Chapter 41: Muddy ponies

Morning came and Luna was still sound asleep. She rubbed her ears and then her forehead as she continued to feel an urge to itch. She shook her wings at the suddenly feel of her feathers mysteriously moving. Luna was getting annoyed, she quickly sat up and scratched her rear, neck and legs.
Starfire stood laughing at her.
"What's so..." Luna paused when she noticed the twig he was holding, there was no doubt what he was doing to her, "Starfire!"
"I'm sorry Luna," Starfire laughed.
Stardust and Skyview approached her from the thick forest. They had returned from refilling their water canteen.
"I see you finally got up," Stardust observed.
"I didn't have much choice," Luna muttered looking up at Starfire.
Stardust smiled, "Luna, pack and lets get going."

Luna folded her blanket and packed it in her bag, then she hung it around her neck and followed her father with Starfire and Skyview beside her. It was a quiet morning, birds hadn't woken up yet, the sun was about to rise over the hills. The sky was turning purple and blue. Luna continued to yawn, she still wasn't used to getting up so early. Her father had been pushing her, Skyview and Starfire to travel faster for the last few days. They walked over hills and climbed over rocks till they heard voices. They quietly walked towards the voices and saw two earth ponies. A bright pink rainbow female pony and a bright green rainbow male pony, they crossed a stream and was about to climb a short hill when the pink pony stopped.
"I'm tired and hungry," the pink pony complained.
"Alright lets rest," the green pony agreed. He sat down next to her and put his bag down.
"How long till we get there?" the pink pony asked.
"Less than a week," the green pony answered.

Stardust nodded at his brothers and began walking towards them. The pink pony was the first to see them, "Look." As Stardust got closer she gasped surprisingly, "Honey, he's...he's the...umm..."
"I know," the green pony whispered surprisingly.
Stardust and his brothers stopped in front of them, "Do you mind if we rest for a bit?"
"umm...n-not at all," the green pony answered.
Stardust sat down and took his bags off. His brothers and Luna did the same.
"Aren't you...I mean you're the.." the green pony nervously tried to say, "You're King of Ponyland?"
"Yes, I am Stardust and these two are my brothers, Skyview and Starfire," Stardust pointed at Luna, "She is my daughter, Luna."
The two ponies sat and stared at Luna, her pearly horn and feathery white wings with her snow white coat and her shinny white hair, sparkled in the sunlight.
Luna smiled, "Hi." noticing the pink pony was a twinkle eyed pony.
The two ponies smiled at her.
"We never dreamed of...meeting you here," the green pony commented, "Don't you travel with an army of soldiers?"
"I usually do but we can travel faster without the soldiers. Don't tell anyone you saw us," Stardust told him.
"No, we wouldn't tell a soul," the green pony quickly said.
Stardust smiled, then he looked at his brothers and Luna, "Are you three hungry?"
"I sure am," Starfire answered.
"Bottomless pit is always hungry," Skyview remarked.
Starfire glared at him, "I'm not the only one who's been sneaking into the kitchen for snacks."
Skyview glared at him.
Stardust chuckled, "Please don't mind them. They're always arguing. So may I ask who you two are?"
"I'm sorry. My name is Delight," the green pony replied, "and this is my wife, Lightbright. We are heading to Ponyland."
Stardust took out several wrapped little bags from his yellow bag and handed them to his brothers and Luna, "Are you planning on living there?"
"Yes, my wife was born there," Delight answered.
"It'll be nice to have you stay in Ponyland," Stardust commented.
The two ponies smiled and took out their food. The two groups sat and ate not saying much to each other for a while.

