Chapter 3:  Final Plans for a school

A month had gone by since Star Cluster came to stay in the castle. The ponies in ponyland were still mad but non dared to say anything to him when he's around the black ponies.
Luna was in the meeting room with her mother learning out of a book when a cyan colored soldier walked into the room, "I'm sorry your majesty but King Stardust wants to see both of you in the throne room."
"Thank you," Royal Heart replied.
She sat the book on the table and stood up, "We'll come back and finish your lessons when Stardust is done with us. Come Luna."
Luna stood up and followed her mother out of the room.

Luna walked with carful steps through the hallway. The marble floor shined, giving a mirror image of her wearing her Princess crown and her long wavy mane. He tail hung in waves like her mane.
"Luna?" Royal Heart called to her noticing her staring at the floor.
"Sorry mom, I was just noticing how pretty the floor looked," Luna quickly explained.
Royal Heart smiled at her, "They sure do a good job cleaning the floor, don't they?"
"I never seen anyone clean the floors," Luna remarked.
"It's all done at night. It takes a few week to do one floor. Imagine doing four floors and the towers," Royal Heart explained.
"Oh, So they spend all night cleaning floors and that's it?" Luna asked.
"Yes, it's a big job, Luna," Royal Heart replied.

They walked to the double doors. The soldiers opened the doors allowing them to pass through. When they walked in, they could hear voices. Apparently, Stardust wasn't alone.
They walked past the curtains and pillars to the stairs. Luna could see her uncles and someone else there, someone she never seen before. Stardust stood in front of the pony with Blizzard next to him listening to his every word.
Stardust paused when he saw Royal Heart and Luna. As they approached Stardust, Luna looked at Blizzard and smiled.
"So what is so important that it would interrupt Luna's lesson?" Royal Heart asked.
Stardust pointed to a gray pony with dark red, deep pink and white hair. He stood next to a wooden easel with along blue paper on the front of it and several white cardboard hidden behind the blue paper.
"He's brought the plans for the new school. I want you to see what you think of it," Stardust replied, then he looked at the male gray pony, "Explain it again to my wife and daughter."
The gray pony used a long thin wooden stick and pointed to the blue paper, "This is the blue prints to the school. The teacher will be here at a big desk while the little ponies are sitting in rows in smaller desks. There's a platform at the head of the class where the teacher's desk will be. Behind her will be the black board."
"Looks good so far," Royal Heart told him.
"How big are the windows?" Blizzard asked.
"Just regular square size windows, only big enough for light to get in but you can't see out," the gray pony replied.
"Can you make it a little longer?" Blizzard asked.
"The ponies would be able to look outside and get distracted," The gray pony answered.
"Just long enough to see outside when your standing but not when your sitting," Blizzard explained.
"Ok, I see. I think that can be arranged. What do you think your majesty?" the gray pony asked.
"Sounds like a good idea," Stardust answered.
"Well, now if you would allow me to show you the sketches for the building," the gray pony said, he rolled the blue print and turned the white card boards around to be seen. On it was a white school building with windows and a few trees outside. Luna couldn't help think it looked like one of the old schools, just a simple small building.
"Will the little ponies go outside and play?" Luna asked.
"What for?" Stardust asked her curiously.
"For a brake. There's school work, then lunch brake and then recess and then back to school work," Luna explained.
"I'll have to talk to Amaryllis about the schedule for school," Stardust replied.
"How about a fence. A pretty fence to match the building?" Blizzard asked, "It'll keep the ponies close to school while they play."
"Well I don't know if there will be recess but a fence would look pretty with the building," Stardust replied.
"Humm, school sounds interesting, I almost wished I was going to school," Skyview commented.
Luna looked at him and smiled, "Your far to old for school."
Skyview glared at her, "Gee thank."
Starfire laughed. Star Cluster just smiled at him trying not to laugh. Skyview glared at him, "What are you laughing at, your just as old as I am."
Royal Heart giggled quietly, she was relieved that Stardust's brothers were staying at the castle, they sometimes made her laugh.
"Add the things we want to it and have the blueprints and sketches back to me before the end of two weeks is over. I want a copy of them as well."
The gray pony bowed, "Yes, your majesty." He put the cardboard in a portfolio and the blue prints in a funnel, then he folded the easel and carried them out of the throne room.
"Now I got to make a letter to the other Kingdoms about the school. I can't start building it till they agree with it," Stardust told them.
"Why?" Royal Heat asked, "You don't need their permission to build the school in your kingdom."
"I was hoping the other Kingdoms would like the idea and build schools in their kingdoms. Amaryllis will have to write a book about being a teacher or teach a few ponies how to be a teacher. Royal Heart I have high hopes for this school. Someday, Dream Valley won't be a town that is barley head of the others kingdoms, it'll be a city and that school is just the beginning," Stardust explained, "Now I must prepare some letters. Starfire come with me, Blizzard you too."

Blizzard walked past Luna and smiled but didn't say anything. He continued to follow Stardust out fo the throne room and down the hall. They walked up upstairs to the fourth floor. Blizzard was slowing down, he still wasn't used to climbing a lot of stairs.
"Blizzard," Stardust called from the top of the stairs.
"I'm coming...slowly," Blizzard answered.
"Stardust no one is as strong at you. You could run up and down these stairs ten times and not be tired," Starfire pointed out.
"I'm sorry, I just forget," Stardust answered.
Once Blizzard had caught up to him, they walked to Stardust's room. Blizzard stood at the door looking around wondering if he should go in.
"Well, are you coming inside?" Stardust asked.
Blizzard walked in and looked at the big bed, it sat a little higher that his bed. He walked to the balcony while Stardust sat in a chair at a small table. He took a ink pen and paper and began writing.
"Why am I here in here for?" Starfire asked.
"I want you to deliver these letters. Anyone else would be to slow," Stardust answered.
Blizzard stood on the balcony and looked outside, he saw the forest which seemed to have no end. He remembered traveling through forests that were very large. At times he thought he wouldn't see anyone.
"Blizzard come here and watch," Stardust told him.
Blizzard left the balcony and stood next to Starfire watching Stardust write.
Just then Star Cluster walked into the room, "Stardust."
"Just a minute. I got a letter to write," Stardust told him.
They stood for several minutes waiting for Stardust to finish. When he was done, he folded the paper and placed it an envelope, then he handed it to Starfire, "Now go to each of the pony kingdoms and wait for their answer, then come back to me and let me know what they said," Stardust told him.
"Ok," Starfire replied and took the envelope in his mouth and left the room.
"Stardust," Star Cluster called to him, "I want to speak with the Kings when they get here."
"Ok but it'll have to wait till after I tell them about the plans for the school. If I tell them before the plans, they'll be to distracted to listen to me," Stardust explained.
"Ok, as long as I get a chance to talk to them," Star Cluster told him.
"When Amaryllis gets back from town, I want to talk to her," Stardust told him.
"I'll tell her," Star Cluster replied and then he left the room.
Stardust stood up and looked at Blizzard, "Now for your lessons. Lets go to the throne room and finish them."
Blizzard left the room the Stardust following him back tot he throne room.