Chapter 21: A restful day

Turner led Stardust and the rest of the ponies that was with him through the forest. Stardust carried Luna through town towards the castle. Ponies stopped and stared at Luna, it was unusual to see a King carry his daughter. The gates were open ready to welcome the first guests. Royal Heart walked by his side looking up at Luna every now and then worriedly. When they had past through the gates, Stardust saw that they were the first to arrive. Stardust's soldiers went to the walls and sat down resting while Stardust and his family followed Turner into the castle.

Inside was a large square great hall with tall white doors at the end of one hallway where two soldiers stood guard. Turner looked at Stardust, "Wait here. I'll let the King and Queen know you're here."
Turned left and walked down the hall. The two soldiers opened the door letting him in.

Royal Heart looked at Luna worriedly and saw that she was comfortably resting her head on Stardust's shoulders.
"Luna, how are you feeling?" Royal Heart asked.
"Hurts...I just hurt," Luna muttered. She didn't want to move, it felt like her muscles burn with pain.
Several minutes later the doors opened and out came the King and Queen. The King was a peach pony with dark red and bright pink hair. The Queen was a dark teal unicorn with red, yellow and purple hair. Luna glanced at the ponies coming towards her, there was something odd about the Queen but she hurt to much to care what it was. Blizzard stood and stared at the Queen surprisingly. He couldn't help but stare at her bright green crystal eyes. It was the first time he actually seen one besides his own memories.
"Stardust, welcome, you arrived a day early and from what I've been told it's a good thing too. I'm sorry about the trouble you had," the king exclaimed happily.
"Thank you Birming, We are all fine except for my daughter, she hurts and I don't know if she broke any bones," Stardust replied.
"I'll send for a doctor then," King Birming looked at Turner, "Send for a doctor immediately."
"Yes your majesty," Turner nodded and quickly left the castle.
"Come, I'll show you where you may lay her down for the night," King Birming told him.

Stardust and his family followed King Birming up a set of stairs on the right of them. They climbed many flight of stairs till they reach the third floor. They walked down a wide hallway till they came to the last door. King Birming led them in the room and pointed to a rather large bed against a wall near the balcony. Stardust walked to the bed and carefully laid Luna on the bed who could do nothing but moan in pain. Royal Heart walked around the bed and stroked Luna's white mane. Skyview and Starfire stood and watched since they couldn't do anything for Luna. Blizzard just stared at the Queen's eyes still fascinated by them and yet a familiar feeling came over him.

Luna rested her head on the soft silky pillow trying to relax. Stardust walked around the bed and stood next to Royal Heart. King Birming and his wife approached the bed and stood at the corner of the bed looking at Luna.
"Turner told me you and your soldiers fought a dragon which is what I had seen," King Birming commented.
"Yes, a Dragon had been following us for sometime and didn't show himself till now. His name is Teriney," Stardust explained.
"Teriney...didn't you mentioned that name at the Princess's ceremony?" King Birming asked, "But I thought Teriney was a pony."
"Yes well, Teriney is a dragon but most often he appears to look like a pony," Stardust answered, "Well he turned into a dragon and fought my soldiers. Then he was going to capture Royal Heart but then Buster saved her. Teriney got mad and threw Buster to a tree knocking him out. Luna got worried and hurried towards him Teriney attacked my soldiers and caught Luna. He tried to squeeze the life out of her. Blizzard saved my daughter which I'll be forever grateful."
King Birming looked at Blizzard and smiled.
"Blizzard, Luna, This is King Birming and his wife, Queen Starling," Stardust said.
Blizzard just stared at Queen Starling. Skyview nudged Blizzard snapping out of his trance.
Blizzard looked sadly at the floor realizing what had happened, "I'm sorry about that. I didn't mean to...stare like that." He looked up at Queen Starling, "Your eyes reminds me of someone."
"My eyes?" Queen Starling asked surprisingly.
"Yes, I don't recall ever seeing a twinkle eyed pony before. I...used to have a golden necklace that my parents had given me, when I looked at it I saw a pony's eyes just like yours. I think she was my mother," Blizzard sighed sadly.
"What happened to your necklace?" Queen Starling asked curiously.
"I traded it to save Luna. It was all I had of my parents," Blizzard answered.
"All you had?" Queen Starling asked.
Stardust looked at the queen, "his parents were murdered by Teriney quite sometime ago. He doesn't remember them."
"Oh, yes, you mentioned something about that at the ceremony," Queen Starling replied, "Blizzard, I'm so sorry to hear that. I'm sure your parents would be proud of you for saving Princess Luna's life."
Blizzard didn't answered, he wasn't so sure. The necklace was his parents and somehow it was important to them, it was the one necklace Teriney was after and his parents refused to give it to him.

