Chapter 17: An Empty School

The school building was finally finished. Amaryllis and Star Cluster had posters, posted all over town and villages for the last few days and now today is the day, Amaryllis has been waiting for. Today the school has opened for the first time.

Amaryllis kissed Star Cluster goodbye and left the castle with Peaches.
"If there's any trouble, let me know," Star Cluster told her.
"I will but I doubt there will be any trouble," Amaryllis replied.
She walked from the castle with Peaches at her feet. The soldiers opened the gates letting Amaryllis and her daughter though. They walked to town with only very few ponies walking the streets since it was still very early.
"Mommy, where are we going?" Peaches asked.
"I told you this morning, We're going to school," Amaryllis answered.
"Why?" Peaches asked.
Amaryllis laughed, "To learn, Peaches. It'll be like when I teach you to read write and stuff like that but at school you'll be with friends and learn together. It'll be fun."
As they walked, ponies on the streets gave her suspicious looks but Amaryllis was to excited about the school to notice it.

When they came close to the school Amaryllis saw that no one was outside waiting for them.
"I guess we're early," Amaryllis muttered.
They walked up the steps and opened the door. Peaches hurried inside anxious to see what a school looked like on the inside. She smiled greatly at the desks. Each row had a different colored seat, Yellow, Green and Blue. In front of the row of desks was a step up platform with a larger desk to the left and a black board that covered the wall behind the desk. The floor was wood and shinny, sunlight shined in through the windows. There was a white wall behind the desks blocking the view of the door with a green banner of the royal Crest that hung on it. The place was just as Amaryllis had imagined the first school would look like. Peaches hurried to the desks and checked them all out not sure which one to sit in first.
"Peaches sit in the first green chair. That way I can watch you," Amaryllis told her.
Peaches quickly sat in the green chair. Amaryllis walked on the platform and immediately noticed a fireplace with wood stacked on one side of the wall.
"Stardust sure has thought of everything," Amaryllis walked to the window and looked around expecting to see some little ponies arriving but there wasn't anyone coming, "I guess they'll be a little late for school. I suppose it'll be alright for their first day." She walked to her desk and sat down, checking out all the drawers. There were papers, books, pencils, pins, paper clips, everything a teacher needed and more.
"Mommy, where are the others?" Peaches asked.
"Late I guess. We'll wait a little bit," Amaryllis told her, "Everyone saw the posters in town, they know today is the day their children should come to school. Maybe they're just a little late getting them here." Amaryllis hoped that's all it is.
She sat and stared out the tall windows and watched as the sunlight slowly rose higher shining more in the classroom. Without realizing it, she slowly fell asleep.

After sometime had past Peaches woke her mother up, "Mommy!"
Amaryllis jumped awake thinking someone had walked in but there was still no one in the room, only her daughter who stood sadly at her side.
"Mommy, where are the others," Peaches asked.
Amaryllis looked out the window and saw the sun starting to touch the tree tops. She looked at Peaches and picked her up, setting her on her lap, "I guess they're not coming."
"Why mommy?" Peaches asked.
Amaryllis hugged her feeling very sad but trying her best not to cry, "I don't know." She had hoped to teach today but it looked as if she wasn't going to get a chance to.
Just then A soldier walked in the room, at first Amaryllis thought is was a little pony coming to apologize for being so late.
"Prince Star Cluster asked me to check on you," the white pony said.
Amaryllis stood up and set Peaches on the floor.
"Please take Peaches back to Star Cluster," Amaryllis told him. She looked down at Peaches sadly, "Now listen closely. I want you to go with this soldier back to the castle. Can you do that for me?"
"Mommy, aren't you coming too?" Peaches asked.
"No, not yet. I want to stay here for a while. Don't worry I'll be there to tuck you in bed. Now be a good girl for me and go with him," Amaryllis replied.
"Ok, mommy," Peaches replied and hurried towards the soldier.
Amaryllis was trying hard to fight back her tears, her eyes started to water.
"Are you ok?" the soldier asked.
Amaryllis turned around, "I...I just want to stay here for awhile. Please just go."
"Ok," the soldier replied and left with Peaches, as he was about to shut the door he could hear Amaryllis sobbing silently.

The soldiers left the school and walked Peaches towards town.
"Peaches, did any of the little ponies show up?" The soldier asked. when he noticed her puzzled looked he asked again, "Did you see anyone in school today?"
"No, it was just me and mommy all day," Peaches replied.
"I see," the soldier muttered.
As he walked through town he noticed the little ponies playing in town, they obviously had not gone to school today. The soldier wondered what Star Cluster was going to say about it, he worried even more what the King was going to do when he found out about it.
They left town and walked through the open gates and approached the castle where Star Cluster stood waiting.
Peaches smiled greatly and ran up the steps. She stood on her hind legs wanting to be held. Star Cluster smiled and picked her up, "Where's mommy?"
"At school, daddy," Peached replied burying her face in his colorful mane.
Star Cluster sat her on the ground, "Go inside. Ribbon Lock and Sunlight is in the throne room waiting to see you."
Peaches smiled greatly. Star Cluster faced one of the soldiers at the door, "Take her to the throne room."
The yellow soldier nodded and took Peaches into the castle.
"Now what happened?" Star Cluster asked the white soldier.
"Amaryllis was upset, she cried when I left. She wanted to stay there. Prince Star Cluster, no one came to school, it was Amaryllis and Peaches all day," the soldier reported.
Star Cluster was obviously not happy about the news, he could only imagine how Amaryllis must feel, "Thank you." Then he walked past the soldier and down the steps.
"Prince Star Cluster do you want soldiers to escort you?" the white pony asked.
"No not this time. I'm going alone," Star Cluster replied and continued walking towards the gates.

Star Cluster walked through town as the sun had set, there were very few ponies at the time, most were just closing shop. Star Cluster ignored the stares and continued out of town towards the school. There wasn't any lights on so he didn't know if she was still there. He walked up the steps and quietly opened the door. He walked around the wall and stood noticed Amaryllis was indeed still there only she had fallen sleep. He quietly approached her and shook her awake with his hoof.
Amaryllis wiped her wet cheeks and looked up at Star Cluster sadly, "They didn't come. No one did." Tears began streaming out her eyes. She had hoped to be teaching to day and it ended in such a big disappointment.
Star Cluster hugged her and stroked her mane.
"I'm sorry," Amaryllis told him.
"Why?" Star Cluster asked.
"Stardust built this school for me to teach and now I won't be able to teach I feel like I let him down," Amaryllis muttered.
Star Cluster pulled her away and wiped her tears dry with his hoof, "You are the teacher. Your job it to teach not to make sure the little ponies gets to school, That's the parent's job."
Amaryllis smiled, "You're right. I guess I was so hoping to teach again."
"You didn't let Stardust down, the ponies in Ponyland did. Don't worry there will be ponies in school before Stardust returns," Star Cluster told her.
"Are you sure?" Amaryllis asked.
"I'm going to do my best. Now I want to announce to the parents that there will be a meeting here in school and we'll find out why they did not bring their children to school," Stardust told her, "Now don't get upset if you talk to them. You're the teacher, the only teacher in Ponyland and they had a direct order from Stardust to have their children in school."
Amaryllis stood up and hugged him smiling, "Your right. I'm sitting here crying over nothing. Don't worry I'm not going to act like this when the parents are here."
"Now lets go back to the castle and have dinner," Star Cluster proposed.
Amaryllis stood up smiling and followed him out of the school.