Chapter 36: Star Cluster in flames

It was after breakfast and Luna was in the throne room studying from a book with her mother watching her and holding Silverstar asleep in her arms. Stardust was sitting on his throne looking angry.
"I'm sure he had a reason for leaving," Royal Heart commented.
Stardust stood up, "I can't imagine what that would be," he stomped his hoof shaking the castle floor, "Blizzard left without a word or note...not a single thing from him. He's got responsibilities here!" He stomped his hoof again shaking the castle. Silverstar woke up and began crying. Luna sat on the marble floor quietly and watched her father out of the corner of her eye.She didn't want to tell her father why Blizzard left, she feared it would only anger him more.
"Stardust Please!" Royal Heart yelled, "You woke him up and you know I don't like it when you shake the castle!" It was rare to hear her yell, even Stardust noticed her yelling.
"I'm sorry but I'm upset," Stardust replied.
"Angry is more like it," Royal Heart muttered, rocking her baby back to sleep.

Star Cluster and Amaryllis approached the throne room doors when they suddenly felt the ground shake.
"W-what was that?" Amaryllis asked surprisingly.
"My guess would be Stardust. He must be angry about something," Star Cluster guessed.
"And he shakes the floor when he's angry?" Amaryllis asked suspiously.
"No, he shakes the castle by stomping his foot. You see Amaryllis, Stardust is very strong and most of the time he's got full control over his strength unless he's to angry to control it, that is usually when he stomps his foot," Star Cluster explained.
"Wow, he's that strong?" Amaryllis asked.
"That is why we are here," Skyview answered, as he and Starfire approached them from behind.
"Well, you got married a few days ago and you're beck already," Starfire observed.
"Is something wrong with the house?" Skyview asked.
"No, the house is perfect for us," Star Cluster answered, "It's me. Something odd is happening to me."
"Odd?" Starfire asked curiously.
Just then the castle shook again.
"Lets get him to stop shaking the castle first!" Skyview exclaimed annoyingly.

They went into the throne room and saw Stardust standing one the floor with Royal Heart next to him. Silverstar continued to cry in her arms.
"Stardust!" Royal Heart yelled.
"I'm sorry, I got to let some...steam off," Stardust replied. He turned and sat on his throne. Royal Heart walked up to him and handed him Silverstar, "Hold him and get him to stop crying since you woke him."
Stardust held him and nuzzled his son's head, "I'm sorry." he rocked him till Silverstar fell back to sleep. Stardust looked at Luna, "Luna, I'm sorry about that. I do that when I'm really angry which doesn't happen to often."
"And I'm so glad of that," Royal Heart added.
"It's ok dad. Blizzard just..." Luna paused when she saw her uncles approaching.

Stardust stood up and handed Silverstar back to Royal Heart.
"Well, what brings the whole family here?" Stardust asked.
"Me and Starfire wanted you to stop shaking the castle," Skyview told him.
"I'm sorry about that," Stardust looked at Star Cluster and Amaryllis, "You two couldn't have felt the ground shake at your house."
"No we didn't. We came because I have a problem and I don't think it's something the doctor can do for me," Star Cluster answered.
"What is it?" Stardust asked worriedly.
"Shortly before Silverstar was born I've been...feeling hot," Star Cluster answered, "I don't feel hot to the touch or sweating I just..feel hot."
Stardust looked at him suspiously not sure if he understood it right
"You feel hot and yet you don't?" Stardust asked.
"It happened a few nights ago," Amaryllis explained, "He said he was burning up and when I touched him he felt cool...normal."
That's...odd," Stardust replied.
"Amaryllis, tell him what you saw last night," Star Cluster told her.
"Well, I woke up early and...You're going to think I'm crazy but I saw him on fire. Flames shot out all over his body but...nothing burned. As soon as he woke up, the fire was gone," Amaryllis explained.
Luna stood up and approached her uncles, "The fire didn't harm you?"
"No but it sure scare me to death," Amaryllis answered worriedly.

Everyone looked at her and Star Cluster suspiously.
"You think I'm crazy," Amaryllis said observing their faces.
"I don't," Luna answered suddenly.
"Well it is strange," Starfire answered.
"In this world, just about anything is possible," Stardust told her.
"Did anything else happen?" Luna asked curiously.
"No," Star Cluster answered.
"Are you sure?" Luna asked, "anything else strange...anything at all?"
" was nothing I suppose," Star Cluster muttered.
"What?" Luna asked.
"When I was in my room waiting for the wedding, I heard someone. They said...soon. When I looked there was no one around. I thought I imagined it," Star Cluster answered.
"You heard a voice?" Starfire asked curiously.
"Yes," Star Cluster answered.
"Luna, you know what's wrong?" Stardust asked noticing her calm suspicious look.
"I think I do but...I can't imagine it would happen," Luna answered.
"Luna, what is wrong with me?" Star Cluster asked.
"Do you remember the battle when Fallon held you?" Luna asked.
"Yes," Star cluster answered.
"You blew Fallon up and you flew off the island. How is it you didn't blow up with Fallon?" Luna asked.
"I have no idea," Star Cluster answered.
"And what happened to the Pearl?" Luna asked.
"Blew up I guess," Star Cluster answered.
"Teriney said you can't destroy the Flaming Pearl," Skyview quickly said.
"I have no idea what happened to it or where it's at, only it wasn't with me when I woke up," Star cluster explained.
"I never saw a Pearl. I most certainly wouldn't miss a large pearl," Amaryllis quickly said.
"Star Cluster, try to think. Just before the blast, you were holding the pearl. What happened to it?" Luna asked.
"I don't know," Star Cluster answered.
"Try...please," Luna begged.
Star Cluster sat down and thought about Fallon and when he was being held in his claws. The Pearl in his hooves glowed brightly. Star Cluster closed his eyes, "I'm sorry Luna but I don't remember."
"Did you hear or feel anything?" Luna asked.
"Why is it so important, Luna?" Skyview asked.
"If I'm right, it's very important that Star Cluster remembers," Luna answered which didn't give Skyview any answers.
"I..." Star Cluster closed his eyes remembering the blast. After a few minutes, he remember something, "I...felt...warm." Star Cluster opened his eyes and touched his stomach, "Here."

