Chapter 1: Nightly Visit

The soldiers stood outside Paradise Estate with their lanterns on the grass next to their feet. The wind whistles in the darkness under the dark clear sky. Star Cluster hugged his parents and left with a lantern in his mouth. Amaryllis put Peaches on his back who was sound asleep. Star Cluster walked carefully so Peaches wouldn't slide off his back. The night sky was covered in stars and the crescent moon shined brightly. The wind blew softly through their manes. Amaryllis looked around the darkness trying to see anything that moved or hear noises but there was nothing, only silence. It felt strange to Amaryllis, she was used to hearing owls and other night creatures
"It's so quiet here," Amaryllis whispered.
"I know everyone is asleep, even the animals. No one lives by Paradise Estate. There is a town close by though," Star Cluster explained.
"I know, me and Peaches went there yesterday. Star Cluster, I can't believe this is all real. I keep waking up to remind myself this is another world and not a fairy tale book. Unicorns are real and Ponies really fly," Amaryllis giggled quietly, "Peaches stared at them in town and pointed. She even tried to ask them questions. It was funny and kind of embarrassing."
Star Cluster smiled, "I know. Peaches told me all about it."
"Now we're going to see a real castle. To bad Peaches will be missing it," Amaryllis muttered. She looked at Star Cluster worriedly, "Would your brother get mad if we come in the middle of the night?"
"He might but I will not walk to Dream Castle during the day and have everyone see me. I know what most of them think of me," Star Cluster replied, "That is why We're going there when everything in town is closed."
Amaryllis smiled and lean her head against his neck, "I can't wait till we get married."
"Neither can I," Star Cluster replied.

They walked for hours, talking every now and then or just simply listening to the silence. Only the lantern in Star Cluster's mouth lit their grassy pathway. Amaryllis kept hoping to see a building but all she saw were shadows of trees and the sounds of leave rustling.
"Star Cluster, I noticed yesterday that there wasn't a school in town or anywhere near it," Amaryllis suddenly remembered.
"There are no schools in this world," Star Cluster told her.
"What?" Amaryllis exclaimed surprisingly, "How can ponies learn then?"
"Their parents teaches them. You can talk to Stardust about it since it's a new idea to his kingdom. Skyview will most likely take care of the rest if Stardust approves," Star Cluster explained.
"Skyview?" Amaryllis asked, "But I thought Stardust was king...I mean doesn't the King take care of everything?"
"Normally a King does but it's to much work for a Kingdom this size. A King needs help and usually it's a family member that helps the king. Skyview and Starfire takes care of the food and trades and anyone going through Ponyland. Mom and Dad takes care fo the other half of Ponyland. Stardust rules over them and makes a lot of decisions. " Star Cluster explained.
"So what is your job in the Kingdom?" Amaryllis asked. She could see in his eyes, disappointment.
"I was to watch the Gates," Star Cluster answered and then he fell silent as if his parents decision still bothered him.
Amaryllis nuzzled him braking his deep thoughts, "Now you'll have something more important...and that's to be with me and watch our daughter."
Star Cluster smiled, "I know."

They walked along the dirt road and seeing less and less trees.
"dirt road?" Amaryllis asked, "Couldn't it be pathed or something?"
Star Cluster chuckled, "I have a feeling there's a lot you're going to talk to Stardust about."
Amaryllis smiled knowing he was right. She had ideas and hoped that she could help Stardust improve the Kingdom.

They continued walking silently, enjoying each other's company till Amaryllis saw something that didn't look like a tall tree.
"What is that?" Amaryllis asked.
"That is Dream Castle. Dream Valley isn't to far from it," Star Cluster answered.
"Dream Valley?" Amaryllis asked curiously.
"It's a large valley that we had called, Dream Valley but now a town sits there and so most ponies just calls the town, Dream Valley," Star Cluster explained.
As they walked, Amaryllis noticed the Castle was getting taller and taller. It wasn't till they reached Dream Valley that Amaryllis realized just how big Dream Castle was. It was to dark to see the color of the castle and the details but she could see it was tall.
They walked through town, Amaryllis was relived the town had pathed roads and a sidewalk, even some of the building looked new and updated, some were still old looking. She slowed down to look at the stores, Star Cluster smiled as he watched her look around.
"Star Cluster, do you get a chance to look around town seeing how you're a Prince?" Amaryllis asked.
"Yes I do, at night though. When I was little, I used to jump the walls and look around town, even when we went to another castle. Parties always board me so I left. I always returned to the parties and no one ever knew I had left," Star Cluster explained.
"Well when we have a wedding, your not going to disappear," Amaryllis firmly told him.
Star Cluster smiled at her, "that is one party I wouldn't miss."

