Chapter 30:  A new born baby has arrived

It was in the afternoon and Royal Heart was pacing the room. She walked to the balcony where Luna stood and watched the town in the distance. Royal Heart's stomach was largely round, she knew it was just a mater of days now before she would give birth. Luna had been with her a lot never letting her be alone which was how Stardust wanted it. Royal Heart stood silently feeling the wind on her face and trying to calm her down. She felt nervous and uncomfortable today, even her baby moved in her stomach as if it too was getting ready for something.
"Mom," Luna called to her, "Are you ok?"
"I'm fine Luna. Why do you ask?" Royal Heart asked.
"Your quiet today," Luna replied.
"Luna I'm just...nervous. I'm not sure why. Even the baby is rather active," Royal Heart replied. She looked at Luna and smiled, "Nothing to worry about." She turned and walked into the room. She paced the room still can't get over her uncomfortable feeling.
Luna turned and watched her, she knew something was bothering her and it worried her.

Royal Heart stood over the bassinet and looked inside smiling, "It feels like yesterday that you were sleeping here."
Luna walked to the bassinet and smiled, "I can't believe I was that small."
Royal Heart smiled, "Yes you were defiantly small and we were so very proud to have you. You were so cute and always cried when you was Stardust, Skyview and Starfire together. I guess seeing doubles of your father confused you."
Luna giggled.
"Soon there will be a new baby sleeping here," Royal Heart muttered.
"Will it be special like me?" Luna asked.
Royal Hear smiled and nuzzled her, "Luna, your always going to be my special little girl."
"Will it have abilities too?" Luna asked curiously.
"It might. We won't know till it's 3 or 4 years old. Lets just hope the baby won't get super strength like Stardust," Royal Heart replied.
"Why?" Luna asked.
Royal Heart looked at her seriously, "When Stardust was little, he had a very hard time controlling his strength. At five years old he could easily broken your bones and he wouldn't have known he did it. It takes a lot of training and concentration to control great strength like Stardust. He had a very rough time with it at a young age. He's in full control now though which I'm very glad."
Luna looked at her worriedly, "I...didn't realize it was so hard to be strong."
Royal Heart smiled, "Well, It was. Ask him about it sometime. He could tell you stories that'll make you wonder why this castle is still standing."
Thoughts of Stardust as a very strong baby raced through her head. She wondered if her grandparents had a hard time with him.

Royal Heart smiled as she watched Luna deep in thought about her father. As she stood she suddenly felt her stomach tightening, contracting the muscles. She lifted her wings and moaned quietly. Luna looked at her worriedly, "Mom!"
"Luna..." Royal Heart moaned.
"Mom, what's wrong? are you alright? do you!" Luna exclaimed frantically when her mother didn't answer right away.
"Luna...It's time," Royal Heart muttered through the surging pain.
"Time?...time for what?" Luna asked worriedly.
"The's coming. Get Stardust...quickly," Royal Heart told her.

Luna winked out and appeared in the throne room. Blizzard was sitting on her mother's throne listening to Stardust talk one of the workers from town.
"Luna," Stardust exclaimed, "I told you not to pop in here like that."
"I'm sorry but mom wants you. The baby is coming," Luna quickly said.
Stardust quickly stood up, "Blizzard find Skyview and tell him to bring the doctor," Stardust looked at the yellow pony that stood in front of him, "I'm sorry but I'll have to discuss the building plans at a later time."
"Of course," the yellow pony nodded.
"Luna, take me to your mother and then get Starfire and Star Cluster," Stardust told her.
"ok," Luna replied.
Stardust approached Luna as her horn began to glow. When her father was within reach, she touch him on the shoulder with her horn and they instantly winked out.

Stardust and Luna appeared in the middle of the room. Royal Heart had managed to walk to her bed but couldn't climb up on it. Stardust rushed to her side and easily lifted her on the bed.
"Luna Hurry!" Stardust cried.
Luna winked out and appeared in the kitchen surprising the cooks.
"Where's Starfire?" Luna asked.
"Prince Starfire is in the storage room," a male cook replied.
Luna turned and walked to a large wooden door, she opened it and walked down the steps, she could hear voices, one of them sounded like Starfire. When she reached the large storage room, she could see rows of bookcases stuffed with large jars, behind it on the far side of the room were stacks of flour, grain and sugar.
"Starfire!" Luna called out.
"What?" Starfire answered still not showing himself.
"Dad wants you. Mom is having her baby," Luna answered.
Luna heard hoof steps then she saw Starfire walking out from a row of bookcases.
"Are you sure?" Starfire asked.
"Yes," Luna answered, "Where's Star Cluster?"
"In the garden I think. He should be tending to the flowers," Starfire answered.
Luna winked out as Starfire rushed up the stairs, "The rest of you, continue with what you're doing."

