Chapter 19: Watcher from the woods

Luna walked with her parents in the shady forest as she listened to Skyview and Starfire playing the color game that she told them about. It made her laugh at times and happy to see she had helped them. Stardust was enjoying listening to them playing and at times he would join in on the game.

After awhile Royal Heart felt tired and wanted to rest. Stardust and the army stopped and sat down and rested as well. Luna smiled at Blizzard who hardly said a word on their trip to King Birming's castle.
"You've been very quite on our trip, Blizzard," Luna told him.
Blizzard looked at her with a calm face, "Sorry I've had a lot on my mind."
"About your parents?" Luna asked.
"Yes," Blizzard answered.
"Blizzard, I've done all I can to find out who they are and where you came from. No one has ever heard of you," Stardust told him.
"Luna thinks my parents could be from outside the six kingdoms," Blizzard told him.
"Blizzard, some of the Kingdoms that's the farthest would have heard something outside the six kingdoms," Stardust explained.
Blizzard sighed sadly.
"Blizzard, I'm sure you'll find out more about them someday," Luna assured him.
Blizzard looked at Luna who sat next to him, "I doubt it." Then he just looked away staring at the distant trees of the forest.
Luna felt bad for Blizzard but no mater how much she wanted to help him, there was nothing she could do. Comforting him doesn't seem to help him much either. Luna looked at her parents and then at her uncles.

Starfire rested his head on his front leg while Skyview was looking around again. He seemed to be scanning the forest for something. He's been doing the same thing since they left the castle.
Skyview eventually noticed Luna looking at him suspiously and just smiled at her but her suspiously look didn't change.
"I'm just looking around, Luna," Skyview remarked.
"Yes I noticed," Luna replied still looking at him suspiously.
Stardust looked at him and watched as Skyview suddenly turned his head towards the forest as if he heard something.
"Now that she mentioned it, you have been doing that since we left Dream Castle," Stardust observed.
Skyview looked at him and smiled, "I just like to look around."
Stardust glared at him suspiously, "Tell me the real reason."
Starfire looked at him, "I'd love to hear this as well."
Skyview looked around and saw that everyone was looking at him.
"Skyview," Stardust called to him.
"Alright, I didn't want to say anything yet but I'm pretty sure someone has be following us," Skyview muttered.
"Are you sure?" Stardust asked surprisingly.
"I can hear him following us and when we stop to rest like we are now, he walks ahead of us and stops. I don't hear him again till we continue," Skyview answered.
"Who is following us?" Royal Heart asked.
"I don't know. I can't see anything but trees. Who ever it is, is close enough to hear us walking," Skyview answered.
Stardust looked around the forest, "Do you hear him now?"
"No, he's ahead waiting," Skyview answered.
"You should have said something sooner," Stardust told him.
"I'm sorry but I wasn't sure. I could have been wrong," Skyview replied.
"I'd rather be safe than sorry," Stardust replied, "I want you two to walk with Luna and Blizzard, keep them safe. Hopefully who ever is following us will leave us alone," Stardust looked at Banner who laid on the grass just behind Starfire and Skyview, "I want soldiers around us at night."
Banner nodded.
"Royal Heart are you ready to continue?" Stardust asked.
Royal Heart stood up, "Yes, the sooner we get there the better."
"I agree," Stardust replied and began walking with an army of soldiers behind him.