They left town and it's pathed roads. They soon approached the tall thick walls that surrounded the castle. Amaryllis was nervous about going into the castle. Soldiers walked on top of the wall with Lanterns, they seem to be patrolling their area or trying to keep awake. The soldiers looked like the ones at Paradise Estate, they were muscular and wore armor. She remembered when she first saw them and was nervous at the site of them, Peaches wanted to hide but Star Cluster assured them there was nothing to be scared of.
"Stop right there," Banner exclaimed trying not to yell to loud, "I must worn you to leave or else!"\
Star Cluster and Amaryllis stopped at the gates and looked up.
"I am Star Cluster!"
"You can not be him, he's dead, now leave!" Banner yelled. Soldiers suddenly gathered on the wall next to Banner with their swords drawn.
"I'm telling you I am Star Cluster...Prince Star Cluster. I'm here with my fiancee and her daughter!"
"I'm warning you one last time. Leave or I'll send soldiers after you. It's in the middle of the night and no one is to walk past these gates!" Banner replied.
Star Cluster was angry, he turned towards Amaryllis, "Take her off my back and wait till the gates open."
Amaryllis carefully picked up Peaches and held her. Star Cluster walked up to the wall where Banner was standing, leaning over to see.
"Alright your asking for it," Banner yelled.
Before Banner had a chance to say anything else, Star Cluster suddenly jump to the top of the wall and landed in front of a surprised Banner, "Let us in or I'll make sure Stardust hears about this in the morning!"
"Y-your..your alive?" Banner asked shockingly.
Star Cluster jumped from the stone brick he was standing on, to the walkway Banner was on, "Open those gates, now!"
The soldiers wasted no time, they quickly pulled on the gates and opened them. Star Cluster hurried down the steps and meet Amaryllis and Peaches. Banner walked down the steps to meet them, "Does King Stardust knows your coming?" Banner asked, "This isn't some kind of trick is it?"
Star Cluster could tell Banner had no trust in him at all.
"I've got important mater to discuss with my brother," Star Cluster answered.
" said a minute ago your fiancee...Is she..." Banner stared at Amaryllis.
"Yes I plan to marry her. That is why I came back...To live here and have a family. Now if you would excuse us, Banner," Star Cluster annoyingly exclaimed and continued walking with Amaryllis next to him.
"Isn't that a bit harsh?" Amaryllis asked.
"No, not really. I'm a Prince, Amaryllis. I was born as one and always will be one. I have the right to give orders, not to ask them to do something for me," Star Cluster replied.

They walked from the castle gates to the castle steps. As soon as they walked inside, Amaryllis gasped at the marble floor and shinny staircase, She had never seen a staircase so wide. She looked up and saw crystal chandelier.
"Wow, this is so pretty," Amaryllis whispered.
"Yes it sure is," Star Cluster replied, "I never really paid much attention to it."
"So now what?" Amaryllis asked.
"I'll send someone to get Stardust up," Star Cluster replied.

Just then Skyview appeared in front of them, scaring Amaryllis. Skyview looked tired, his eyes were half closed and his head was lowered a bit.
"Couldn't you wait till morning to come?" Skyview asked in a whispering voice.
"No, To many ponies would see me," Star Cluster answered.
"How did you know we were here?" Amaryllis quickly asked.
"I heard you. You two didn't exactly whisper," Skyview answered.
"Get Stardust. I want to talk to him," Star Cluster told him.
"He's asleep and doesn't want to be bothered at this time of night," Skyview replied, "In fact no one wants to be bothered at this time of night."
"We walked all the way here, now I want to talk to Stardust," Star Cluster told him.
"You must be tired or your still grouchy as ever," Skyview replied, "I'll get him but I can't promise he will get out of bed."
Skyview suddenly winked out catching Amaryllis by surprised, "He's gone."
"Yes, he winked out. All unicorns can do it," Star Cluster explained, "Baby unicorns don't learn how to do it till they're a little older."
"I see I have a lot to learn about unicorns."
"There's books here in the castle if you want to learn about them," Star Cluster told her.
"Star Cluster, how could he possible have heard us?" Amaryllis asked curiously.
"He's got incredibly good hearing. My brothers didn't always know about it but I did. I found out by accident one day. I had found a whistle, Starfire and Stardust was outside in the garden while Skyview was inside reading. I blew on the whistle and the noise hurt his ears so bad that he cried. For about an hour he wasn't able to hear so he stayed in his room till his hearing returned. That was the first time I noticed something odd about him. I watched him closely since then and figured out his big secret. He had sanative hearing and never told anyone," Star Cluster explained.
"Poor Skyview," Amaryllis muttered.