Luna appeared at the gate and saw Star Cluster inspecting the row of flowers. There were several gardeners with him talking and listening.
Star Cluster looked up and saw Luna, "Hi, what brings out outside?"
"Dad wants you. Mom is having the baby," Luna answered.
Star Cluster looked at the gardeners, "I'll inspect the flowers later." He turned and approached Luna, "Lets go."
Luna followed Star Cluster into the castle and through the halls. They had reached the stairs when they ran into Starfire. They looked at each other knowing where the other was going. They hurried upstairs to the forth floor and down the long hallway till they came to Stardust's bedroom door. Blizzard stood waiting as they approached. They could heard the moaning sounds Royal Heart made.
"Sounds like it just started," Starfire muttered.
The sounds fascinated Blizzard.

As they listened the door suddenly opened and there stood Skyview, "Luna you should be with your mother. The rest of us will wait in the hall." Luna hurried inside while Skyview went into the hall with his two brothers and Blizzard.

Luna slowly approached the bed as she watched the maids and doctor preparing for the arrival of the baby.
"Luna, come here," Stardust told her.
Luna approached him and stood next to Stardust. She looked at her mother who was taking deep breaths.
"Just stay with your mother and watch," Stardust told her, smiling at her.

Time flew and all Skyview could her was the doctor telling Royal Heart to push. Skyview paced the hall while Star Cluster sat and watched him. Blizzard sat next to the door listening. Starfire stood and watched Skyview.
"I can just see you when you get your own baby. You'll be a nervous wreck," Starfire told him.
"I'm not nervous just...anxious. It's been several hours and still we heard nothing," Skyview replied.

The sun had quickly set and the brothers laid on the hall almost half asleep. Blizzard still hadn't moved, he was still listening.
Just then they head a baby crying. The brothers quickly stood up and smiled, they were relieved to hear the baby finally came. Now they were anxious to find out if it was a boy or girl.

Luna stood by her father watching the doctor clean the new born baby's dark silvery coat. The baby had hairy feet which meant it was a boy. His hair was black, dark blue, and light blue. He shivered and cried as the light green blanket was wrapped around him. The doctor handed the baby to Stardust, "congratulations your majesty, now I must be going. I'll see you all tomorrow."
He turned and left with the maids behind him.
Stardust smiled greatly, "Luna look, you have a baby brother."
Luna stared at the baby and smiled.
"Stardust," Royal Heart called to him.
Stardust turned and laid the baby next to her. Royal Heart looked at him and smiled, she gently touched his hair hoof and mane as the baby continued to cry.
"Oh Stardust, he's so pretty. He looks a lot like you," Royal Heart muttered.
The baby calmed down and looked at Royal Heart for several minutes.
"Look, he's got purple eyes like Luna," Royal Heart added.
Luna looked and saw his big eyes staring at his mother's eyes and her smile.
"Can..can I hold him?" Luna asked nervously.
"Of course Luna," Royal Heart answered, "he is as much apart of you as he is with us."
Stardust picked the baby up and gently handed him to Luna, "Now cross your arms." Stardust laid the baby in her arms, "Just hold him gently."
Luna looked down at him who was also looking up at her with his big purple eyes. Luna couldn't believe she was holding a new born baby, she felt as if he could brake with only a touch. He leaned his head on her white coat and yawned. Luna smiled at him, she felt suddenly attached to the tinny baby. His tinny front hoofs hung over his light green blanket. He smiled at her and not once did he look as if he wanted to cry. Did he too felt attached to her?
"I think he really likes you, Luna," Stardust observed.
Luna smiled, "I think he does. He' cute."
Stardust smiled, "he sure is."
"What's his name?" Luna asked.
"We haven't decided yet," Stardust answered.
"I wouldn't know where to begin," Royal Heart told him, "I don't have the slightest idea what to call him."
"Storm?" Luna asked, "Smoke, Gray, Silver."
"Silver..." Stardust muttered, "He does look like silver."
"Prince Silver?" Royal Heart asked, "That doesn't even sound right."
Stardust looked out of the balcony from the bed and saw the moon shining and the stars twinkling brightly in the clear sky.
"," Stardust muttered, "how about Silverstar?"
"Prince Silverstar," Royal Heart muttered, "it sound better."
Luna nuzzled the baby's forehead, "I think it's perfect for him."
Stardust and Royal Heart smiled seeing how much Luna loved her new baby brother.
"Silverstar it is then," Stardust said, "now I better let the others in before they brake down my door."
Royal Heart giggled. Silverstar smiled greatly at Luna who enjoyed getting his forehead rubbed.

