Chapter 27: Plans only you know

Blizzard spent a week planing on how he was going to leave, when and what he was going to take with him, he even thought about how he was going to get his necklace back. It was all carefully planned out. All he was waiting for was the snow to melt.

It was after dinner and Blizzard was walking around the halls with Luna thinking and looking out the window. The snow had finally stopped and for the first time in months the sun started to appear. It was the first sign that spring was just around the corner.
Luna looked up at him sadly. She knew for almost a week something was bothering him and she had a feeling she knew what it was.
"Blizzard, say something to me for a change," Luna finally spoke.
Blizzard looked at her with a calm face, "I haven't said much to you have I?"
"You rarely want to talk ever since we got back to King Birming's castle," Luna replied. She turned from him feeling rather upset at his silence for so long.
"I'm sorry Luna," Blizzard replied walking up next to her, "I guess it's time I tell you something but I want your word that you will tell no one, not your parent or your one Luna."
Luna looked at him worriedly. He was serious about it and it didn't sound good.
"Alright, you have my word," Luna answered.
"Ok, follow me then," Blizzard told her.
He took her down stairs from the towers to the forth floor. They walked down several hallways till they came to his room. He opened the door allowing Luna into his room. She stood and hesitated not sure if she should enter a boy's room alone.
"Luna, this is the only private place I know of. The only place I know we won't be over heard," Blizzard explained.
Luna nodded and walked into his room and stood between his bed and his dresser.

Blizzard shut the door and went to his bed. He sat down and looked at Luna seriously.
"Luna, I'm sorry if I hardly said anything to you for quite sometime. I didn't mean to ignore you. As you may have already guessed, my necklace is all I can think of now. I have to get it back. Just a week ago I asked Stardust if he heard anything about my necklace or Teriney but he hadn't heard a word. No one has seen him which doesn't surprise me, he is very good at hiding," Blizzard began to explain.
"So your upset over that?" Luna asked.
"No. I've been doing some thinking Luna. The only way I can get my necklace if I go and get it myself. Once the snow has melted I'm leaving," Blizzard explained.
"What?!" Luna exclaimed worriedly, "You can't leave. I mean leave and...what about me?...this kingdom?...You can't..."
"Luna I'm coming back," Blizzard quickly said. He stood up from the bed and approached her, "I'm never going to leave you. I'm going to merry you someday so I have to come back...I must but for now I got to get my necklace back. No one really seems to understand how important that necklace is. Teriney wanted that necklace, he could careless about the Pearl which is suppose to be powerful. Why does he want the necklace so bad? He's been searching for it for centuries. He killed my parents for it. When he first showed himself to Stardust, he told him he was after something better than the Pearl. Don't you see Luna, there is something about the necklace that he knows, something non of use knows about. You may not remember but when Teriney dropped you and was holding my necklace he said 'now for the others' then he flew north. I think there's more than one necklace and he's after all of them. Don't tell Stardust but I'm going to leave first thing in the spring. I'm going to get my necklace and hopefully it'll stop what ever he's planning."
Luna gasped, she had not thought of it before. If Blizzard was right about the necklace then he must get it back.
"Blizzard, the last time you went after Teriney you.."
"Luna I'm not going to face him or fight him, he won't know I'm there. I'm just going to steal it from him and return here. I'll be long gone before Teriney knows the necklace is missing. Don't worry I thought it all out," Blizzard explained.
Luna sighed, she couldn't help but worry now. Teriney was an old dragon, he had lived a long time, seen and heard everything. He would most likely be expecting Blizzard go after him.
"At lest wait till Mom has the baby," Luna muttered.
Blizzard nuzzled her neck, "Ok, after the baby is born I'm leaving."
They stood for several minute before leaving the room. This time is was Luna's turn to be silent. All she thought about was Blizzard leaving and not coming back. She worried that something will go wrong on his journey.