Chapter 45: Strange noises

It was morning and Luna had just finished eating her breakfast. The black ponies had finished and was ready to leave. Luna hung her bag around her neck and followed her father through the forest.
"Stardust, we are getting low on food," Starfire told him.
"I know. We got quite a few apples, oranges and other fruits awhile back. We only have enough to last a few more days. We'll either have to find a town soon or start eating berries again," Stardust replied.
Luna moaned at the thought of berries.
"Luna, what's wrong?" Stardust asked her worriedly.
"Berries, just the thought of them makes me sick. I don't think I can stomach eating them."
"You'll have to if we don't get more food in the next few days," Stardust told her.
"At lest we bought plenty of money to feed an army," Starfire remarked.
Luna looked at Skyview and saw that he was scanning the forest, "What is it?"
Stardust and Starfire looked at him suspiously.
"It's quiet in the forest," Skyview replied.
"I hear birds," Starfire told him.
"A few birds but no animals, like deer, rabbits, possums, racoons, skunks," Skyview replied.
Stardust and Starfire looked around, all they heard and saw where birds.
"That is rather odd," Stardust muttered.
"Maybe animals don't live in this part of the forest?" Luna suggested.
"Hopefully," Stardust replied.

It was in the afternoon, the sun shined brightly beating down on their coats. The shadows danced as the wind blew.
Luna, Stardust and Starfire were talking and laughing. Skyview continued to watch the forest, he still hadn't seen any animals or heard any but he could hear something else. It had a strange sound, one that he had never heard.
"Stardust," Skyview whispered, "You three, stop."
Stardust, Starfire and Luna stopped walking and looked at him worriedly. Skyview stood and scanned the forest again.
"What is it?" Stardust asked.
"I hear something. It's odd though," Skyview answered, "I've been hearing it for awhile now."
"What does it sound like?" Starfire asked.
"I don't know. There's lots of them. Like...lots of walking birds," skyview explained.
Starfire looked at him suspiously, "You're hearing lots of walking birds?"
"That's what it sounds like, I didn't say that's what they were," Skyview told him.
"And you've been hearing it for a while now?" Stardust asked.
"Yes, I think they or it's following us," Skyview replied.
"Teriney?" Luna asked scanning the forest.
"No, it's not him. I know what it sounds like when he walks. Who or what ever it is, is all around us," Skyview replied.
Luna stood close to her father, touching her body with his warm black coat.
"Luna just stay close to me. I'm sure they'll show themselves sooner or later. Skyview keep your ears open at night," Stardust said.
"I always do,' Skyview replied.

They continued walking silently while Skyview scanned the forest every now and then. He never saw who it was that was following them but he knew they were close. It irritated him that they were so close and yet almost invisible.
When night fell, the Black ponies slept close together using each other's backs for a pillow. Luna slept next to her father scared of being alone. Thought of Teriney grabbing her and squeezing her began to frighten her. She looked in the darkness and imagined him staring at her.
"Luna," Stardust whispered, "Are you cold?" He could feel her shake slightly.
"N-no," Luna muttered.
Stardust raised his head and looked at Luna, he could see how scared she was. He lowed his head and nuzzled her, "I promise I won't let anything happen to you. As long as your with me, you'll be safe. Now get some sleep."
"What if it's Teriney again?" Luna asked.
"Skyview doesn't think it's him," Stardust told her.
"Luna, you're a dragon too. You faced Fallon a few times and you even chased off Teriney once," Stardust told her, "Now get some sleep. Skyview will wake us up the minute someone shows up."
Luna smiled, she often forgot that she was also a dragon. She laid her head down next to her father and quickly fell asleep.