Suddenly Star Cluster was engulfed in flames. Everyone backed away except for Luna who just stood and smiled, "I knew it."
"What?" Starfire asked.
"What's happening?!" Amaryllis cried worriedly.
"He's fine, nothing to worry about," Luna assured her. She stood on her hind legs and held out her front hooves, "Flaming Pearl, I demand you come to me!"
The flames left Star Cluster's body and swirled around Luna, gathering itself in her hooves. Then a bright round dot appeared and began to grow. When the glowing ball stopped, everyone gasped.
"The Flaming pearl?" Skyview asked surprisingly.
"H-how?...w-when?" Star Cluster asked shockingly.
"Pearl what is the meaning of this?" Luna asked.
"I'm sorry," the Pearl answered, "I didn't mean to alarm you all."
"Where...what ...Were you..?" Star Cluster didn't want to say where he thought the Pearl was.
"Yes, Star Cluster. I was inside of you this whole time," Pearl answered.
"It..really talks," Amaryllis muttered, fascinated by the voice coming from a round fiery ball.
"Why?" Star Cluster asked.
"Fallon was holding you and to blow him up you'd have to go with him but because you had a change of heart and Kesia had a new future to which I will not be apart of I decided to make you my new guardian. I had no choice but to be with you and protect you from the explosions. To do that I had to go inside of you. Unfortunately, the blast knocked you out and scrambled your memories so you forgot me. When you meet Amaryllis I felt your warm loving heart and thought I'd wait till the right time and that time was now," the Pearl explained.
"But why did I feel so hot, why was I on fire?" Star Cluster asked.
"I can not let my flames die for long, it is apart of me. I could only hide it when you were awake and when you slept I let it out like I have now. I'm sorry Amaryllis I scared you, I had not expect you to wake up and see my flames," The Pearl answered.
Luna held out her hooves to Star Cluster, "The Pearl is yours, it chose you."
"But you're the guardian," Star Cluster replied.
Luna smiled, "She chooses her guardian and she chose you," Luna explained.
Star Cluster took the pearl and held it. Amaryllis touched the pearl and was amazed the flames didn't harm her, "She's very pretty."
"Thank you," the Pearl replied.
"And so nice too," Amaryllis added smiling, "just one more to add to the family."
"So, where do I hide a ball on fire?" Star Cluster asked.
"You are the guardian, you choose but first...I have to give you the powers that goes with it," Luna answered. Luna closed her eyes and held a hoof to her chest, "Guardian powers I call upon you." her body began to glow with rainbow colors, "A new guardian has been chosen." Luna opened her eyes reveling green slitted eyes as Amaryllis gasped at them, "Star Cluster as the new guardian your were chosen to guard over the Flaming Pearl of power and wisdom. You are to keep her from falling into the wrong hands and use her to help others. You are to never miss use her or miss use your guardian powers, they are to protect her," Luna held out her hoof, "take my hoof if you except the responsibility of being the new guardian."
Star Cluster put his hoof on hers and suddenly he began to glow with rainbow colors. Luna's body soon stopped glowing but Star Cluster continued to glow for several minutes and then he too stopped glowing.

Luna's eyes returned to normal and so did her voice, "Now you are truly the guardian. If there's anything you need to know about your guardian powers, ask Pearl."
"Well, there's one thing I do want to know. How do I hide the Pearl. A ball on fire isn't something you can easily hide," Star Cluster pointed out.
"If I may suggest something," the Pearl began to say.
"Please do," Star Cluster answered.
"Let me show you instead," the Pearl told him. She disappeared in fiery flames and flew around Star Cluster's neck. A glowing star appeared changing it's shape into a golden dragons with a small white pearl between it's claws. The ring of gold string from the dragon and wrapped itself around his neck. When the glow and fire had died, there hung a golden dragon charm with a golden chain around his neck.
"That is very clever," Skyview commented.
"It's not so bad," Star Custer remarked holding the dragon charm up to see.
"It's pretty," Amaryllis muttered.
"It's kind of like the golden key you wore," Starfire observed.
"What golden key?" Star Cluster asked curiously.
"You..don't remember wearing a golden key?" Stardust asked, "It had fallon locked..."
"Stop," Star Cluster suddenly said, "I'm sorry but I don't remember and I'm pretty sure I don't want to either. Please don't make me remember."
"You'll have to someday," the pearl told him.
"No I won't," Star Cluster firmly told her.
"Someday, Star Cluster," the pearl told him again.
Amaryllis smiled, "Welcome to the family. What may we call you?"
"Well," Star Cluster began to say, "Thank you for all your help. I'm glad my hot problem is finally solved, now I can go home and enjoy the rest of the week with Amaryllis and Peaches," Star Cluster paused as if he suddenly remembered, "I almost forgot. It's probably best not to tell Peaches about pearl till she's older."
"Yes, that would be a very good idea," Stardust agreed.
"Star Cluster, Pearl, Shall we head home?" Amaryllis asked smiling.
Star Cluster smiled, "Yes. Home and no where else. Bye Stardust..Luna, thank you all." Then he turned and left the throne room to return home.