the necklaces. He knew Kesia had something to do with the necklaces but Luna couldn't remember them. He hoped sometime on their journey she would start remembering.
The forest didn't seem so thick, there was less trees the more they walked. It had been days since anyone of them saw a blue sky.
It was quiet, not a single bird chirped. They saw very few animals, most were rabbits. The forest seemed so lonely and quiet, it was hard to imagine ponies lived this far north.

When it was time for Lunch, they stopped and ate. Skyview looked at the map checking it again before continuing on their journey.
"Stardust, we past a town a few days ago. The last one isn't to far. Teriney has to be there," Skyview told him.
"I hope he is, if not, we'll have to keep going till we find him," Stardust replied.
"Go where, according to this map, there's nothing out there. It's all snow," Skyview exclaimed.
"Apparently Teriney must thinks there something out there," Stardust pointed out.
"If we're going through the snow we might want to stock on food and something that can keeps us all warm while we sleep," Starfire remarked.
"Then me, Luna and Blizzard will visit that last town and see what we can learn," Stardust told him.
As soon as they finished eating they stood up and began walking.
"I hope we find him soon. It's cold here," Luna complained.
Stardust smiled, "So do I."
"Stardust, even with these cloaks on it's still cold," Skyview pointed out.
"Then I'll buy warmer cloaks for all of us," Stardust told him.
They continued walking through the forest listening to the wind blow.