Chapter 33: Wedding announcement

It was morning and Blizzard waited for Luna at her door. When she finished putting her crown on her head, she left her room and followed Blizzard to the stairs. Starfire, Skyview, Star Cluster, Amaryllis and Peaches were at the stairs walked down the steps but Luna's parents wasn't there. She wondered if they're still in their rooms.
"Where's mom and dad?" Luna asked.
"In the dinning room," Skyview answered.
It was odd that they were in the dinning room before anyone else. Luna was anxious to get there and find out why.

Once they got to the first floor, they walked down a long hallway where two soldiers stood and entered the room.
Luna smiled when she saw her mother holding Silverstar with a bottle.
Amaryllis stopped and looked, "Is he the new baby I keep hearing about?"
"Yes it is," Royal Heart answered.
"Mind if I get a closer look at him?" Amaryllis asked curiously.
"Of course not. I don't mind at all," Royal Heart replied smiling.
"Mommy?" Peached called to her.
"come on if you want to see him too," Amaryllis replied.
Peaches smiled and followed her mother around the table. Amaryllis stood next to Royal Heart and smiled greatly, "Oh, he's so cute."
"Mommy," Peaches called to her.
Amaryllis held Peaches higher, "Don't you think he's cute?"
"Mommy, he's to small," Peaches told her.
Amaryllis laughed, "Of course he is. He's a baby. You were that small once too."
Peaches looked up at her curiously as her mother sat her on the floor again, "I was?"
"Yes you certainly was," Amaryllis answered smiling. She looked at Silverstar again, "Congratulations. He's going to grow up to be one handsome young pony."
Royal Heart smiled greatly, "He most certainly will. I can hardly wait."
"Well I better be sitting down," Amaryllis told her just as the servants walked in.

Luna watched Silverstar drinking out of his bottle in her mother's arms.
"You and dad got here early," Luna commented.
"We wanted to get down here before Silverstar woke up," Stardust explained.
"Oh," Luna replied.
"He's an early bird, unfortunately," Royal Heart added.
Luna smiled and began eating.
"Stardust," Star Cluster began to say, "Me and Amaryllis has been talking about a wedding."
Stardust looked at him curiously.
"We want to have a wedding soon. Maybe this weekend if that's possible," Star Cluster told him.
Stardust smiled, "This weekend is fine. What are your plans for the wedding?"
"We want the kingdoms to come. We want the wedding in the throne room by the water fountain," Star Cluster replied.
"Ok, I'll have invitations sent out today then," Stardust told him.
"We'd like to have a party and Amaryllis wants a large cake and a fancy wedding outfit," Star Cluster told him.
Stardust smiled, "I'll have it all done for you. I can have the trailers come this afternoon, Amaryllis and you can tell them what you want to wear for the wedding. I'll have my servant decorate the throne room later this week."
"Oh Stardust, we want to have it a little different," Star Cluster told him.
"What do you mean?" Stardust asked.
"Me and Amaryllis want to supervise the decorations. Amaryllis has a great idea for the decorations," Star Cluster answered.
Stardust smiled, "Ok, I'll let my servants know."
Luna listened with fascinations, she was surprised and excited at the same time. She was going to see a wedding at Dream Castle. She had never been to a wedding before. Would it be like her birthday party?

After breakfast Luna went with her mother and baby brother to the meeting room to begin teaching again. Blizzard, Starfire and Skyview went with Stardust to his room. He sat at his table in his room and began writing three letters. When he finished he folded the letters and handed them to Blizzard, Starfire and Skyview.
"Now I want you three to go each kingdoms according to what is written on the letter and hand it to them. I want a written reply from them," Stardust told them, "When you three get back I want you to help get the food we will need for the wedding and then get some ponies to help clean this castle spotless."
"Ok," the three replied, then they turned and left.

Blizzard, Starfire and Skyview flew from Dream Castle going in different direction, each taking two kingdoms and receiving replies. Starfire took the kingdoms that lived the farthest. Non of them didn't get back till after dinner when the sun had set. Blizzard was very tired and quickly finished his dinner, then he walked around the castle with Luna and stood on a balcony. Luna talked about how excited she was about the wedding and how wonderful it was going to be while Blizzard dozed off to sleep on the railing.
Luna looked at him after she realized he hadn't said a word. She smiled greatly at his sleeping face. She lightly shook him with her hoof, "Are you tired?"
"Yes, very tired. I flew all over going from one kingdom to the next and back here. I ate dinner late and Stardust..." Blizzard yawned, "Has me busy for tomorrow."
"I thought you were going to leave tonight?" Luna asked.
"I want to Luna but I'm so tired, I'd be lucky if I make it out of my room," Blizzard answered.
"When are you going to leave?" Luna asked.
"Stardust has plans for me to help clean and decorate the castle. I won't have time to rest for the travel. I'll leave after the wedding, no mater what comes up...I will leave."
Luna nuzzled him, "I'm sorry Blizzard. I know you really wanted to go."
"It's ok Luna. I never been to a wedding before. It might be interesting to go and check it out," Blizzard replied. he lifted his head and looked at her, "I'm going to bed. I'm so tired. Goodnight."
"Goodnight," Luna replied. She stood and watched at he left the balcony and walked down the hall towards his room.