Chapter 48: River Crossing

They had walked for days enjoying each other's company.
"I can't wait to see Silverstar again," Luna commented, "I miss him alot."
Stardust smiled, "So do I, Luna."
"I miss Blizzard too," Luna added sadly.
"I know you do," Stardust replied.
"Do you think we'll find him soon?" Luna asked.
"I don't know," Stardust answered.
Skyview was looking at the map trying to figure out where they were.
"Maybe we're not even on the map?" Starfire suggested.
"We have to be. We couldn't have gone that far from Ponyland. Besides we haven't seen any landmarks from this map in quite awhile," Skyview replied.
"Then where are we?" Starfire asked him.
"I'm trying to figure that out!" Skyview yelled annyoingly.
We're going north. That's all we need to know," Stardust told them.
"I'd like to know where we are and how far we have gone from Ponyland," Skyview told him.
"We have travled for about a month or more, so I'm guessing we should be at the edge of the last sixth kingdom," Stardust guessed.
"Come on, Stardust. We couldn't have traveled that far," starfire told him.
"We never gone outside the six kingdoms," skyview told him.
Stardust smiled at them, "Then this should be an intresting adventure for all of us. I for one am iching to see what's past the six kingdoms. I'd love to know how many kingdoms there are in the world, who rules them and if they heard about Ponyland. Maybe if we're lucky we can get a map and bring it home."
"If they even except our kind of money," Starfire pointed out.
"They should," Stardust replied.
Skyview looked around the forest and then studdied his map still trying to figure out where they were.
Starfire smiled, "I see you marked the furbobs and the grundles."
"Yes, we'll have to update our maps when we get home," Skyview replied.

As they walked they began to hear a noise. It got louder the close they got to it.
"That is that noise?" Skyview asked.
"Sounds like a river," Stardust answered.
Skyview looked at his map and saw a long blue line, "The only river is that the very egdge of this map."
"Well I guess once we cross it, we won't beable to depend on that map," Stardust told him.
"So, we really are in the last of the sixth kingdoms," Starfire muttered.
"Yes, aparently so. The boarder ends there, at the river," Stardust told them, "Skyview, you'll have to take me across it. The rest of you can fly."
Luna smiled, she hadn't flown since Blizzard was with her. Skyview faced Stardust and toch his glowing horn on Stardust's forhead. They instintly winked out and appeared across the river. Luna and Starfire flapped their wings and flew over the river. Luna had not relized how wide the river was till she was on top of it.
"that's huge," Luna muttered.
Starfire smiled, "That is why it's a deviding line between the six kingdoms and the rest of the world. There should be a bridge somewhere along here but that would take us off the trail."
"I'd rather fly across," Luna replied.

Once they flew over the river, they landed on a hill where Skyview and Stardust stood waiting.
"Well, we have truly left home," Stardust said smiling, "our adventure awaits us." He turned and began walking.
"Are you sure non of you has gone outside the six kingdoms?" Luna asked worriedly.
"It took us a month or more to get this far with just the four of us. It'll take longer with an army. We are a royal family can't be gone from the kingdom for to long," Stardust explained, "So we never gone for more than a few months."
Starfire smiled and looked at Luna, "You should be excited. not to many Princess have gone this far."
"Not to many visits another world either," Luna pointed out.
Skyview chuckled.
"Well, I'm rather excited about leaving our home land for awhile," Starfire replied, "I can feel something great will happen on our trip."
"I can't imagin what that would be," Skyview replied, "So fare we've found nothing but trouble."
"Lighten up," Stardust suddenly said, "this will be good for all of us to leave the six kingdoms."
They continued walking with the sun beating down on their coats as they wondered what else laid before them.