Chapter 49: Fast way to travel

It was morning, the sun barley started to rise, the birds were just starting to wake up. The night felt a bit cooler than ususal. Luna and the black ponies had eaten the last bit of their food. The yellow bag was now empty, Stardust packed it in his blue bag and hung it around his neck.
"Well, lets get going," Stardust said.
"Are you sure there's nothing left of the food?" Luna asked.
"I'm sorry Luna. Looks like we'll be eating berries for awhile," Stardust replied.
Luna turned her head from Stardust at the thought of berries.
"I'm sorry Luna but I don't know what else we can eat in the forest," Stardust told her.
They began walking through the forest together, looking around at the unfamiliar sights. They were in a new land, one they had never been in but it still looked like the forest over the river. Nothing else had changed, they hadn't seen anyone either.

It was in the afternoon and they still hadn't seen anything besides trees and more trees.
"Dad, do you think Blizzard crossed the river?" Luna asked.
"I'm sure he did," Stardust told her.
"Do you think we past him?" Luna asked.
"I can't see how. We haven't even seen him," Stardust replied.
"In fact, everyone we ran into only remember seeing Teriney," Skyview pointed out.
"That town some ways back was the only one who saw him. The furbobs, Grundles and the forest animals hadn't seen him. It's like he didn't even walk through the forest," Starfire remarked.
Stardust stopped and looked at Starfire, "Or he might have flown. If that's the case, we'll never catch up on foot. We'll have to fly to catch him. Skyview make a cloud. Luna you fly with Starfire, Starfire keep an eye on her."
"I will," Starfire replied.
"Luna give me your bag. The less weight you carry the better you have keeping up with us," Stardust told her.
"Ok," Luna replied. She took off her bag and handed it to Stardust. Skyview formed a cloud that laid flat like a blanket. Stardust walked on it and sat down.
"We may have to rest once in a while," Skyview told him.
"That's fine. We can find some berries while your resting then," Stardust replied.
"Or something else besides berries," Luna muttered.
Starfire chuckled.
Skyview sat on the cloud next to Stardust and lifted the cloud. Luna and Starfire flapped their wings, following the cloud.

Luna flew for hours enjoying the wind blowing through her hair. She enjoyed seeing the trees fly past her. There were even patches of clearings, some were very big. At one point they even saw what looked like a large white castle in the distance. Luna thought it reminded her of Dream Castle. They kept flying not wanting to take a detour to find a town, figuring they would stop if they flew close to one. Luna smiled greatly when she saw homes and villages. Even a few pegasus were flying through the villages and in clearings. Luna and the black ponies were to far above the ponies for them to notice a moving cloud. The land eventually became flat, the mountains were no where to be seen. Luna realized the other side of the river was different. There was no mountains but mostly trees and open spaces. It was mostly flat land except for a few hill every now and then.

They continued flying and stopping for a bite to eat every now and then. When the sun began to set, Skyview lowered the cloud into a small clearing. Luna and Starfire were close behind. Once they had all landed, they took out their blankets and laid down for the night.
"Dad," Luna called to him, "Is it just me or is the nights getting a bit colder?"
"The further north we go the colder it gets, Luna," Stardust explained, "I have never gone this far north but I have heard it can get very cold. That is why I had you all bring blankets and cloaks. I just hope Blizzard did the same. Now lets get some sleep, we have a long journey ahead of us tomorrow."
Luna nuzzled her father's coat on his shoulder, "Goodnight." Then she closed her eyes and fell fast asleep.