Skyview appeared in Stardust's room and saw him holding Royal Heart who was sound asleep and warm in his arms. She and Stardust looked happy and comfortable, Skyview didn't want to get Stardust up but he knew he had to. He quietly approached the bed and lightly shook Stardust till he moved.
"Stardust," Skyview whispered.
Stardust moaned quietly and opened one eye..
"What?!" Stardust exclaimed in a whispering voice.
"Star Cluster is here. He wants to talk to you," Skyview replied.
"Now?" Stardust asked, "At this time of night?"
"Just talk to him and get it over with," Skyview told him, "I'm tired and just want some piece and quiet tonight."
"Alright," Stardust whisper. He slowly climbed out of bed making sure not to wake up Royal Heart. Then he left his room leaving his crown and collar behind.

Skyview winked out and appeared in front of Star Cluster scaring Amaryllis again.
"Sorry," Skyview told her, "I do it often so you'll have to get used to it," Skyview yawned, "He's coming downstairs. When your ready to go to bed, do it quickly and don't make a sound."
"Umm...may I suggest something?" Amaryllis whispered, "Wear ear plugs."
"Ear Plugs?" Skyview asked.
"Yes, plug your ears at night to muffle the sounds. I think it'll help you sleep better," Amaryllis suggested.
Skyview smiled, "Thank you. That is a wonderful idea. I'll try that tomorrow night. Right now I'm just to tired to care." He yawned, "Goodnight." Then he winked out.
As Star Cluster and Amaryllis stood waiting for Stardust, they could hear him walk down the steps. When he reached the second floor, Star Cluster could see he was very tired.
"This had better be important," Stardust told him with his eyes have closed, looking as tired at Skyview.
"I'm sorry to come so late," Star Cluster told him.
Stardust yawned, "What ever it is we can talk about it in the morning at breakfast. I'm to tired to discuss anything with you. Now why don't you two go to bed?"
"Ok, Stardust, in the morning then," Star Cluster replied.
Stardust yawned again, "Goodnight, then he turned and began walking up stairs.
"Where do I sleep?" Amaryllis quickly asked.
"Anywhere. Pick a room and it's yours," Stardust replied and continued walking up the steps.

"Well shall we find you a room?" Star Cluster asked.
Amaryllis smiled, "Can it be high up with a nice view of Ponyland?"
"Yes, it can," Star Cluster replied and began walking up the steps with Amaryllis next to him.
"Where's your room?" Amaryllis asked.
"On the fourth floor away from everyone," Star Cluster replied.
"Away from everyone?" Amaryllis asked, "Why?"
"I didn't pick my room. My parents did. I just might find a room closer to my brothers though," Star Cluster replied.
They continued climbing the stairs, by the time they reaches the forth floor, Amaryllis was tired, her legs ached.
"If we get a house it'll only have one floor," Amaryllis tiredly said.
Star Cluster laughed, "I don't blame you." He took her down several hallways and stopped at the corner, "Just pick any of those rooms."
"So many twists and turns, I'll never find my way back to the stairs," Amaryllis complained.
"Don't worry, I'll get you in the morning," Star Cluster replied.
Once she had picked a room, he left the hallway and went to his. As he came close to the hallway with his room at the end, he stopped suddenly. A familiar feeling came to him suddenly, a feeling he wanted to forget, then an image flashed before his eyes. He took a few steps back, he didn't want to get any closer to his room fearing more of his memories will return. The last thing he wanted was to remember what he did during those thirteen years.
He turned and walked down several hallways till he reaches the hallway where his two brother's rooms were. Luna's room was at the end of the hall. He turned towards a door and opened it. He walked into the room and closed the door. Then he approached the bed, threw the covers back and laid on the bed. He put the covers over him and fell fast asleep.