Chapter 34: Day of the wedding

Morning had came before the sun rose from the mountains. Star Cluster was woken up by Starfire's shouting at the crack of the door.
"Get up!" Starfire yelled.
Star Cluster jumped awake and for a minute he felt hot all over but he didn't feel hot to the touch.
"Star Cluster, are you alright?" Starfire asked worriedly after noticing how silent and still he was at first.
"Fine...I'm fine. Just still tired," Star Cluster quickly said.
Starfire smiled, "Well don't forget what today is. Hurry up, you have a lot to do this morning, so to get up." Then he closed the door and left.
Star Cluster threw the covers off but continued to sit in bed. He felt his head, then the spot he laid in but he felt no hot spots. He knew he couldn't have been dreaming, he felt hot once before.
Skyview walked into the room, "What are you doing? Get up, take a bath and get ready! everyone is starting to arrive...early." Skyview turned and looked at the two male servants, "Get him ready as soon as possible."
The two ponies nodded their heads, "Yes Prince Skyview." They went into the room while Star Cluster left.
"Prince Star Cluster," The green male pony began to say, "Please get out of bed. We have to take you to give you a bath."
"I'm perfectly capable of bathing myself," Star Cluster told them.
"We are ordered by King Stardust to give you a bath," The yellow male pony told him.
Star Cluster climbed out of bed and followed the two ponies out of the room and down several hallways and up another flight of stairs. They soon took him to the royal bathroom where a male pony stood inside with hair brushes and several bottles.

Amaryllis was in anther part of the castle taking a bath. Several female ponies was in the process of drying her hair and coat, then they brushed her hair.
"Where's Peaches?" Amaryllis asked.
"Waiting for you downstairs," the dark pink pegasus answered.
"Is Star Cluster up?" Amaryllis asked, "Is he ready?"
"He should be having his bath," a white earth pony answered.
"Please, Amaryllis hold still," the yellow unicorn told her.
"Sorry, I'm just so nervous. Wedding always makes me nervous but this one....I'm getting married inside the castle," Amaryllis told them.
The female ponies smiled.
"The decorations in the throne room are so pretty. You are a great decorator," The yellow pony told her.
"Thank you," Amaryllis replied smiling.
"There's nothing to be nervous about. You'll go down the stairs in front of all the Royalties in the throne room. King Stardust will give a speech and have you and Prince Star Cluster married and.." The dark pink Pegasus stopped when she noticed it was only making Amaryllis more nervous, "I'm sorry, I guess I'm making you feel worse."
Amaryllis nervously smiled at them.

Star Cluster was standing in the bathroom getting his hair and coat dried by three male ponies.
"Prince Star Cluster," the light blue pony called to him, "you should be excited or happy that your getting married today."
"I am," Star Cluster replied.
"Please forgive me but you don't look excited," The green male pony said.
"I'm sorry I just...I was...huh...just thinking," Star cluster replied.
The yellow pony smiled, "Or maybe nervous?"
"Nervous? no, I'm just...uhhh, well...nervous I guess," Star Cluster finally admitted, "I know this wedding will not be like Stardust since he was crowned King on his wedding day but...I never seen normal weddings. All those Royal ponies there and knowing what I had done in the past..."
"Prince Star Cluster," the yellow pony interrupted, "If the past still bothered them, then they wouldn't have came."
"I heard that every kingdom is here," the green pony told him.
Once Star Cluster was dry, they began brushing him.
"How's Amaryllis?" Star Cluster asked, "And Peaches."
"I saw the little pony down stairs. Amaryllis is probably getting ready like you are," the light blue pony answered. Once Star Cluster's hair and coat was brushed, the light blue pony sprinkled glitter in his mane and tail, then brushing it again and sprinkling it again. When he was done, the green pony put a black bow around Star Cluster's neck.
"Is the glitter necessary?" Star Cluster asked.
"Yes, King Stardust told us how he wants you to look...Pretty," The green pony answered.
"Pretty..." Star Cluster muttered, "How amusing. He would make me look like a pretty boy."
The three ponies chuckled.
"Where's my collar?" Star Cluster asked looking around.
"Your getting married not being crowned. Your collar is getting cleaned for today," the yellow pony answered.
"Do I have to wear this...bow?" Star Cluster asked.
"Yes, this is a wedding and your to look your best," the light blue pony answered. He picked up a black top hat from the table in the corner and placed it on Star Cluster's head, "The hat goes with the bow."
"And I have to wear the hat?" Star Cluster asked.
"This is how you look on a wedding, Prince Star Cluster. You're going to feel bad if you don't look your best for your bride," the yellow pony told him.
Star Cluster smiled, he most certainly wanted to look his very best for her, "Well, since you put it that way, I guess it's not so bad but the glitter had better come out easily after the wedding."
"It will...after a few days," the light blue pony answered.
"Prince Star Cluster, Your breakfast should be in your room. You are to wait in your room till someone comes and gets you..." The yellow pony began to explain.
"I know all that," Star Cluster told him.
"I'm supposed to repeat it to you," the yellow pony told him, "Now when it's time, someone will in form you. I will be escorting you to your room now."
The yellow pony nodded and led Star Cluster out of the room. They walked down the stairs to the third floor and down several hallways till they reached Star Cluster's room.
"Prince Star Cluster, your room," the yellow pony nodded.
Star Cluster entered the room, the yellow pony closed the door and left.

