Chapter 37: Megan's Secret

It was in the afternoon and Luna was sitting in the throne room with her parents reading out of a book while her mother watched Silverstar in her arms. Stardust sat on his throne still angry at Blizzard for leaving so suddenly.
"It's been a week and he's still hasn't returned," Stardust muttered, "Just where did he take off to?"
Luna sat quietly, not wanting to be noticed. She had spent a week hoping her father wouldn't ask her where Blizzard went.
"He can't just drop things and leave," Stardust exclaimed.
"I'm sure he had a reason too," Royal Heart guessed.
"I'd sure like to know what it is," Stardust replied, he looked at Luna who tried her best to look busy, "Luna."
Luna gasped and slowly looked up at him, "Yes dad?"
"Your very close to Blizzard, I'm sure he must have said something to you," Stardust said.
Luna looked at the floor remaining silent.
"Luna, what did he tell you?" Stardust firmly asked.
Luna sat her book down and stood up not wanting to look at her angry father.
"Luna, what..did he tell you!" Stardust asked again.
"Umm...he...was going to..get his necklace back," Luna answered looking up at him.
"What?!" Stardust exclaimed, "He knows better than to face Teriney again. I thought he learned that the last time."
"But he's not going to face him, just steal his necklace back," Luna explained.
Stardust stood up from his throne, "That is not always so simple. Something will go wrong and he will get in serious trouble. Teriney is an old Dragon and would probably know Blizzard will be coming for him. Blizzard should know better," Stardust paused, "You should have told me this sooner!"
"I'm..sorry he..." Luna paused as she looked at his angry face.
"You know and didn't tell me!" Stardust exclaimed trying his best not to exploded with anger, "He is going to be the next King of Ponyland and he runs off to get his necklace back."
"But that necklace is important to me and..." Luna paused knowing that her father wasn't about to listen.
"He should have left a note and you should have told me!" Stardust exclaimed angrily, "What kind of King will Ponyland have if he keeps leaving without telling someone?"
Tears trickled down Luna's face, "Sorry dad...I...I was afraid you'd be angry with me." Without letting Stardust say a word to her, Luna winked out.

Royal Heart stood up from her throne looking angrily at Stardust, "Getting mad at her won't help.
"I'm sorry Royal Heart. I know," Stardust turned and looked at her, "Blizzard will merry our daughter someday. He will rule Ponyland. He's got some very important responsibilities. Ponyland is the oldest Kingdom in the world, the other Kingdoms looks up to this Kingdoms. They follow in Ponyland footsteps. What ever Ponyland does the other Kingdoms will copy. Ruling this Kingdoms is...a little more responsibility then ruling another Kingdom. Ponyland has to stay ahead of the other Kingdoms. There's so much Blizzard has to much he needs to know in order to rule this kingdoms." Stardust left the platform and approached the water fountain. Royal Heart followed him.
"I'm sure he will return," Royal Heart told him.
"Will he?" Stardust asked. He stopped and looked at Royal Heart seriously, "What will happen if Teriney finds him? or worse...catches him taking the necklace? Blizzard fears Teriney and just about freezes stiff when he sees him. Blizzard is no match for Teriney. What if he doesn't returned? What if he's killed? What would happen to this Kingdom?"
Royal Heart smiled and handed Stardust the baby, "Blizzard isn't the only one who can rules this Kingdom. Silverstar is your son and the heir to this throne if anything ever happened to Blizzard. Luna will have to learn to go on without Blizzard."
Stardust held Silverstar and lightly nuzzled him, "You are right. There is hope in case something happens to Blizzard," Stardust looked at Royal Heart sadly, "For Luna's sake, Blizzard had better return in one piece."
"I'm sure she knows that," Royal Heart told him, "She loves him. I'm sure she must of been expecting him to leave suddenly."
"She would be the one pony he would tell everything to," Stardust approached Royal Heart and hugged her, "I'm sorry. I've been acting like a spoiled little pony."
Royal Heart smiled, "You were just very concerned for Blizzard and this Kingdom."
"I will have a long talk with Luna tonight. Maybe it's my turn to spend the evening with my daughter," Stardust told her.
Royal Heart leaned her head on Stardust's shoulder and smiled at Silverstar's sleeping face.

Luna appeared in Paradise Estate's court yard. The four soldiers were surprised that she suddenly appeared. Luna wiped her tears dry and stood trying to calm herself.
"Princess Luna," a soldier muttered, "Are you alright?"
"I'm fine..or will be," Luna answered. She looked up at the soldiers, "Is my grandparents here?"
"Yes, they're inside," the soldier answered.
Luna smiled at him and continued inside.