Just then a white pony with yellow and pink hair walked into the room and bowed. It was the brake everyone needed. The room was filled with sadness and hurt, it was almost unbearable.
"I'm sorry your majesty but the doctor is here and waiting downstairs."
"Bring him here," King Birming replied.
The pony left the room and hurried downstairs. She was only gone for ten minutes and quickly brought the doctor with her.

The pony entered the room and bowed, "he's here." then she left the room.
A male yellow pony with rainbow hair entered the room wearing a bag over his shoulder. Luna was facing the other wall and couldn't see the pony.
"It's nice of you to come so soon. Stardust this is doctor Coal," King Birming told Stardust.
Coal Looked at Stardust and his three brothers, then he smiled and nodded.
"So who is sick?" Coal asked suddenly.
"Princess Luna and she's not sick just hurting," King Birming answered.
"Hurting?" Coal asked, it was then that he noticed a white winged unicorn on the bed, "What happened?"
"A dragon got a hold of her and squeezed her," King Birming answered.
Coal walked to the bed, "Ok, give me some room."
Stardust and Royal Heart stepped back and watched as Coal approached Luna.
"Princess Luna," King Birming called to her, "This is doctor Coal, he's our doctor and one of the best in this kingdom."
Luna quickly stopped staring at Queen Starling's eyes and immediately watched Coal closely as he set his bag on the floor.
"Princess Luna, I've always wanted to see you. I heard you're a winged unicorn and I see it is in deed true. It certainly is an honor to meet you. I'm sorry it had to be under these circumstances," Coal dug through his bag and took out a stethoscope, "I can't imagine how it must feel to be squeezed," he stood and looked at Luna, "Now I want you to relax and just take deeps breaths till I say you can stop."
Luna began to take deep breaths feels as Coal put a cold round metal to her chest. After several minutes he put the stethoscope in the bag, "Ok you can stop. Now where do you hurt?"
"My sides," Luna answered.
Coal put his hoof on Luna's shoulders and ran it up to her shoulder blades. Luna flinches a bit.
"Hurt?" coal asked.
"Some," Luna answered.
Then he ran his hoof along her sides from her ribs to her rear. Luna moaned and flinched at the pain.
Coal touched her side again where it hurt making Luna moan and even letting a few tears fall.
"Your hurting her," Royal Heart told him.
"I know," Coal replied.
"Royal Heart, Please trust him," Queen Starling muttered.
Coal took one of Luna's wings and began feeling the rim of her wings, Luna flinched at times.
"humm," Coal muttered. Then he turned and faced Stardust and Royal Heart, "I'm sorry if I was hurting her but I had to know if she broke anything and as far as I can tell she has no broken bones."
"Then why does she hurt so much?" Royal Heart asked.
"She is just very sore and has some bruising on her side. My guess is she had her wings folded to her sides and the pressure the dragon put on her wings bruised her ribs. She'll be fine with some rest," Coal answered.
"But the ball is tomorrow and we have a long way back to Ponyland," Royal Heart told him.
"How about a hot bath?" King Birming suggested.
"Yes, a hot relaxing bath will help heal those sore muscles and if she feels better tomorrow, then she can go to the ball. If she starts to hurt she should sit or lay down," Coal replied.
"Then I'll get a hot bath ready for her," King Birming said and quickly left the room.
"Your majesty I got a soldier outside with a sore head I must attend to," Coal told Queen Starling.
"Of course," Queen Starling replied.
Coal nodded and left the room.

