Chapter 44:  No sence of dirrections

The sun shined brightly in the sky as cloud drifted in the wind. Luna walked beside her father listening to her uncles talk as they looked at the map.
"I don't see where we are on the map," Skyview said.
"Maybe we're here," Starfire suggested pointing at the map.
"I doubt that. I don't see an odd shaped rock anywhere but I do recognize those mountains," Skyview replied.
"Maybe we went off the trail a bit?" Starfire suggested.
"I can't see how," Skyview replied, "We have been going north for many weeks now." Skyview put the map back in his bag.
"We should have ran into Blizzard or someone who's seen him," Starfire muttered.
"Well, that last town did see Blizzard but so far no one has seen Teriney," Skyview pointed out.
"He went north last Spring, who is going to remember seeing him?" Starfire asked.
Skyview looked at him curiously, "He's a dragon who you simply don't forget once you've seen him."
"He was in pony form," Starfire replied.
"His eyes would give him away and so would those bat like wings," Skyview pointed out.
Starfire sighed, "Fine, but Blizzard did say he was good at hiding himself."
Stardust looked at his brothers, "Lets hope someone saw one of them."


As they walked through the forest Skyview hear a noise. He looked around but saw nothing. It sounded like someone arguing.
"I hear someone close by," Skyview suddenly said.
"I don't hear anyone," Starfire told him.
"If you had my ears, you would," Skyview told him.
"Lets find out who it is," Stardust suggested.
Skyview led the way through the forest, soon his brothers and even Luna began to her someone.
"Ok, I do hear someone," Starfire muttered.
"They sound a lot like Skyview and Starfire arguing," Luna pointed out.
Stardust chuckled, "they certainly do."
"We don't sound like that," Skyview and Starfire replied.
"Sure," Stardust replied still laughing quietly.
They stopped behind several trees and peaked around two trees and a bush.
"W-what are those," Luna asked whispering. There were two furry creatures with four legs, standing and talking.
"Those are furbobs," Stardust explained, "They're the bushwoolies cousins."
"Oh," Luna whispered.
"Unfortunately, they have the worst sense of digressions," Skyview complained, "Of all the creatures we might run into, they would be the first."
"Well lets go talk to them," Stardust said and began walking towards them, "Come on you two."
Luna stayed close to her father, she had never seen such odd creatures. As she got closer to them, she saw they looked a lot like bushwoolies but with four legs.

The two furbobs stopped and backed away cautiously.
"Hi," Stardust muttered, "You have no reason to be scared of us."
When Stardust, Luna, Skyview and Starfire came out of the shadowy forest the furbobs smiled.
"'re the three black ponies," the pink furbobs exclaimed.
"And you must be the Princess we heard so much about," the green furbob exclaimed looking at Luna.
"Yes, we are. I'm Stardust and these are my brothers, Skyview and Starfire, this is my daughter....Luna."
"Princess Luna, King Stardust, it's an honor to meet you all," the green furbob replied smiling.
"Why were you two afraid of us when we approached you?" Skyview asked curiously.
"We," the two furbobs looked at each other, then at Skyview.
"We thought you were that red pony," the pink furbob answered.
The black ponies and Luna looked at them surprisingly.
"Did he have yellow eyes?" Skyview asked.
"Yes," the furbobs answered.
"We were here trying to decide which way is home when he arrived. He was mad at us, just because we stared. He blew fire at us and chased us away," the pink furbob explained.
"He almost set our fur on fire," the green furbob added.
"That sounds like Teriney alright," Stardust muttered, "I don't think he was serious about frying you two."
"Which way did he go?" Starfire asked.
"That way," the furbob pointed in several directions.
Skyview glared at Starfire, "You had to ask them, that."
"How long ago was he here?" Stardust asked.
"A few weeks ago," the green furbob answered.
"It was a month ago," the pink furbob answered.
"Maybe it was last week?" the green pony guessed.
"Or it could have been two months ago," the pink furbob guessed.
Stardust looked at them suspiously, "You two don't really you?"
"No," the green furbob answered.
"Yes," the pink furbob answered.
"Well, at lest we know we're going in the right directions," Stardust told his brothers.
"Ummm, what were you two arguing about before we got here?" Luna asked curiously.
"Going home, which is that way," the green furbob pointed.
"I know it's that way," the pink furbob answered pointing the opposite directions.

As the furbobs continued arguing, Stardust began walking with Luna and his brothers.
"They'll be there all day arguing which was is home," Skyview muttered.
Luna began laughing, "They'd almost look like you two if they were black and blue. I can just see you two standing there arguing."
"We don't argue like that," Skyview told her.
"I do it for fun," Starfire told her.
Skyview glared at him, "It's not fun."
"Sure it is, just admit it," starfire replied.
Luna laughed, "Just like two furbobs."
Skyview and Starfire dashed after Luna when she noticed their sudden serious look. She ran through the forest and came to a clearing. Skyview appeared in front of her smiling. He stood on his hind legs and caught her, "Just for that, we deserve to hear you laugh." He turned her on her back and began tickling her stomach. Starfire sat and began tickling her as well. Luna laughed and couldn't stop or catch her breath.
Stardust had caught up with them and smiled, seeing how Luna loved to tease her uncles. He sat down and laid his two bags down.
"Lets rest here for awhile and have lunch," Stardust suggested.
Skyview and Starfire stopped and sat with Stardust.
"We'll finish off Luna after we eat," Starfire muttered.
Luna smiled, "You'll have to catch me first."
"I didn't have any trouble catching you a minute ago," Skyview replied.
"I-I wasn't expecting it, that's all," Luna replied.
The black ponies laughed.
"Here. Luna," Stardust said handing her a blue wrapped bag.
As they sat and eat, Starfire looked around the forest, something odd caught his eye.
"That rock can't be a natural shape," Starfire muttered.
Skyview turned and saw the rock at the far end of the meadow.
"That's the one," Skyview exclaimed. He quickly took out his map, "Well, here it is. We're going in the right directions."
Luna smiled greatly, she hoped they would run into Blizzard soon. Her heart pound with excitement as she thought about seeing him again.