Chapter 43: Don't want any more berries

Morning came and Luna walked along side her father with Skyview and Starfire. The sun rose from the hills and Luna's stomach began to growl.
"You should have ate those berries awhile back," Stardust told her.
"I'm tired of eating berries," Luna complained, "I've been eating them for four days. Are you sure there's nothing left of the food supplies?"
"I'm sure Luna. The bag is empty and packed away in my bag. Believe me if there's any food left one of you three would have to fight over it," Stardust replied.
Luna sighed as she felt her stomach knotting up.
"Luna, there's a berry bush," Skyview pointed ahead.
Luna reluctantly approached the bush and began eating the berries. Starfire wasted no time eating the berries.
"Don't you get tired of eating them?" Luna asked Starfire.
"When your starving, you'll eat just about anything," Starfire answered, "Don't think about it and eat."
Stardust and Skyview began eating and soon there was nothing left on the bush. Luna took her canteen and began drinking water out of it trying to wash away the taste of berries.

It was in the afternoon and Luna had been eating berries all day.
"Is there a town close by?" Luna asked.
Stardust stopped and Looked at Skyview, "Take the map out and lets find out."
Skyview took the map out of his bag and unrolled it, "There's one north east of us but there's a little village straight ahead."
"I guess it wouldn't hurt to take a small detour," Stardust replied.
Skyview rolled up the map and place it back in his bag. Luna was happy, she was finally gong to visit a town, a place that she hoped would have stores to buy food.

They walked for an hour as fast as they could walk till they came to the edge of the forest and found several farm lands and small homes. The valley was large with very few trees, there was a dirt road that led from each house and eventually led it's way over another hill.
"I'm guessing that road could lead us to town," Skyview guessed.
"It might but we shouldn't go in town, at lest not the three of us. There's a very high chance someone will recognize us," Stardust pointed out, "Luna, you will have to change yourself to another pony and go in town to buy some food."
"Ok, dad," Luna replied happily.
They began walking and stayed in the forest but kept the dirt road within sight. The dirt road went over hills and clearings till it reached a small town.
Luna thought it looked like an old western town.
"That town is...tinny," Luna muttered.
"This kingdom must be small or poor," Stardust guessed. He took out his yellow bag and a small pouch of coins, "Take these and fill the bag with food, as much as you can carry and make sure the food can last at lest two days or more."
Luna took the bag and hung it around her neck, then she took the pouch and placed it in her bag, "I'll be back."
Luna began walking as she turned into an earth pony with long purple hair. Her wings and horn disappeared.
"It amazes me to see her do that," Skyview muttered.
"me too," Stardust agreed.

While the black ponies stayed hidden in the forest watching the small town, Luna approached the dirt road and followed it into town. Ponies stopped and stared at her which made Luna nervous. Luna stopped in front of a white unicorn that stood staring at her, "excuse me. Is there a store in town?"
"Yes, it's just a few stores down," the unicorn answered.
"Thank you," Luna replied.
She hurried to the store anxious to hide from prying eyes. The store was small but at lest it had food. Luna got all that she thought would last a few days. Her bag soon became heavy and she had to stop. She quickly paid with the coins in the pouch her father gave her. The light purple male pony that ran the store smiled at her, "You're new...right?"
"Yes, I'm just passing through," Luna answered.
"We don't get to many visitors. Actually you're the second one to come here," the pony told her.
"The second one?" Luna asked.
"yes, he was here last week, heading north and bought a ton of food like you have," the pony explained.
Luna gasped, she knew it could be the one pony she had been searching for, "Was blue with ice blue and white hair?"
"Yes, he was," the pony answered, then he looked at her curiously, "How did you know?"
"I'm trying to find him. He's my fiancee," Luna answered.
She quickly took her bag and left, leaving the pony standing surprised.

Luna hurried out of town but the bag was to heavy to allow her to run or walk any faster.. She walked to the forest where her father stood.
"Dad, this is heavy," Luna complained, as she turned back into a winged unicorn.
Stardust took the bag and hung it around his neck. Luna smiled, she was glad her father was very strong.
"Oh, dad. I found out that blizzard was here. He past through sometime last week," Luna quickly said.
"Well, at lest we are on the same trail," Stardust remarked, "lets get going."
They walked around the town and continued heading north.