Chapter 18:  The School Meeting

A few days had past since the parents decided not to let their little ones go to school. Posters had been posted all over town about the school meeting.

Morning past and the parents were anxiously waiting at the school.
Amaryllis hugged Star Cluster on the steps of the castle outside.
"I should be going with you," Star Cluster told her.
"No, you know what ponies in town thinks of you, the meeting could...well, it wouldn't looks good if you showed up. Don't worry I'll be fine. I haven't done anything to them to make them hate me," Amaryllis assured him.
"Well, just remember, you're my fiancee. They may change their minds about you when they find out," Star Cluster warned her.
"I'll be fine," Amaryllis assured him, "I'm the teacher and I"m only going to find out why their children wasn't in school."
"Ok," Star Cluster replied and stood watching as she left. One she had went through the gate, Star Cluster opened the door where a while pony soldier stood, "Follow her and watch the meeting. Don't let her know you're there. If there's any trouble you come straight to me."
The soldier nodded and hurried towards the gate.

Questions raced through Amaryllis mind trying to be prepared to ask and answer questions the parents may have. Ponies on the street glanced at her as she past them. She never really noticed before till now at how many ponies were watching her. It almost made her feel nervous, she took a deep breath and ignored the ponies.
She hurried through town till she came to the school, ponies stood outside waiting as she approached. She smiled at them, "I see all of you actually came this time."
Not one replied to her which made her wonder why. She opened the door and let them all inside.
"Please sit down," Amaryllis told them. She stood on the platform in front of them still smiling but non of the other ponies were smiling.
"School started a few days ago, now why didn't any of your children came?" Amaryllis asked.
A tan male pony with green and white hair was the first to speak, "You are Star Cluster's fiancee and we don't want anything to do with Star Cluster."
Amaryllis gasped, "Who...told you that?"
Another green pony stood up, "It's all over town."
A pink male pony stood up, "Star Cluster made our lives miserable. He should have never came back. We don't want him here. We don't want anything to do with him."
"But I'm not Star Cluster," Amaryllis told them.
"Your marrying him. You're close to him and we're afraid for our children because of that!" another pony exclaimed.
Amaryllis suddenly understood why everyone in town looked at her, why non of the workers no longer spoke to her. She now knew why the little ponies didn't come to school.
"I'm just a teacher. I'm here to..." Amaryllis began to say but the ponies didn't give her a chance.
"You could teach our children about Star Cluster or worse, tell them lies about him or influence them!" another pony yelled.
"We don't want anything to do with Star Cluster!" another pony yell.
Amaryllis looked upset, sad and yet mad at the same time.

The soldier stood just outside the school door and listened. He knew it was sounding bad and he had to get Star Cluster quickly. He left the school and ran through town almost running into ponies. It was a long way from the castle and his legs was starting to get tired, the armor on his back didn't help either.
The soldiers on the wall saw him coming and quickly opened the gates. The soldier ran through the gates towards the castle. He hurried up the steps and went inside. He hurried down the hall to the throne room and went inside. He wasn't sure Star Cluster would be there but he hoped he would. He could hear several voices and as soon as he reached the stairs, he saw Star Cluster playing with Peaches by the water fountain, his parents was there as well.
Star Cluster noticed the soldiers and left Peached with his parents. He hurried up the stairs where the soldier stood breathing heavily.
"What happened?" Star Cluster asked.
"They...They all know and Amaryllis," He took a deep breath, "They're angry at her."
"Thanks, go and rest for a bit. Mom dad watch Peaches for me," Star Cluster hurried out of the throne room before his parents could answer.
"I wonder what's going on?" Sunlight muttered.
"I'm sure he will tell us when he gets back," Ribbon Lock replied.

Star Cluster ran through the halls and hurried outside surprising the soldiers at the doors. He ran down the steps and across the yard to the gates.
A soldier stood at the gates looking at him worriedly, "Should I gather some soldiers for you?"
"Have four of them meet go to the school and wait at the tree by the school. Now open the gates," Star Cluster replied.
The soldiers couldn't believe he was going out alone during the day with a town full of ponies that hated him. As soon as the gates opened he hurried through and ran towards town. When he saw how busy the town was he remembered their angry looks and decided it was best to go around it. He turned right and went the long way around town, the town was big and it took a long time to reach the other side of it. By the time he saw the school he felt as tired as the white pony soldier.
He hurried towards the school hoping Amaryllis was alright. She was the first and only pony he cared about and the only one who took the time to care for him. He wasn't about to let anyone harm her.

Amaryllis was still arguing with the ponies over Star Cluster, she couldn't believe what she was hearing.
"Now look, this meeting is about the school not Star Cluster!" Amaryllis yelled.
"It's about both," a blue pony exclaimed, "Star Cluster is the reason why our children will not go to school!"
"I'm just a teacher. I was asked to teach in this school!" Amaryllis exclaimed.
"Who ever asked you much be crazy for doing so!" a yellow pony yelled.
"That was Stardust that asked her!" Star Cluster yelled angrily.
Amaryllis was relieved he came. The ponies were mad to see him.
Star Cluster walked towards Amaryllis and stood next to her, "This meeting is about the school, not about me or Amaryllis!"
"She is your fiancee. We want no part of you!" another pony cried.
"Yes she is. I love her and will merry her one day but she is here to teach your children math, spelling, reading and history. Her teachings has nothing to do with me. This school was Stardust's idea. He had it built for you and your children. He trusted Amaryllis to teach your children. He's got big dreams for Ponyland and this school is just the beginning," Star Cluster explained which seemed to have calmed the ponies down a bit, "Please allow your children to come to school. You can visit them during lunch and recess. You can even ask them how school went when they get home. During the few weeks you're to observe the school and how your children learn. Then afterwards you are to write a letter about what you think of the school. Amaryllis will give it to Stardust and he will personally read it all. The letters are to be about the school, not about me or my relationship to Amaryllis. The King wants this done!"
The ponies looked at each other silently till one of them stood up from the desk, "Ok I'll bring my children and will be watching closely."
Another pony stood up, "So will I."
Another pony stood up, "I trust King Stardust and if he wants our children to try out the school then I'll bring mine here."
Amaryllis was thrill, finally she was going to teach again.

The ponies all agreed and then they left the school since the meeting was now over. As soon as they were all outside, Amaryllis looked at Star Cluster and smiled, "I'm so glad you came."
Star Cluster nuzzled her and rested him head on her's, "I should have came in the first place."
"I'm sorry. I just wanted to handle this myself. I guess I'm better with little ponies than adults," Amaryllis muttered.
"That is another reason why you're the teacher," Star Cluster replied.
"I can't wait till tomorrow and this time there will be someone here for me to teach," Amaryllis replied.
Star Cluster looked out the window and saw the sun was starting to set, "Lets get back to the castle before someone spots you glowing."
"Glowing?" Amaryllis asked looking at her coat.
"Your not glowing yet but you will soon. Tonight is the full moon don't forget," Star Cluster reminded her.
Amaryllis had grown to except her glowing body that she forgets about the full moon. She stood at Star Cluster's side and followed him out of the school.