Star Cluster stood in front of the mirror trying to recognized the strange pony he saw before him. His hair glittered and sparkled. His black bow sparkled as well and so did his hat.
"Soon, Star Cluster," A voice whispered.
Star Cluster looked around the room, "Who said that?!" but he saw no one, not even under his bead or in his bed or on the balcony. No one was there.
"Hello?" Star Cluster called again but there was no one there, "Odd. I thought for sure I heard someone. Maybe I was just thinking it. I must be nervous, my mind is playing tricks on me."
He turned and noticed the silver tray on the table by the bed. He approached the table and saw toast and eggs with a small glass of orange juice. Star Cluster began eating and when he was done he sat on his bed and waited for hours.
He was bored from waiting and thought they had forgotten him when Starfire walked in the room, "Well it's time."
"it's about time," Star Cluster told him.
"Well, Sorry about the wait. In less than an hour you'll be married. You're quite lucky," Starfire told him, "Now once you get downstairs, you're to wait at the throne room doors for your bride."
"I know," Star Cluster replied.
"Yes I know you do but you could forget especially when your nervous," Starfire told him.
"I'm not...nervous," Star Cluster told him.
Starfire smiled, then he led Star Cluster out of the room.
"You look...pretty," Starfire remarked.
"Thanks," Star Cluster replied not sounding to happy about it.
Starfire smiled, "Well, it's true Star Cluster. You and Amaryllis will be the pretties couples in the room."
"You saw Amaryllis?" Star Cluster asked surprisingly.
"No but I can imagine how she will look," Starfire told him.

They walked down the steps and down the hall to the throne room doors where two soldiers stood.
"I'm supposed to wait here...right?" Star Cluster asked nervously as she listened to so many voices echoing in the throne room.
"Yes, wait here till the soldiers open the door," Starfire told him.
"Starfire, I am nervous. I never seen a wedding before..besides Stardust's wedding," Star Cluster told him.
"Star Cluster, this is your wedding. A party in yours and Amaryllis honor. It's a time to enjoy yourself and celebrate. It's not everyday that you get married so make this one a memorable time. Smile and enjoy every moment," Starfire told him.
"Thank you Starfire. I will," Star Cluster told him.
Starfire smiled and continued into the room leaving Star Cluster behind.