As soon as she entered the estate she heard familiar voices. Luna entered the main room where the voices were coming from and paused she was surprised to see Skyview, Starfire, Star Cluster and Peaches on the couch talking.
"Luna," Skyview called to her, "What brings you here?"
Luna's grandparents sat in the chairs.
"Luna, have a seat," Ribbon Lock told her.
Luna sat in a light blue chair, "Dad was mad. He asked be if Blizzard said anything to me. I told him Blizzard went after his necklace. Dad got mad at me and just about blew his top."
"Oh," everyone muttered.
"Don't worry Luna, I'm sure he will calm down by the time you return to the castle," Sunlight told her.
"With Royal Heart there, she won't allow him to stay mad for long," Starfire told her.
Luna stared at the floor sadly, not wanting to talk about her angry father.
Sunlight stood up smiling, "Well If everyone is hungry I can have cake brought in here and maybe cream."
"Yes, I think that would be a good idea," Ribbon Lock agreed looking at how sad Luna was.
Sunlight agreed and left the room.
Luna looked up at Star Cluster, "where's Amaryllis?"
"She's in town with friends. I'm watching Peaches today," Star Cluster answered.
"Oh," Luna replied.
"I've been wondering something," Skyview muttered, "Now that your living outside the castle, what do you plan on doing for a living?"
"I'm not sure yet," Star Cluster answered, "Stardust has plans for businesses of all kinds to come to Ponyland, even small eating shops."
"Start your own business then," Starfire suggested.
"Doing what?" Star Cluster asked, "What can I do that no one has thought of yet?"
"Start another food shop or print shop or.." Skyview continued to suggest.
"Print shop?" Luna asked interrupting him.
"Yes, you know, print posters and announcement that Stardust may want posted all over town or pages from books," Starfire explained.
"Announcements and posters?" Luna asked, "There's no newspapers in town?"
"Newspapers?!" they all asked.
Star Cluster smiled, "That's perfect. No one is starting a business on newspapers and it's the quickest way to spread news to everyone. Yes...I'll talk to Stardust about it as soon as possible."
Luna smiled, she was glad she could help Star Cluster solve his future problem.

Star Cluster gasped when he saw Peaches ready to touch a glass vase that sat on a round table, "Peaches!" Star Cluster stood up and approached her quickly, "Peaches!"
Peaches stopped and turned to face him. Star Cluster picked her up, "Just what did I say about touching things?"
"I'm sorry daddy," Peached replied.
Star Cluster walked to the couch and sat down, setting Peaches on the floor.
"Do not touch anything, do you understand me?" Star Cluster asked her.
"Yes daddy," Peaches answered, then she left him and walked around the room.
"Star Cluster," Ribbon Lock called to him, "Planing on starting a big family soon?"
Star Cluster smiled, "Soon dad. Stardust gave us enough rooms in the house for a large family. Peaches wants a new brother or sister to play with."
Just then Sunlight walked in with a pink cake and several plates. She sat it on a table in front of the couch.

While the cake was getting cut, Peaches sat against a wall bored since she couldn't touch anything. Wishes was outside playing with his friends and her mother was with her friends. Peaches had nothing to do. She leaned against the wall and watched her father, then she looked around the walls at the paintings. Each painting was different, the one above her looked the oldest. She was about to look away when she noticed something thin hanging from behind the painting. She stood up on her hind legs but she was to short to get a closer look. She wanted to know what it was. She noticed the chair next to her was empty. She climbed the chair as high as she could and reached up for the string that hung. It was barley noticeable, one wouldn't know it was there if they didn't look under it. Just as she reached for the string and pulled it, Star Cluster gasped, "Peaches!" but it was to late, the painting fell the and frame cracked falling apart. Star Cluster stood and picked up Peaches.
"I told you not to touch and you did anyways," Star Cluster told her.
Peaches hugged him and began to cry, "Sorry daddy."
Ribbon Lock and his sons quickly stood up and looked at the painting on the floor. Ribbon Lock picked up the broken frame, "Well the painting of Megan is in tacked."
"Peaches," Star Cluster began to say. He sat her on the chair, "Why did you touch it when I told you not to?"
Peaches continued to wipe her tears as she sobbed loudly, "It had a string on it. Daddy, I'm sorry."
Ribbon Lock put the frame on the floor and turned the painting over, on the back was a slit sowed with a light brown string that hung past the painting.
Ribbon Lock looked on the front of the painting and back realizing how thick it was.
"Give me a knife," Ribbon Lock said.
Starfire took the knife that was used to cut the cake and handed it to his father. Ribbon Lock took the knife and cut the string, then he grabbed a dark pink string inside the painting. He pulled it out revealing a dark pink pouch attached to it. Skyview took the pouch from him, "Why would this be hiding inside?" He opened the pouch and held it upside down to his hoof. A golden round necklace fell out of the pouch.
"Blizzard's necklace," Luna exclaimed.
"No, this is a bit different," Skyview told her, "The diamond and everything about it is the same but...there's a rose on it instead of a snowflake."
Starfire took the necklace and looked at it, "It does look just like Blizzard's necklace."
Luna took the necklace and stared at it. It was round, gold with diamonds in the same spot but the only thing that was different was the carved rose. Skyview suddenly remembered something, he took the painting from his father and looked at Megan, then he blew on it causing dust to fly everywhere.
"I thought so," Skyview muttered, "Megan is wearing that necklace."
Starfire looked at the painting, "She must have hid it behind the painting."
Ribbon Lock looked at Star Cluster and Peaches, "If she hadn't knocked down the painting we would never had known that necklace was there."
Star Cluster took the necklace and looked at it. Peaches peaked over her shoulder and stared at it.
"Blizzard told me something. When Teriney had let me go and was holding the necklace he said 'now for the others' Blizzard thought there might be more like his necklace," Luna told them.
Skyview took the necklace from Star Cluster, "I do remember Teriney saying that. If Blizzard is right and I do think he is, this necklace is another key."
"So there's two keys?" Starfire asked.
"Could be. I wonder if there's more. There could be four, five or ten," Skyview guessed.
Peaches soon calmed down, "I'm sorry."
Star Cluster looked at her sternly, "Peaches, do not touch anything or I'll take you home and tell your mother."
"Ok, daddy," Peaches replied.
Star Cluster, Starfire, Skyview, Ribbon Lock, Sunlight and Luna sat down and continued eating cake as they talked about the necklace.
"We'll have to show Stardust this," Skyview said.
"Maybe once dad cools off," Luna suggested.
"Tomorrow after breakfast then," Skyview replied.