When Luna was done she laid down and rested. Skyview quickly finished food and went to the stream to refill his canteen.
"Stardust, are we leaving now?" Starfire asked.
"No why do you ask?" Stardust asked.
Starfire stood up and smiled, "No reason...really." he turned and ran towards Skyview. He jumped in the stream causing a big splash and covering Skyview's face with mud and water.
Skyview put his canteen down and wiped his face, then he looked at Starfire angrily.
"You have had it this time!" Skyview yelled and ran after Starfire.
"I should have known he was going to start something," Stardust muttered.
"Poor...Prince Skyview," Lightbright replied watching the two run around.
"Starfire loves to play. He doesn't like to sit and do nothing," Stardust explained, "Hopefully they'll stop playing soon."
Luna opened her eyes and watched her uncles run around as Skyview tried to catch Starfire.
"He looks...mad," Delight observed.
"Annoyed, not really mad. If he really wanted to catch Starfire he would have done it by now," Stardust explained, "Luna, would you go fill Skyview's canteen for him?"
"Ok," Luna stood up and walked to the stream, she picked up the canteen and began filling it with water.
"Your daughter is pretty," Lightbright commented looking at Luna.
"She sure is," Stardust replied smiling.

Luna continued to fill the canteen when Starfire and Skyview ran across the stream and splashed Luna with mud and water. Starfire and Skyview quickly stopped the minute they realized what they had did.
Stardust, Delight and Lightbright gasped.
Luna turned and stood glaring at Starfire and Skyview as mud and water dripped from her dirty coat.
"Luna, I'm sorry," Starfire quickly said.
"We...umm didn't see you," Skyview explained.
Luna wiped her face as her uncles approached her to help her. Luna looked up at them, suddenly her horn began to glow. Starfire and Skyview stopped and wondered what she was going to do. Water and mud flew out of the stream and splashed on her uncles. They stood covered in mud and dripped with water from head to hoof. Luna approached Skyview and handed him his canteen.
"I'm going to wash up," Luna calmly told them, then she turned and walked further down stream where it was less muddy.
Starfire and Skyview looked at Stardust surprisingly.
Stardust just sat there and started laughing.
"That's what you two get. Now why don't you two stick in the muds go wash up with Luna?" Stardust suggested.
Starfire and Skyview lowed their heads and glared at Stardust as they left.
"Stick in the muds...that's a great way of putting it," Skyview muttered.
Stardust calmed down and looked at the two ponies who tried their best not to laugh loudly, "Brothers...there's never a dull moment when they're around."
"I got one brother and I know what you mean," Delight replied.
"King Stardust," Lightbright began to say, "You and your brothers are not what I'd thought you'd be. Not that's bad or anything."
Stardust smiled at her, "Well, I maybe King of Ponyland and I take it seriously but I do like to enjoy myself every now and then."
Starch smiled, "I guess every pony is like that."

After sometime had past, Luna had cleaned up and returned to her father.
"How do I look?" Luna asked.
"Very pretty," Stardust replied smiling at her.
Luna smiled at him, "It took me a while to get all the mud off." then she giggled, "Starfire and Skyview are almost done. They're having a hard time getting the dry mud off of Skyview."
Stardust chuckled, "Well, get your things. We will leave when they get back."
"Your leaving so soon?" Lightbright asked surprisingly.
"Yes, unfortunately. We have a very long journey ahead of us," Stardust answered.
"We enjoyed your company and getting to know you," Delight commented.
Stardust stood up when he saw his two brothers approaching.
"Delight, Lingbright. It was a pleasure talking to you," Stardust looked up at Starfire and Skyview smiling, "Well, you two don't look like a pair of stick in the muds now."
Starfire and Skyview walked around Delight and picked up their bags.
"You're not ever going to let us forget it...are you?" Skyview asked him.
Stardust laughed, "As long as I remember it, I'll make sure you two don't ever forget it." Stardust looked at Delight and Lightbright, "Goodbye. I hope you two love staying in Ponyland."
"I'm sure we will," Delight replied.
Stardust turned and began walking as he continued to laugh.
"It's not funny!" Starfire and Skyview exclaimed, "Stardust!"
But Stardust ignored them and continued to laugh. Then Luna began giggling.
"Great, now Luna is laughing at us," Starfire muttered.
Skyview began laughing, "You did look funny in mud." Then Starfire laughed, "You had more mud than me."
"No I'm pretty sure you had more than me," Skyview replied.
Luna smiled at them, "I can fix that. I'm sure there's plenty of mud at the stream."
"No!" they replied.
Stardust just laughed and couldn't stop.