Stardust opened the door, "Come in." his brothers walked in the room. Blizzard stood behind them, not sure if he should approach.
"Blizzard it's alight. Come closer," Royal Heart told him.
"So where's the baby?" Starfire asked.
"The doctor said it was a boy," Skyview remarked.
"Luna has him," Stardust answered.
They all approached Luna and saw a tinny baby in her arms smiling up at her.
"He...he's gray," Starfire muttered, "Just as I thought he would be."
They turned and looked at him curiously.
"What?" Starfire asked, "Stardust is black and Royal Heart is white. Gray is the only obvious color you can get."
"Oh?" Skyview asked, "Kind of like how you thought Luna would be gray too?"
Starfire glared at him.
"Just like two uncles arguing over colors," Star Cluster muttered.
Starfire and Skyview glared at him.
"If your three don't stop I'll teach my son to call you uncle," Stardust warned them.
"Sorry," they replied.
"What's his name?" Star Cluster asked.
"Silverstar," Stardust answered.
Blizzard lowered his head and got close to Silverstar curiously looking at his tiny feet. Silverstar looked at him and couldn't take his eyes off of Blizzard bright ice blue eyes and mane.
Everyone laughed at the sight of Silverstar's curious face.
"Stardust, can I hold him?" Skyview asked.
"Sure," Stardust answered.
Skyview carefully took Silverstar in his arms and looked down at him. Starfire and Stardust looked over his shoulders watching.
Silverstar looked up at them and began to cry.
"Let me hold him," Star Cluster muttered. He carefully picked up silverstar and held him in his arms, "what is it with you three? just one look and he cries."
"That happened to Luna too. I guess we confused him," Stardust pointed out.
As soon as Silverstar was safe in Star Cluster's arms he nuzzled against his rich purple coat and smiled. Star Cluster could feel a sudden hot feeling from within. He didn't feel hot to the touch or was sweating. Star Cluster remembered the night he woke up and thought it was just a dream, he now knew it wasn't a dream. Something was wrong with him, it wasn't a painful feeling it was just bothersome.
Star Cluster handed the baby to Stardust who carefully held Silverstar in his arms. Silverstar looked up and cried. Stardust held his up and nuzzled him till he smiled which didn't take long, he seemed to like getting rubbed on the head.
Starfire looked at Silverstar and smiled. Silverstar stared at him not sure what to make of him. He looked exactly like his father.
Stardust laughed, "I think Silverstar is confused." he lowered his head and nuzzled him again making him smile once more.
Royal Heart yawned, "Stardust, I'm tired."
Stardust looked at his brothers, "It's getting late, we should all go to bed."
"I guess so," Starfire replied.
"You can all see him tomorrow. He not going anywhere," Stardust told them.
"Ok, goodnight Stardust, Royal Heart," Skyview replied and turned leaving the room. Starfire and Star Cluster said goodnight and left the room. Blizzard waited at the door for Luna.
"Luna you can visit him tomorrow too if you like," Stardust told her.
"I guess but...I hate to leave. He's so cute," Luna replied.
Stardust smiled, "I know how you feel. I hate to go to bed. I can stay up all night watching him but...we all have to sleep sometime."
"Ok, goodnight dad, mom," Luna turned and approached Blizzard.
"Goodnight Luna," Royal Heart tiredly replied.
Blizzard led Luna out the door and left the room.

Stardust walked to the bed and saw Royal Heart yawning, "Get some sleep. I'll see you in the morning."
Royal Heart smiled and closed her eyes, falling fast asleep. Stardust walked to the bassinet and laid Silverstar down. he yawned and closed his eyes. He had an exciting night and now he was ready to sleep. Stardust stood and stared at his new son. He remembered when Luna laid in the same possession sleeping. She was only a baby, he never got a chance to see hear her say her first words, to see her get in trouble, all the things a father would have experienced.
"It's not going to happen this time," Stardust whispered, "I will be here to raise you, me your mother and Luna...I promise."
Stardust yawned but he continued to watch Silverstar for several minutes before he too decided to go to bed.