Star Cluster stood still feeling a bit nervous till Skyview approached him from behind, "Well, don't you look pretty."
"I'm a nervous pretty boy," Star Cluster admitted jokingly.
"Your not the only one," a familiar voice replied.
Star Cluster turned and stared shockingly at Amaryllis while Skyview went into the throne room. Amaryllis had a rose laced veil that hung over her face and stretched to the floor covering her tail. Her hair was pined up on her head with white roses around her hair. On her head was a diamond headband. Around her neck was a V-shaped diamond necklace. Her tail had small white roses hanging on strands of her hair.
Amaryllis smiled nervously, "Star Cluster, your not helping me one bit."
"Sorry, it's just pretty," Star Cluster nervously replied.
Amaryllis stood next to him and smiled at him, "You don't look the same."
"I hardly recognize myself too," Star Cluster agreed.
"After today, we'll be together forever," Amaryllis told him.
"Raising a family of our own," Star Cluster added.
Just then the doors opened.
"Ready?" Star cluster whispered.
"No, I'm so nervous Star Cluster," Amaryllis whispered back.
"As long as your with me, you have nothing to be nervous about," Star cluster told her trying not to look nervous.

Amaryllis smiled and followed Star Cluster into the throne room. They walked on the red carpet to the stairs. Royal ponies stood on either side of the carpet staring up at them. Stardust and Royal Heart stood on a small white platform in front of the water fountain, wearing their crowns and collars. Luna stood with Blizzard holding her baby brother who was sound asleep. The pillar had large silver bells with large white silk bows tired to them and white ribbon stretching past the bells. The white ribbons hung across from pillar to pillar eventually attaching to the white flowered cover arch in front of Stardust and Royal Heart. The water fountain had a large heart in the center with white balloons all over it. From the heart was a white silk cloth stretching to the corners of the water fountain. On the corners were tall polls covered in white balloons.
The whole throne room was decorated, even the tables behind the water fountain.
Star Cluster and Amaryllis walked down the steps and approached Stardust. Across from Luna were Starfire and Skyview with Peaches next to them, she looked as pretty as her mother. Stardust's parents stood next to the white platform.
Stardust smiled greatly at them.
"Kings, Queens, Princes and Princess, I thank you all for coming on such short notice. Today is my little brother's wedding. He is a year younger than us and we are all very proud of him. He has found a pony he loves, one who is kind and understands him. One who stood by him when most of us hated him. She stuck by him believing that one day we would all give him another chance and that day finally came. Her name is Amaryllis, she is also the school teacher in Ponyland. Star Cluster my little brother brought her here from a far way land in hopes to get married and have a family of his own. He is the first of my two brothers to get married. Now their wish will come true. Star Cluster, Amaryllis, you have came here together in front of everyone to announce your love, please would you announce it now...Star Cluster?
"Amaryllis, I loved you the day I first say you. You're the first I have ever loved and the only one I ever will love. Because of you I have learned what it's like to love fall in love," Star Cluster spoke.
"Star Cluster, I too love you. I loved you when I first saw you. I was afraid to love someone else fearing I'd loose them like I did with My daughter's father but...I couldn't stop how I felt towards you. Even in dangerous times you proved me would always be there for me. I love you and always will, now and forever," Amaryllis told him.
"Star Cluster, Amaryllis, you are to be with each other in times of sickness, health and hard times. You are to help each other, love each other as if you are one till the day you die. As King of Ponyland, I now pronounce you husband and wife."
Ponies in the room began to cheer, throwing rose petals in the hair. Silverstar woke up and began crying. Royal Heart quickly took Silverstar and held him trying to quiet him down.
Star Cluster removed the veil from Amaryllis face and kissed her for several minutes.
Once Stardust saw that they were done kissing he waited till all was quiet again, "I know this is early but I want to announce our new member of the family," Stardust said, "A week ago we had a new baby boy born. His name is Silverstar. My one week old son."
Silverstar began to cry loudly. Everyone stared silently some even made aww noises.
"Behind this water fountain are tables, cake and music to which you may dance to. Star Cluster, Amaryllis as a wedding present I have a house built just for you, there's no stairs knowing how you two get tired of climbing four flights of stairs every day. The house is close to the school. You'll be escorted there after the wedding party," Stardust announce.
"Stardust, thank you," Star Cluster muttered. He was shocked that his brother would go so far as to have a house secretly built for him and Amaryllis. He now had all he ever dreamed about, a wife, daughter and a house to start his new life outside the castle.