Luna looked at Queen Starling once again. Her eyes were so pretty and fascinating that Luna couldn't turned away from her.
Queen Starling smiled when she noticed Luna's stare, "I'm guessing you never seen a twinkle eyed pony before either."
"No," Luna muttered quickly forgetting the pain she had felt.
Queen Starling approached Luna and lowered her head over the bed smiling at her. Luna looked at her like a curious baby. It almost made Starling laugh.
"Can you really see me?" Luna asked.
"Yes, I can see you quite clearly," Queen Starling answered.
"How?" Luna asked, "Your eyes are like diamonds."
"My eyes are as normal as your. The light reflecting in my eyes gives it a diamond look to them. That is why my kind is called twinkle eyed ponies. There's many of my kind, there's unicorns, Pegasus and earth ponies. Most are female but on a rare occasion there's a boy born with a twinkle eyed. In fact I think there's a soldier in King's Fiddler's army like that. He's coming tomorrow I'll ask him if he brought the soldier with him if you like?"
"I'd love that," Luna replied smiling.
"Well, don't expect the soldier to be there but If he is I'll see if you can meet him," Queen Starling replied.
"Thank you," Luna replied smiling.
"Well, I'm going to check on that bath of yours," Queen Starling replied and then left the room.
Stardust looked at Blizzard who just stared at the floor sadly as if he was in deep thought.
"Royal Heart, lets go and check on Buster," Stardust suggested.
"Why?" Royal Heart asked. Stardust pointed at Blizzard which Royal Heart seemed to understand immediately.
"Luna, I'll be back to see you to your bath later. Skyview, Starfire, lets go," Stardust told them and led them out of the room leaving Blizzard alone with Luna.

Luna thought she was alone at first till Blizzard walked around the bed and faced her.
"Blizzard," Luna muttered.
"I'm sorry, Luna," Blizzard said sadly, "I never meant to get you hurt."
Luna looked at him feeling rather confused, "What are you talking about? You had no idea Teriney was there or that he was following us."
Blizzard approached her, "I should have known what he wanted...what he was after all these years."
"You couldn't have known," Luna replied.
Blizzard turned and walked to the balcony, "When I was little, living with Teriney and thinking he was my father, he used to come in at night wanting me to take off my necklace but I didn't want to no mater how scared he got me. Then he would come in my room when he thought I was asleep and tried to take my necklace but...he would let go and leave. During that time, my necklace would turn to ice or get very cold. I'd wake up feeling my necklace had gotten so cold. For a long time I never knew why. Till recently I realized I was freezing my own necklace keeping it safe from Teriney. I had always done it and not realized it," Blizzard turned and faced Luna, "I should have realized it sooner, I should had known he would come back. He would do anything to get what he wants and...I'm sorry Luna but he used you to get my necklace and won. He would have used your mother if it wasn't for Buster."
Luna rolled on her stomach feeling every pain on her sides and shoulder. Blizzard rushed to her side, "You should lay still."
Luna suddenly hugged Blizzard who was carful not to touch her sore spots, "You saved me and that's all it maters. I know you'd be there for me and you were."
Blizzard stoked her white mane out of her face, "I'm sorry I guess I'm just depressed that I lost my parent's necklace, the one thing I had of theirs, the one thing that could help me in finding them it's gone."
Luna rested her head under his not saying a word, she didn't know what else to say. Nothing at the moment could cheer him up.
"That necklace is special, not because my parents gave it to me but because without can't go through the gate anytime you want," Blizzard reminded her.
Luna looked up at him surprisingly and sad, "I forgot about that. I can't see my friends or parents till the full moon."
Blizzard stood up from the bed, "Luna that necklace is important to both of us. I must get it back."

As they talked King Birming and Stardust walked in and was surprised to see Luna sitting up.
"Luna, are you feeling better?" Stardust asked.
Luna smiled at him, "As long as I don't move."
"Princess Luna, your bath is ready. I got a few maids there ready to help you with anything you ask," King Birming told her.
"Thank you," Luna replied.
Stardust picked up Luna and held her in his arms. Luna looked at Blizzard worriedly, "Blizzard, you'll be here when I get back...won't you?"
Blizzard smiled, "I'll be here waiting for you."
Luna smiled, Stardust looked at him suspiously wondering what they were talking about.
"What?" Luna asked him seeing the strange look on his face.
Stardust smiled, "Just thinking." Stardust turned and left the room, leaving Blizzard alone to think about what had happened to Luna and his necklace. How was he going to get it back? how would he ever find Teriney?